5 Common Dream Symbols to Expect During Mercury Retrograde

​It’s retrograde season, friends!

We hear the most about Mercury retrograde, but right now we have multiple planets in retrograde. Mercury is currently retrograde in Cancer until August 1 of this year, but we also have Jupiter retrograde until August 11, Pluto retrograde until October, and Neptune retrograde until November. What retrogrades do is pull us back in time in their own special way. But most importantly, one of the reasons they do that is because retrogrades lead us into internal reflection.

There are many forms of internal reflection. They can include yoga, meditation, chakra cleansing, and even a massage can lead us into internal reflection. But one of the most common ways that happens is through dreams and our dream world. It happens to every human, every day, whether we realize it or not. With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, those internal reflections in our dreams are more potent than usual.

Today we are going to look at 5 common dream symbols that you can expect during Mercury retrograde and explore those dreams and their meanings.

Why are Dreams More Powerful During Mercury Retrograde?

A lot of us associate travel wrinkles, computer crashes, and car problems with Mercury retrograde. That’s why we worry about it before it even happens. But other areas that Mercury rules are our mind, intellect, and even our neural pathways. Mercury is responsible for our wit, our conversation, and how we communicate, as well as those amazing ideas.

This is the number one reason why dreams are more powerful during Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde can even cause us to have less sleep, disrupted sleep, or dreams that really confuse us. Even if you are en pointe with your dream world, Mercury can muddy up those wires and have you waking up going… huh? What just happened there?

That’s why today we are exploring some of those dream symbols that will crop up during Mercury retrograde. You not only deserve to have a good sleep, but you need it. Without it, you will struggle in your daily job, your daily chores, and in your relationships with everyone from your mother to your spouse to the coffee girl.

You don’t want that. That could cause problems that take weeks to resolve long after Mercury retrograde. When you add that the planet that rules our dreams, Neptune, is also retrograde and putting us in this internal reflection mode, then this Mercury retrograde is going to really going to dial up your dream content.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 weirdest things you are likely to see in your dreams over the next few weeks, or even months. We’ll also explore these dreams and their meanings.

Grab your dream journal or notepad, settle yourself beside our Dream Dictionary, and prepare yourself for some Ah-Hah! moments. These dreams and their meanings are arriving in no specific order, just like they do in your life!

1. Babies & Pregnancy Mean New Beginnings

Babies and pregnancies are very common dream meanings. There are two possibilities here. One, of course, is an actual pregnancy. This in your life is very easy to rule out. It could be you that is pregnant, or it could be someone in your life. You may even already know, or have a suspicion! Take note of when you have this dream.

As this is a retrograde period, you also want to look into past pregnancies and other symbols in the dream. There may be something there that you learn from.

But ruling out actual pregnancies, babies or a pregnancy dream almost always means a new beginning. It will be a big one because a baby is always a major game-changer in life. There could be a past connection here, or you may already be in the process.

Look for a new beginning soon, or consider this a sign from your dreams that you are on the right path if you are embarking on a new beginning.

2. Superheroes & Celebrities Indicate Success Potential

I’m not going to lie, there is a little bit of a superhero addiction in my home. The night after I went to go see a Marvel movie, I had this insane dream that I was a superhero in a superhero adventure. Who doesn’t want to spin webs from their hands just to explore New York and Paris with? Okay, so maybe just some people. But in my house, the dream is real.

In this case, we call this a “day residue.” It is a term coined by dream workers Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. A day residue dream is a dream that arrives to remind you and reboot your brain from the day.

It puts you in that position in unique ways. I woke up that morning and made coffee out of the Captain Marvel mug my son bought me once on a school trip and decided my life was going to be Captain Marvelous that day. Because isn’t that what happens when you drink from a superhero mug?

This story illustrates the power of a day residue dream. We all have them and in this society we are exposed to celebrities and superheroes in so many ways every single day, so we are going to see them crop up in our dreams.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a George Clooney wedding? Okay, maybe not everybody. Did Captain Marvel marry George Clooney for you? How awesome would that be, especially if you were Captain Marvel? Not for everybody. But these are all signs of something you are thinking about, even if you don’t know it.

It’s important to remember that this day residue isn’t just about trickling energy from your day into your dreams. It is telling you what is important to you, and reminding you through your dreams who you admire and what inspires you.

The meaning of this kind of dream is the pointer to your success potential. Go ahead and be the Captain Marvel of your day, squashing bullies and naysayers as you move along. Choose the best possible mate for yourself when you dream of marrying that celebrity.

It’s okay if it happens to you. It means you are inspired by awesome. So choose awesome today.

3. Authority Figures Point to Karma & Integrity

It is not unusual to dream of authority figures either. This can include anyone, and may alarm you if you are dreaming about them. You may dream about an employer, a police officer or anyone in the justice system, a lawyer, or even your father.

Many times authority figures in astrology are connected to the planet Saturn and the Tarot card The Emperor.

This dream is telling you that there is an area of integrity and karma in your life you need to be aware of. It could even be someone in your life that isn’t being completely clean with you.

The Emperor card is about taking control of a situation, or listening to advice that is sound and in the rule of law of ethics and even basic humanity.

Do you need to take control of something? Or do you need to look around you and see if someone is not what they seem to you?

Look for wolves in sheep’s clothing, and also look for areas of your own life that may need a clean-up. The dream may tell you more or make more sense when you see it that way.

4. People You Know Reveal Relationship Matters

This is a no-brainer. Sometimes dreams are just plain obvious. When you see people in your dream, your subconscious is pointing you to someone important. This is an issue or person you can’t ignore.

If you do, they will pop up in your dream again. They are trying to tell you something. Sometimes when you dream of someone they want to tell you something, and your subconscious has picked this up.

This may be a relationship issue you need to address and resolve. Or it may be a relationship issue that you need to begin.

When this happens during Mercury retrograde, soul mate potential is high. There may be someone very special that you haven’t even considered loving in that special way.

Tell them. This is the time to do it. When you dream of this, you have to deal with this relationship issue. You will know who what it is when it happens.

Look for other clues and symbols in the dreams and then compare them to our Dream Dictionary and you will get closer to solving this relationship dream mystery.

5. Nudity & Naked Dreams Signal Exposure

Nudity in dreams will mean one of three things. Fun dreams, secrets exposed, or, there’s someone you need to be with romantically.

If George Clooney is nude in your dream then you are simply having a fun dream that you can enjoy when staring out your window the next workday. May not happen to everyone. But it happens to a lot.

Don’t overthink these. Enjoy them. If there is a person that is not a celebrity with you, that is also a clue that you may need to explore this relationship.

It always helps in love to tell someone you dreamt about them in this fashion, if they aren’t George Clooney. That would be awkward.

But tell whoever else it may be that made you feel that way. Few people on this planet would dislike that from someone they know, even if they don’t want to or can’t be with them. They will spend the day thinking, wow, that’s so cool!

Never be embarrassed to have this dream or discuss it, even if it goes nowhere. You plant a seed.

The third thing this dream means is a secret is exposed or someone feels exposed. Or you may be the nude one in the dream and feel you are putting yourself out there for someone or something and feel weird about it. You may be applying for a job, investing in a house for the first time, testifying for something or someone, or just putting yourself out there in love.

You or someone else is exposed in some way for some reason, in your actual life. Take as many notes as you can on this dream and explore the other clues in this dream through our Dream Dictionary. A secret could be around you as well if you aren’t the nude one in your life. Pay attention to those cues as well, and never forget to listen to what your intuition tells you.

The first person or thing that you think of when trying to decipher this dream is what you need to explore when it comes to the matter of exposure.

Concluding Thoughts…

Mr. Mercury, bring me a dream. Make it the sweetest that I’ve ever seen…

This is the song you need to be singing during Mercury retrograde. Past lives and past loves are all influencing your innermost reflections right now. Not everybody wants to or can meditate, that’s okay. But you can dream! Even day residues are significant, especially during Mercury retrograde.

Before you go to sleep at night, try to ask your angels or the Universe to send you the messages that you need to make the best decisions in your life. Then, use our Dream Dictionary to get further clues on what those dreams mean. And don’t forget to bookmark your Daily Horoscopes so you can see what the stars have in store for you with those nightly clues.

Sweet dreams, friends! What do you hope to dream about tonight?

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