Are Your Chakras As Balanced As You Think?

Balancing your chakras has become a trend as people discover the mind, body, soul connection. Although we are more in control of our health and peace now than the previous generations (thanks, Internet!), many cultures have been working with the chakras and energy healing for quite some time. Chakras affect our physical health, and what we often don’t realize is that our physical health has a direct impact on our mental health and vice-versa. The Chakra System is not a one-way street!

Emotional stress and physical injuries can both impede energy flow through the chakras, so it’s up to you to take time to check in with yourself. Since energy moves through the subtle body, it’s easy to overlook or miss the signs that there’s an imbalance in your chakras. Use this guide to do a chakra self-checkup and find out if getting balanced again is a matter of getting more exercise, a need for meditation, a dietary shift, physical therapy, or a combination of the above. Just think, something simple like maintaining poor posture at your desk at work could be what’s blocking the energy flow to your heart chakra, making you emotionally closed-off and killing your creativity.

Today, we’re going to go chakra by chakra to show you some commonly missed signs of an energetic imbalance and how to handle them. Let’s get started!

Root Chakra

Physical symptoms that can be affecting your emotional health can include anemia, anorexia, obesity, gout, knee pain, foot pain, or tailbone pain. Issues with your bones and joints can also affect your root chakra, the energy centre at the base of your spine that governs your survival instincts and willpower. If you’re stiff from sitting and lack of movement, you may be experiencing an emotional block related to the root chakra.

Emotions that indicate you may need to spend more time working on the root chakra include feeling threatened, feeling like you have no sense of home, or even having trouble keeping a steady job. If you feel you’re always coming up short on money at the end of the month, this is likely an issue with the root chakra’s energy.

Work on improving your digestion and lower inflammation by eating more plants and less processed foods. Additionally, get more cardiovascular exercise.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, located below the belly button, is linked to infections of the kidneys, urinary tract, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and impotence. Really any pain or discomfort in the reproductive organs can cause an emotional disturbance to the area of the psyche linked to the sacral chakra. Hip pain and lower back pain can also affect the emotions linked to the sacral chakra.

Emotional issues that may be the result of these health conditions include fear of intimacy, obsessiveness, addiction, and creative blocks.

Seeing a chiropractor can help reduce pelvic misalignment and lower back pain. Stretching regularly and stabilizing the muscles can reduce energy blocks in this region as well. Plants like cranberry, raspberry, and dong quai can help women balance the pH and hormones affecting their menstrual cycle to reduce PMS. For men, Milk Thistle is good for the prostate. Reduce alcohol consumption and increase alkaline foods and water to help balance the health of the kidneys as well. Burdock root can help flush the kidneys and remove toxic buildup.

Solar Plexus Chakra

If you have digestion issues, ulcers, liver, pancreas, or spleen issues, it could be causing problems in your emotions related to the solar plexus chakra. Your nervous system is linked to issues in this chakra, so watch out for back pain in the middle back area.

These physical symptoms could cause you to be controlling, timid, or unable to find joy in life. You may feel pessimistic or too spontaneous and overly optimistic. You may find no sense of humour or find everything is a joke and you’re unable to take anything seriously. If you feel you can’t find a sense of independence or willpower, you may want to look at the health of the body parts related to this chakra.

Take digestive herbs like mint, ginger, or probiotics to improve your gut health. You can also work to strengthen the core muscles to improve the health of your solar plexus chakra and balance the emotions linked to this chakra.

Heart Chakra

If you have a weak immune system and are constantly catching a cold, bronchitis, or a cough, it could be causing emotional disturbances related to your heart chakra. If you have asthma or frequently feel you can’t get a full breath of air, that’s often a clear sign of a block in the heart chakra.

Feeling like you can’t connect deeply with people, can’t trust people, and feelings of jealousy or self-hatred can all stem from poor heart chakra health. If you feel like you have trouble accepting yourself and truly setting healthy boundaries for yourself, this could be coming from poor health in your lungs, immune system, or posture of your shoulders and wrists.

Try doing yoga poses to open your chest and pull your shoulders back into alignment with your spine instead of hunching over. Over time, your posture will improve, opening up your heart chakra in the process. Deep breathing in yoga can also help you strengthen the lungs and cleanse them.

Throat Chakra

If you have lockjaw, TMS, earaches, or sore throats frequently, you may have a block in your throat chakra. Tension in your neck and shoulders can also cause an energy block here. Additionally, bacteria build-up and gum infection can be signs of a blocked throat chakra. Finally, if your hormones are out of balance, the thyroid can block energy here.

Emotional blocks in the throat chakra manifest as not speaking up for yourself, not listening in conversations, talking over people, or not feeling you are taken seriously when you speak. If you feel like you aren’t using your words for kindness and end up gossiping or speaking negatively or harshly to others, it could be an energetic block related to the throat chakra.

Start stretching your shoulders and neck regularly to let the tension release and even get massages if possible. Mint, lemon, and berries can help the health of your throat as well. Seeing a chiropractor can also improve your alignment so your posture isn’t affecting your communication and sharing of ideas. Yoga can definitely help with alignment and specific exercises to bring your neck back instead of protruding forward can help the energy in the throat chakra begin to flow again as well.

Third Eye Chakra

If you’re experiencing problems with vision, brain fog, short-term memory, headaches, migraines, and other eye or brain dysfunction, it may also be causing emotional and energetic problems in your third-eye chakra.

The third-eye chakra is linked to vision and your mental clarity. If you feel confused about your goals, a block in your intuitive abilities, or unable to get a feel for how others are doing easily, you may want to look at the brain and how you can improve its function.

Many herbs are praised for how they improve brain function and cognition. Not to mention that it certainly improves your diet to consume fewer toxins!. Raw foods, plants, and superfoods are great brain tonics. The oxygen level of the blood, the hydration of the blood, and the regular removal of toxins can all affect brain health. Therefore, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help unblock the third-eye chakra. If it’s possible for you, physically inverting the body, getting your heart below your head, can improve circulation to the brain.

Crown Chakra

If you’re experiencing insomnia, skin rashes, dermatitis, hair loss, or mental health or nervous system issues, these can all be signs of energy blocks related to the crown chakra.

If you feel disconnected to your life’s purpose, unable to overcome depression, or unable to sense your spiritual guides, it may be because you’re having a physical issue related to the crown chakra. If you aren’t able to meditate or feel an expansion of your consciousness, it could be because you need to tackle a physical ailment or deal with a mental health issue relating to the crown chakra.

Skin health is often resolved when we clean up our diet and lower stress. Hair growth can be stimulated by doing inversions and eating a plant-based diet rich in healthy fats, phytonutrients, and greens. Additionally, insomnia can be resolved by getting regular exercise, not eating sugar before bed, and eating regularly throughout the day so your body gets into a rhythm. Doing things to relax your nervous system like taking bubble baths, playing calm music, and decompressing for a period of time each day by watching something funny and inspiring can help balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so you’re not in fight-or-flight mode all the time.

Concluding Thoughts…

Overall, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, having some form of meditation and deep breathing daily and listening to what your heart guides you to discover will help you to be your own chakra doctor. The way we care for our body can indeed affect our emotions and feelings. It’s empowering to know your diet and your lifestyle can improve your emotional state as well as they act directly upon the chakra system.

You now have some tools, some things to work on, and a head full of information about your chakras. Now you’re ready to give yourself a DIY chakra check-up!

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