How to Win an Argument, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever noticed how some people go out of their way to avoid confrontation while others seem to get a kick out of stirring things up?

Everyone responds to conflict in a different way. Some stand their ground and do everything they can to win the argument—even when they’re wrong! Others will back down, even when they know they’re right, to keep the peace.

Your astrology chart actually reveals a lot about how to fight fair—or whether it’s even in your nature to do so!

The best way to handle this kind of confrontation comes from examining three factors of your zodiac sign (and the element that rules you) when trying to understand how you come across other people and how they mesh with you.

How Your Zodiac Sign Can Win a Fight

Obviously, you look at your Sun sign because this is who you are at your core. The Sun indicates your core self, your overarching personality, and that’s why there’s so much emphasis placed on it when interpreting your birth chart.

Another factor that needs your close attention is the Rising sign because you present yourself to other people. It’s the first impression that you give, the mask that you show the general public. There’s a lot that your rising sign can reveal, especially when it comes to confrontation!

Finally, it’s important to look at your emotional responses because you lose your temper or someone gets under your skin. It’s a feeling-based passion. So many people say things they don’t mean when they’re upset, and that’s born solely out of the excitement of the moment, of the way they’re feeling at the time.

How you deal with your emotions is found by interpreting your Moon sign.

Of course, aspects made by other planets to the Moon, the Sun, Ascendant signs to see how you handle confrontation, arguments, and heated moments. To create your best argumentive arsenal, look to all three of your placements for tips on how to make the most of what you were born with!

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What Are Fire Signs Like in a Dispute?

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all Fire signs.

They are the ones who are plagued with the short tempers, who explode easily, but who usually forgive easily, too. They’re enthusiastic about life, often causing them to come on strong and fierce. While it’s part of their nature, it doesn’t always go over well with people who are more reserved.

They can be very creative and often spontaneous, which might irk someone who needs to plan and organize to feel comfortable. The warm, inviting, and captivating energy can start the fire but also put it out.

Fire signs are passionate and inspiring and prone to blazing out of control!


Aries are so competitive!

As a Cardinal quality, they like to be involved at the start of things, but like a fire that isn’t fed, they’ll quickly burn out and lose interest if they’re not stimulated by what you’re doing. They don’t like to lose, and Aries people will argue that black is white rather than admit that they were wrong.

It can be very frustrating for those who love Aries to see them setting themselves up to either explode in a fiery temper or to end up burning bridges because of their temper. When it comes to fighting fair, the best approach for an Aries is to exercise a bit of patience.

Aries, make sure you have all the correct facts at hand and resist acting out of anger. At least try to listen to the other person’s point of view—you might learn something if you do. Your emotions are so combustible that you sometimes alienate the very people you’re trying to impress.


Leo is the Fire sign that has to feel in control of everything.

A Fixed quality, this spills over into their interactions with people. Some might be willing to submit to them, but others may have a problem with that. When a Leo butt heads, they come across as selfish and bossy, which doesn’t do them any favors in getting your way.

When Leo sets out to do things, they tend to think that there are two ways of doing things; the wrong way and their way. That’s a recipe for confrontation when differences of opinions arise. To fight fair and to still be in with a chance of winning, Leo’s have to lose the ego! They’re naturally warm, charming, and charismatic, so when they tap into that. They will see doors begin to open. This will do wonders, rather than browbeating or bullying someone into seeing it their way.

Leo, you have the ability to cajole people into agreeing with you, especially if you promise them you’ll consider their ideas further down the road or that you’ll reward them if they go along with you.

Be wary of turning that into shameless manipulation, though. Leos need people to like them for who they are, not for what they have.


Sagittarius rarely stays in one place long enough to argue! They don’t like to fight, and when things start to get fractious, they’ll simply move onto new pastures. This Fire sign feels that life is too short to spend any moment of it unhappy, and they’re definitely right!

However, there are times when a Sagittarius needs to stand their ground. If their personal values or philosophies are challenged, then they simply won’t be picked on or belittled. If a Sagittarius finds themselves stuck in an argument, the best thing they can do is to try to talk through the issues.

Sagittarius, you can ramble on for hours, and it’s quite possible the other person will tire of hearing you and give up!

You’re the Mutable quality Fire sign, and you try to meet others halfway to resolve things. When this isn’t possible, you’ll simply leave, and that’s usually an end to the squabble—at least as far as you’re concerned.

Unless someone is actively trying to harm you, take some time to talk through your feelings about the situation, this will help you express yourself and win that argument with your incredible wit and knowledge.

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What Are Earth Signs Like in a Quarrel?

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs. They’re the practical ones, the people who will fight fairly and come into a confrontation armed with facts. Earth signs want the evidence, and they’ll lose your patience with someone whose argument isn’t prepared or pragmatic.

They’ve no time for flourishes and fancy words that disguise what’s really going on. Sometimes they can be quite stubborn and won’t change their mind easily. They won’t be bullied and certainly won’t back down if Earth signs aren’t presented with a good reason to do so.


Of all the Earth elements, they’re the ones most likely to take things to extremes when it comes to being obstinate and digging in their heels! Taurus is the Fixed sign of the Earth elements, meaning once they’ve made up your mind, it’s easier to move a mountain than to sway their decision.

Taurus energy is naturally gentle, but if they want to win friends and influence people, they’re going to have to learn to give a little. They’re not usually one to lose their temper in an argument. Since they’re one of the more patient Sun signs, and this gives them an advantage.

Taurus, your strongest ammunition is keeping a calm disposition and asking questions.

The more composed and assured you come across, the more you can disarm your sparring partner. The best part about arguing with you is that you don’t hold a grudge when you know you’re right and are keen to restore the peace. If the argument is with a lover, you can bet the makeup sex will be awesome!


As the Mutable sign, it’s easier to reason with Virgo than the other Earth elements. They can be critical, and when backed into a corner, they’ll nitpick their adversary to death. This behavior is neither attractive nor useful when trying to win an argument. No one wants to be personally attacked when there’s an issue to be discussed.

A Virgo only prolongs the argument by doing this, so the key is for them to work around it and employ a different tactic.

Virgo, you’re very cerebral, so use your wit to your advantage. Let people know beforehand that you’ve organized everything, so they don’t misread the signs and interfere with your plans. You can stay calm and reasonable when most are losing their heads. Use that to get the upper hand.

Even though you come across as cool and collected, your stomach is probably keeping score. You’ll have to find a way to calm your nerves before you have difficult conversations because they’re there, even if others don’t see them.


Arguments are almost a nourishment for Capricorns.

Saturn rules them, so they take things very seriously! But, as the Cardinal quality Earth sign, Capricorns also know how to have fun, and you can have a wonderfully bawdy and down-to-earth sense of humor.

When backed into a corner, a Capricorn can rival a Taurus with stubbornness and unwillingness to budge from what they think is right. They get wrapped up in the minutiae of the argument rather than trying to see the bigger picture.

Capricorns get tense when they feel that they are losing an argument.

Capricorn, when you feel like you’re going down, you grasp at straws. This only shows your opponent your weak spots and where they’ve struck a nerve. You also talk down to people when you’re losing, and no one likes people who are uppity or snobbish.

Keep that smile on your face, and disarm your adversary with a charismatic coolness.

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What Are Air Signs Like in a Fight?

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the Air signs. It’s rare for them to stay in one place long enough to get involved with an argument or any discord, but when they do, they come out guns blazing. Beyond this, they’re generally optimistic and don’t let things get them down.

They feel that those who disagree with them have a right to do so, but in the next breath, an Air sign may look down their nose at others or eradicate naysayers from their social circle for doing so!

They genuinely believe that life’s too short not to enjoy it, so they’d much rather be partying and socializing than arguing.


Geminis approach to life is so easygoing.

As the Mutable quality Air sign, they often go with the flow, taking each day as it comes and not stressing about any situation. Their emotions are incredibly mutable, meaning that they are always subject to change. This confuses those who cross a Gemini because one day they agree with you, and the next day they have changed their opinion of you as a person!

Geminis have going in their favor because you don’t like to argue, and they never stay mad for long. Even in the middle of a heated debate, they’re more than willing to share their lunch with a sparring partner or buy them a drink.

Gemini, you tend to pick fights when you’re bored, though, and that’s something that—while it may be entertaining for you—should be avoided. You can put people off with this behavior, and we all know how you like to feel that you’re the popular one in the crowd.


Of all the Sun signs, Libras probably the one that hates conflict the most.

They’re the Cardinal Air sign and would much rather instigate enjoyable social functions than take part in an argument. They feel there’s safety in numbers and always feel better when they’re with someone who has the same views and opinions as they do.

When they do bicker, it’s because Libras like to be right, and they want the other person to see that their way is the best, most beautiful, or harmonious way. When others don’t agree with Libra’s point of view, they’ll sulk, sometimes for days, until such a time that they’ve had enough and want to be amicable again.

Libra, even though you don’t like to argue, you’re usually not afraid to do it. You hate injustice and unfairness, and you are not reluctant to champion the underdog or fight for equality. If you really need to win this battle, you might want to enlist the assistance of a friend or a co-worker.


Of all the Air signs, Aquarius is the most humanitarian—but can also be the most stubborn! In general, they find people argumentative because others don’t always agree with you. Of course, Aquarius is always right, or at least they like to think they are! It’s hard for people to get the better of them, but when someone takes the time to make a good case and present it with intelligence and detail, an Aquarius is not too proud to change your mind.

They’re the Fixed Air sign, which is a contradiction in terms because Air is rarely stationary. It’s always moving somehow. The paradox is one they feel deeply and one that causes many a heated discussion about ideals, principles, and values.

Aquarius, it’s easy for others to think they’re winning arguments with you, and that’s advantageous. You let them think they’re right, and they’ve got one up on you. Then you hit them with a dose of cold logic that has the potential to completely disarm them.

What Are Water Signs Like in a Clash?

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the Water signs. Water signs often cry a lot during arguments and discord because they feel everything so deeply. They feel their way through life, often leaving them with a wide range of emotions, from ecstasy to passion to rage.

Like water itself, they can be deep, calm, tranquil, slowly flowing, a raging waterfall, or a tempest crashing against whatever tries to hold them back. they’re prone to mood swings, and they seem to have a sixth sense about things and people.


Cancers are the Cardinal quality Water sign, meaning they feel deeply and passionately about home and family. The people in these parts of their life may drive them to distraction, but woe betide anyone who would say anything against a Cancer!

The one thing they are good at doing is making sure that, at the end of the argument, the person who picked the fight with them actually feels worse than they made the Cancer person feel!

They hate disagreements and love to nurture and care for people, and when arguments happen, they upset them. Cancers get very emotional, and it’s hard for them to collect their thoughts to present their side of the story rationally.

Cancer, you don’t argue to win a fight. You usually argue just to try to get people to see you. You’re so sensitive and tuned into other people that it’s easy for them to overlook your needs. This leads you to be taken for granted, and that’s not something that you’ll put up with for long.


Scorpio, no doubt, has the most explosive temper of the Water signs. They’re sensitive and intuitive but also have the potential to be very stubborn and very passionate. They may not reveal much of what they’re thinking and feeling, but those feelings run deep.

When someone crosses a Scorpio, they explode into a frenzy of emotion and ardor.

They also know just what buttons to push to get the other person all worked up and Scorpios probably enjoy pushing them, too. They will poke their adversary and prod them until the other person is tied in a knot. Scorpios have the ability to read into the psyche of others and to outsmart them.

Scorpio, you’re not the sort to let anything go, either. You demand respect and wield an aura of authority.

Your Fixed quality means that, long after the argument is over, you’re not going to let the other person forget how they wronged you. When in an argument, take a moment to step back and consider whether what you are saying goes beyond the boundaries of your relationship with this person. Even though something may appear real and raw, doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown into current conversations.

The water rushes in. Take a moment to step back and let it flow.

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Pisces hate arguments and conflict so much that they may even resort to self-medicating rather than facing the music and hashing it out. Quarrels only upset them and jar their emotions, just as surely as if someone had picked them up and shaken them.

They’ll avoid confrontation at all costs until they’ve had enough, and then a Pisces will come out like raging floodwaters, especially if it’s regarding cruelty or unkindness. They really don’t ask a lot of people, except for kindness and open conversation. As the Mutable Water sign, a Pisces wants to let bygones be bygones, and they’re quick to forgive others who’ve wronged them.

They don’t forget it, though, and once you’ve had enough, you’re done.

Pisces, like the dam that holds back the mighty river, when someone’s taken advantage of your good nature too many times, they just cease to exist for you. The only thing you have to do then is to make sure that you release the pain, for Pisceans have a tendency to trap themselves in their emotional baggage. Listen to your gut and remove yourself from situations that might be pushing you too far.

Your compassion will win the argument every time, don’t let anyone stomp in your rain puddle.

You’re a Winner!

Unless you’re a doormat—which is never a good idea—confrontations and arguments are going to happen. No one is going to get along with everyone all the time. Don’t beat yourself up for not liking someone, or even if you like someone but don’t like what they’re doing.

Disagreements happen. It’s called having your own opinion! If you don’t see yourself reflected in your primal triad reading, then we recommend checking out your Mars sign. This is because Mars represents aggression and action in our charts, so this picture might help narrow down your view. When push comes to shove, astrology is one part of how you respond to discord, but your environment and upbringing will also influence you.

The more you know about yourself and understand what makes your blood boil, the more you’ll be able to work with it and deflect some unnecessary conflicts. Are you ready to take on your next argument?

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