Beneficial Thought: Jupiter in Sagittarius Horoscopes – Luck & Adventures for All Zodiac Signs

It’s time for lucky Jupiter to switch zodiac signs! This is always exciting. Jupiter stays in each sign for approximately one year, give or take a few weeks. For the past year and some, Jupiter has been in the Fixed sign of the Water signs, Scorpio. This month, he moves on over to lucky and adventurous Sagittarius, the Mutable sign of the Fire signs. The luck that Jupiter has been sending you the past year has been a bit on the intense side, and probably even a little emotional. But now, Jupiter is about to light the spark of luck within you. Are you ready to find out how?

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius – Karma is Your Boomerang

To start, this is an exciting transit because Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Here we have the planet of luck, optimism, and karma, entering the zodiac sign of luck, optimism, and karma. Opportunities are everywhere! It’s going to be a very exciting year!

Jupiter leaves saucy Scorpio to enter freedom lover Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, and will stay here until December 9, 2018. Jupiter loves to send lucky opportunities to those that are staying true to their authentic Higher Selves, and not trying to skate by in life with shortcuts. Sagittarius as a Mutable sign is flexible and rolls with whatever life throws their way. As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is creative, intuitive, and loves spontaneity and adventure! So these are the themes that you are going to see in your life when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. You are feeling fired up! You are also following the archer of the zodiac, and aiming that arrow in the direction of your dreams. Be sure that arrow is clean and pure, and Jupiter is going to land it on the bulls-eye of your biggest goals.

Then back will the karmic boomerang come.

The important thing to remember with this Mutable sign in the Fire signs working for you is that you can’t be sitting still. Sagittarius is always on the go. Think BIG, as BIG as Sagittarius does. It’s Big Picture time! But that bag of money or love of your life is not going to just come knocking at your door.

(Unless it does. It will when you’ve put the effort in.)

It’s time to go outside the box. Expand beyond your comfort zones. Abundance means just that. Abundance. It means gifts, miracles, and success, that is bigger than anything else. And that means you need to do something you’ve never done before.

Sagittarius wants to expand beyond the now. That means, what are you doing right now in this area of your life? Sagittarius says, let’s do better. So does Jupiter! Of course, there’s a risk. But with every risk made with pure intentions, Jupiter says, here ya go, and serves up a big ol’ platter of luck.

So let’s get to those horoscopes and figure out where “this area” of your life is going to be blessed with abundance, luck, and miracles this year, after lovable and lucky Jupiter enters Sagittarius.

Aries – Putting big puzzle pieces together.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is working your ninth house of foreign matters, and big-picture goals, Aries. This has you thinking beyond your actual physical location right now. You’re itching for something bigger and broader, and have the leadership abilities to get it. But are you really doing the right thing? You have the opportunities to bring some very big puzzle pieces together. But if your karma isn’t clean, well, you’re going to be trying to jam circles into squares all year long and it’s going to be uncomfortable. If luck isn’t finding you, check your intentions.

Taurus – Sharing is caring.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is touching your eighth house of shared resources, taboo and secrets, and transformations for an entire year, Taurus. This is an interesting placement because this house rules both love and money, at a very intimate level. Sharing is caring, Taurus. The eighth house rules secrets, investments, intimacy, the sauciest side of your sex life, and healing. It’s a powerful house that helps you to work through these issues, and come out like a butterfly. That’s where your luck is this year! Literally, everywhere! Expect it to be intense, but when you follow those truest intentions, that karmic boomerang is going to transform you into the most beautiful butterfly in the world.

Gemini – Strength in partners.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is working your seventh house of partnerships over the next year, Gemini. This is exciting for you! You’re going to have luck in love all year long. But you are also going to be dealing with karmic issues. So how have things been going with your past relationships? Have you been clean with them? Clean them up now and you clean the slate for an even better partnership than ever this year. There are some Geminis that will see proposals or weddings even! These kinds of attractive opportunities that Jupiter has in store for you aren’t going to just come knocking. You know what you need to do, Gem.

Cancer – The little things are the big things.

You have Jupiter in Sagittarius working your sixth house of details this year, Cancer. This is also your house of work and health. Your tenth house is your dream job, Cancer. Your sixth house is your everyday job. You may not work for a living or have a job, but your sixth house rules your everyday stuff. Errands, life, routines, schedules, health, you get the drill. So you are going to get a break on this little life stuff when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. It will be like a big breath of fresh air for you if you are doing the right thing. Serve others, and Jupiter serves you. That’s the nuts and bolts of it. These sixth house matters are the little details in life that will turn into big things Jupiter style when you follow that mantra. Drop off a bag of pasta at the grocery store for the less fortunate. Donate your extra clothes when cleaning out the closets. You get the picture. Jupiter provides in miraculous ways when you do. Don’t do it and brag about it. Just do it. And watch the fun roll right back in your direction.

Leo – Love is your oyster!

Oh, dear Leo, you are that lovely little otter that loves love. You loooooove love, and all the play and fun that comes with it. Well, guess what? You are about to love it a whole lot more. When Jupiter enters fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, it is entering your fifth house of true love and pleasures. Love is going to feel so good this year, Leo, and when you handle your romantic experiences with good karma and true intent, being open to all parties, Jupiter sends some luck your way. You are about to get really lucky in love, Leo! This year is all about just having fun, but doing so with the one that really makes you feel special. This is also your house of children, so matters related to children are going to be very lucky this year. You may have new children enter your life! Or you may just experience more luck with your own kids. Throw your inhibition and any mixed messages out the window. When you do, that lucky love boomerang finds you, you saucy thing.

Virgo – Home is where the heart is.

Home matters and issues related to your actual building are on the docket for you, Virgo, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Jupiter is going to be working your fourth house of roots and foundations, and home is really and truly where the heart and the luck is. When you pour good intentions into your home life, Virgo, Jupiter sends some serious luck. You may be expanding things in your actual home life this year. That could be anything from renovations to real estate. A relocation is not out of the question. The temptation where Jupiter resides is to sit back and wait for the home luck to happen. Don’t let it.

Libra – Communication is your superpower.

You are going to enter an in-depth period of study when Jupiter enters Sagittarius, Libra. It may not be a deep subject, but you are going to be more involved with communicating, research, or even just general reading. Gadgets that rule these themes are also going to be important now. Jupiter is going to be working your third house of communication, and this is going to send inspiration and ideas your way in a number of ways. Communication is your superpower! There will be a lot of good news coming your way this year too! Information is very powerful now. Keep your eyes open for information-rich opportunities, and Jupiter waves his magic wand in your direction.

Scorpio – Show you the money, honey!

You have some advantages coming to you in money, Scorpio. This is going to be a lucrative and exciting time for you. You aren’t going to get this energy again for seven years, so you want to make the most of it. You’ll feel confident throughout the year when it comes to these issues, and you are going to own it. Now, if your karma isn’t in the right place, you are going to get some money pinches. Expect your income to improve, your past money bills will have a way of disappearing. Work it, Scorpio. And keep your eyes open. The opportunities are there!

Sagittarius – It’s your time to shine!

Expect to feel on top of the world, all year long, Sagittarius. Your confidence is going to be soaring, and you are going to feel like a cheerful, optimistic, generous, and like you just love everybody and everything. Everything is going to be making you feel good when your ruler Jupiter is in your first house of Self. That’s the good news. You also need to be careful about taking your optimism too far. You may have ideas that don’t manifest. But once you accept that, lucky Jupiter sends you some wonderful things. With Jupiter in your first house of new beginnings, opportunities to launch new and wonderful things are there. You just have to go out and grab them, Sag! Enjoy your lucky year. You deserve it!

Capricorn – You’ve earned the downtime.

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius, it is entering your twelfth house of endings and spirituality. This is also a house of death, so this may be on your mind quite a bit this year, Capricorn. This is a house of reclusivity as well. Take the downtime. Expect to experience a highly spiritual year, and expect to be working behind the scenes a lot. You are going to be ready to transform yourself and throw out what hasn’t been working. You see the light at the end of the tunnel, and a new life ahead. Dreams, secrets, and alternative consciousness experiences are taking your life to an all new level. You need to use this for good, Capricorn. Expect to have some Higher Powers this year. Don’t use that energy for ill, and your luck is literally around every corner. You get the extra advantage of a lucky guardian angel by your side through the whole thing.

Aquarius – Together You Will Change the World.

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius, Aquarius, it will enter your eleventh house of groups and friendships. This is also your house of big dreams. You know the ones. The ones that connect you with the greater humanity at large. So groups and your global visions are going to be sending you some luck this year. Opportunities to change the world, or change your world, are going to be very abundant. They will feel like they are falling in your lap. But they aren’t. When you keep dreaming, they will come.

Pisces – Your star will rise!

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius it enters your tenth house of career destiny and public image, Pisces. This means that your dream job is at your fingertips this year. This is also your reputation house, and this also means that you are going to get some serious recognition for your work this year. The limelight is going to have a lucky way of finding you, Pisces. At least that is how it will seem. The opportunities are there, and when you pursue them, big and expansive things Jupiter style are going to happen. The sky is really the limit here, Pisces. But remember, this is also your reputation house. Behave. Then fly, baby, fly. It’s time to collect that fame you’ve been yearning for AND earning. Are you ready for it, Pisces? Jupiter will want you to collect big time. Keep the dreams real and realistic, and the ladder to the top will be literally right beside you all year long.

Concluding thoughts….

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius, it is entering its own sign for a full year. ALL zodiac signs are going to feel very big energy. Confidence will be soaring, as will optimism and generosity. When you serve, you get. It’s that simple. But you need to be karmically pure about this. If you are serving BECAUSE you think you will get something in return, the luck may not be that opportunistic, and Jupiter could very well send it to your opponent. Karma is a boomerang, beloveds. Enjoy every delicious second when Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. Where are you aiming your arrow this year?

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