These 4 Myths About Astrologers Are Untrue

What do you think of when you picture an astrologer?

Is it a person waving their hands over a crystal ball, surrounded by tapestries and candles?

Well, that may be true in some cases. But there are also many other cases where the idea of an astrologer conjures certain images or concepts that really aren’t associated with astrology at all. Astrologers are not inherently fortune tellers, wizards, magicians, or pixies – although they may practice certain arts or skills in their free time!

The reputation of an astrologer is something they hold near and dear to their hearts. Unfortunately, those reputations are often confounded with other ideas that don’t apply – and sometimes even disrespectful stereotypes.

Learning about what astrologers actually represent can help the whole community – you can easily shut down any non-believers that try to scare you away from astrology when you’re armed with the following knowledge.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about what or who an astrologer actually is, keep reading to discover four myths about astrologers that we’re going to bust right now.

4 Myths About Astrologers that Need to Be Dispelled

There may be quite a few myths that you’ve heard about the practice or practitioners of astrology over the years, but the following myths are the four that seem to be the most prominent.

Let’s look at these myths to learn even more about astrology and let that knowledge work for you!

Astrology Myth #1: Astrologers Use Crystal Balls

When many people think of certain metaphysical practitioners, like astrologers or those who work with tarot cards, the idea of a crystal ball often comes to mind. However, the crystal ball is a particular instrument used for scrying, also known as crystal gazing.

While astrologers might, on their own time, use crystal balls for crying purposes, a crystal ball is not inherently connected to the art of astrology. Instead, an astrologer’s “crystal ball” is more like a map of the stars at any given moment.

Astrologers look at the stars, their constellations, and the locations of the planet to learn more about the energy of a given period of time. While crystal balls are amazing metaphysical tools, they don’t have an inherent connection to astrology as a practice.

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Astrology Myth #2: Astrologers Have Psychic Powers

Much like the correlation between astrologers and crystal balls, many people associated astrology with certain psychic powers, like mind-reading or seeing the future. Again, while certain astrologers may also possess these gifts, they are not intrinsically connected to the study of the stars.

Because we can accurately predict the placement of certain planets or stars on a given date, astrologers can sometimes gather information about future dates based on the locations of the planets on those dates – but this is not the same thing as seeing the future.

Receiving a premonition of the future is related to the gift of precognition, the ability to catch glimpses of the future. In fact, there are many supernatural senses that many people benefit from, but none of these are automatically associated with astrology.

Astrology utilizes the magic of the stars to see what’s coming!

Astrology Myth #3: Astrologers Can Tell You Who Your Soul Mate Is

Two questions frequently pop up for astrologers, and they usually have to do with soul mates and the lottery. And the short answer is that astrology can’t point you towards a winning soul mate or a winning lottery ticket.

While astrology can tell you things like which day is most lucky for making money, it wouldn’t determine which numbers will be chosen for the lottery. And although an astrologer can show you which relationships might work better for your own disposition, they’re not going to be able to point you in the direction of your soul mate.

But, there’s a reason for this.

Everything comes to you in the time that you’re meant to receive it, meaning that the Universe isn’t going to throw you a soul mate when you’re tender or healing from past pain. And astrologers can give you a clearer idea of where you are on your journey and whether you’re ready to bring that perfect partner into your life.

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Astrology Myth #4: Astrologers Are Looking to Scam You

Listen, we know that many people think astrology is a bunch of hooey – a pseudoscience. But did you know that astrology was considered a science alongside astronomy until the 1600s?

In fact, astrology was utilized long before astronomy even existed! However, over time, it’s come to be considered a superstition.

And people are entitled to believe in or reject astrology – but the idea that astrologers are in it to pull a fast one over on anyone else is just baloney, and it’s harmful. Astrologers generally into the study of the stars because they possess a deep love for and fascination with the planets, the constellations, the Moon, and their effect on us.

There’s not a professional, experienced astrologer out there who wants to trick or harm anyone else. They want to help their community see how deeply the stars above affect our lives down here on Earth.

4 Myths Busted!

If you’re a student of astrology, you’re probably familiar with some of these myths and how negatively impactful they can be to the community. Learning about the celestial bodies above and how influential they are in our lives can give us a deeper insight into nearly everything in life, including the beautiful collective consciousness that we’re all a part of.

So, if you hear something about astrology or astrologers that doesn’t quite sit right with you, do your research! There are plenty of people out there who will bash what they don’t understand.

The astrological community is one of love, oneness, kindness, and understanding. It’s a community of spirituality, metaphysics, and Universal understanding.

Aren’t you excited to be a part of our community?

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