The Best & Worst Characteristics of Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

The thing about the Chinese Zodiac is that there is always so much to discover, so no matter how much you read up on it, you always end up learning something new!

For example, you might know that you are a mild, peaceful Rabbit, but maybe you didn’t know that you have a Horse Ascendant, which would explain why you tend to be more flighty and willing to step outside your comfort zone than other Rabbits.

Or maybe you’re a fiery, independent Tiger but you have a Wood element attached to you, making you more peaceful and diplomatic than your fierce counterparts.

Now the question is…have you ever wondered what your Chinese Zodiac sign’s best and worst qualities are?

The Chinese Zodiac Personality Traits

When it comes to the best and worst of the Chinese Zodiac, and as with everything else, there is a Yin and a Yang, a light and a dark, a Moon and a Sun. In other words, conflicting opposites can become problematic when an individual does not pay equal attention to both sides.

Carl Jung commonly called the worst traits the “shadow side.”

This is the side of ourselves that lurks in the deepest recesses of our mind, the side that can bring negativity and destruction when it is not made conscious and brought into the light. It is the side that is associated with evil because it is entirely capable of committing evil acts. These negative personality traits can be accompanied by learned qualities that merge with the natural, innate qualities we are born with and form the “shadow.”

By understanding this side of ourselves, we can know ourselves deeper and get them under control.

By understanding your Chinese Zodiac sign’s negative qualities, you learn not to fear them but embrace them, leading to an integration with your “light” and helping you become the best of yourself.

Read on to discover more about the best and worst traits of your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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The Best & Worst Characteristics of Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


Best Characteristic: Resourcefulness

As a Rat, you have many positive qualities, but perhaps the best one of all is your resourcefulness.

The Rat is a survivor. How else did he manage to win the race in the original Chinese Zodiac legend, despite being one of the smallest of the animals?

Size is no indication of strength, and as a Rat, you epitomize this. Whenever there is a crisis, you know what to do. Whenever it seems all hope is lost, you are the one to pull yourself and others through. It is one of the greatest gifts, Rat.

Worst Characteristic: Calculating

While this quality can be beneficial in terms of helping you achieve your goals, it can quickly become a tool for selfishness when it is not harnessed properly. Being calculating comes with being shrewd, and yours is a shrewd mind. However, this quality can make you ruthless, willing to trample over anyone and anything to get what you want.


Best Characteristic: Persistence

One of your greatest strengths is your persistence, Ox. Few rival you when it comes to staying the course. If you have a goal in mind, you will reach that goal, no matter what. You are reliable, and others know they can count on you to get the job done.

Worst Characteristic: Stubbornness

Ox stubbornness is a famous thing.

Once you are fixed on something, it is challenging to change your mind, even if rational and plausible explanations are provided. This is persistence in its worst form – therefore, learning the art of flexibility is highly beneficial.


Best Characteristic: Courageous

The Don Quixote of the zodiac, you are the one who charges in fearlessly when there are dragons to slay and monsters to overcome.

Few can compete with your courage and bravery, Tiger. It is one of your finest attributes, and others feel protected when you are around. You see yourself as a warrior, and you are not afraid to stand for what you believe in.

Worst Characteristic: Reckless

With great courage comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, this is something you are learning only too well!

Recklessness is one quality that can lead to all your hard work going up in a puff of smoke. You may be willing to leap into all sorts of dark and dangerous places, but one wrong move in a fit of anger or ego, and that’s it, game over.

When you learn to find the middle ground, it is then that you shall experience true success.


Best Characteristic: Intuitive

This is a powerful and potent characteristic, Rabbit.

You may be one of those Rabbits that doesn’t pay as much attention to your intuition as you should, or you may nurture it daily. Whichever you are, you are the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, and when harnessed properly, this quality enables you to go further than others because you can see more.

Do not underestimate the power of this gift, for you have been blessed.

Worst Characteristic: Conflict-Avoidant

More than any other sign, you have a special sort of aversion to conflict.

While your peace-loving nature is pleasant to be around, it is important to remember that sometimes conflict is necessary. Learning the art of conflict and recognizing that a negative feeling does not necessarily mean a bad feeling is one of your important life lessons.

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Best Characteristic: Charismatic

One of your greatest qualities is your charisma, Dragon.

You are one of the most powerful members of the zodiac, a true leader. Others respect you for your fire and tenacity. You have the ability to overcome any challenges that spring your way, and you quickly earn the respect of others for your strength and determination.

Worst Characteristic: Egotistical

One of your struggles is with the ego. You may sometimes think that if you are right, then everyone else is wrong.

You can become fierce and short-tempered if you don’t get your own way. Appreciating that everyone’s viewpoint matters is a valuable lesson for you, Dragon. Practicing and mastering this art will help you become a true and wise leader, loved and respected by all.


Best Characteristic: Wisdom

Your best characteristic is undoubtedly your wisdom, Snake.

People often think you are wise beyond your years. You seem to know stuff that others cannot comprehend. This quality gets you far in life, and others seek your advice because they recognize the innate wisdom that lies within you.

Worst Characteristic: Vengeance

You are a sign that is known for wanting revenge.

In fact, you can wait years if necessary to exact it upon another when you feel you or your loved ones have been wronged. But one fundamental life lesson for you, Snake, is to learn forgiveness. The desire for revenge hurts you more than anyone else, and when you forgive, you set yourself free.


Best Characteristic: Independence

One of your greatest strengths is your independence, Horse. All Third Trine members are independent to some degree, but yours is a free and unbridled spirit.

You go where your heart leads you, and damn the consequences! This type of quality is revered and endeared by other signs. Because you value your freedom above all else, you also value your creative spirit, leading you to phenomenal places.

Worst Characteristic: Selfishness

In its worst form, your independence can manifest as selfishness. If you want something, that’s all that matters, never mind who gets hurt along the way!

This can lead to great hurt and anger for those around you, and while you may not set out to intentionally hurt anyone, the damage caused can be tragic. Practicing empathy can be beneficial for you, and so can compromise!

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Best Characteristic: Compassionate

As a sensitive member of the Fourth Trine, you are a truly compassionate soul, Goat.

Nothing you would not do to help a friend in need – or anyone really – and your kind, compassionate nature brings much comfort and joy to this world. Your big heart is truly one of your greatest attributes.

Worst Characteristic: Co-Dependent

One of your negative attributes is a loss of independence. You can become too dependent on others or a partner, relinquishing all control and responsibility.

This leads to an unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions. Maintaining your independence is important for your overall well-being, Goat, so practicing doing things on your own and not looking to others all the time is a good way to keep a rein on it.


Best Characteristic: Charming

It’s hard to pinpoint just one positive quality about you, Monkey, because there are so many, but charm is probably one of your finest attributes!

You have a way of charming others in such a way that people don’t know what hit them. You can talk the talk and walk the walk. You make others laugh, and they feel at ease in your company – one of the things you excel at is easing tension.

Your oodles of charm take you far in life.

Worst Characteristic: Arrogance

Sometimes, though, Monkey, this charm can manifest in its most negative state, which is arrogance. You start to think you are better than others and become incredulous when other people don’t know as much as you do.

You are very clever, but just remember that everyone has their own strengths and talents. Practicing humility is a good way to maintain balance within yourself.


Best Characteristic: Outspoken

One thing you will never do, Rooster, is let others tell you what to think or say.

In fact, you will speak your mind if it is the last thing you do. You are famous for it, in fact. This is a quality that others admire in you. You are brave and ready to stand for what you believe in. If you think something is wrong, then you will speak out, no matter who is watching or listening.

Worst Characteristic: Egocentric

In your most negative state, you become egocentric and intolerant.

Your shining outspokenness becomes rude and insensitive, and you can wound others deeply with your words.

Practicing empathy is helpful for you, Rooster. You do not have to be right all the time, and it is important to remember that everyone is on their own individual journey in life; there is no right or wrong way.

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Best Characteristic: Loyal

Just like your furry counterpart, you are deeply loyal and will never betray those you love Dog.

It is your fines quality. Yours is a friendship that many wish they had, as you can be counted on, no matter what. Faithful until the end, you will go through hell and high water to be there for someone.

Worst characteristic: Pessimistic

It can be easy for you to fall into negative thinking, resulting in further anxiety, paranoia, and suspicion.

This is something that can drive others around the bend, but it hurts you a great deal, Dog. It is important to remember that not everyone is out to get you and to keep your eye on a glass that is half full.


Best Characteristic: Genuine

One of the most wonderful things about you, Pig, is you are such a genuine soul.

Your inner child shines brightly, and you are open and honest. You tend to accept others for who they are, no matter what they have done or their background. This makes you one of the most tolerant of all the signs.

Worst characteristic: Indecisive

You can be very indecisive, refusing to make a decision and letting others lead the way.

This can be detrimental, Pig, as it means you do not take responsibility in areas you should. Trusting in yourself and your abilities is an important life lesson for you. Remember, mistakes may be made but what matters is that you tried.

Get to Know Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

All members of the Chinese Zodiac have their good and bad qualities. The key isn’t to focus entirely on the good traits and hide or ignore the bad ones. The key is to focus on all the qualities and find a way for them to work together.

By understanding your Chinese Zodiac sign more, you can then find ways to merge all of your traits as one.

This is the integration of the light side and the dark side, something that no human on earth is exempt too. Your positive qualities are something to be admired and nurtured, but you should never be afraid of your negative side or ashamed of it.

It is part of who you are, and the best way to deal with it is to understand it.

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