Sun Square Uranus: Here’s How to Avoid Stress & Embrace Positivity This Week

This week brings the Sun into an awkward alignment with Uranus. This isn’t anything extraordinary; the Sun makes this aspect at least twice a year. It’s Uranus being in fiery Aries that can create some issues, though. The Sun rules your personality and countenance, while Uranus brings with it all sorts of unexpected situations and impulsive actions. Don’t let this week stress you out, though. If you handle the pressures properly, you could find that doors open for you.

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This week could bring you the chances to break free if you’ve felt that you’ve been limited in any way. Of course, that can sometimes come as rather a shock! It can also create some tensions because not everyone is going to appreciate the ‘new you’ as you break out of your comfort zone. On the whole, expect yourself — and others — to be less patient or tolerant than you usually are.

Your willpower can be strong during this week, but bear in mind that so can everyone else’s. You may find that you clash with others, that it’s hard to see eye to eye — and this can cause separation and anxiety if you’re trying to reach a compromise. Expect the road to your goals to be a bit rocky. Being ready for the ride is half the battle! Just make sure you’re not taking any needless risks on the way to get there. You may feel that you have something to prove but it’s really not the right time to try to draw too much attention to yourself — it may well backfire!


You could see doors open, but you’re going to have to be prepared to make constant adjustments to your goals in order to reach them. There’s plenty of newness here. Just make sure that you’re not too hasty when it comes to making any radical changes.


You could meet some new people who can open doors for you, but you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone a bit. This week can bring you improved confidence in many ways. You’re also likely to see new depths to current situations — and people.


You’re likely to feel incredibly impulsive and restless, but don’t let this week stress you out. There are opportunities galore around you, and you may be tempted to spread yourself too thin. Try to remember to focus only on what appeals to you the most, rather than attempting to do everything that presents itself to you.


This week could bring you a change of focus, particularly when it comes to the way that you feel about things. Your environment could be changing, too — perhaps a new job, or a house move, or maybe a bit of decorating. You’ll be inclined to feel a bit more engaged in your life, throwing yourself into activities and pursuits with new energy.


If you’ve been waiting for something to fall into place, this week looks to bring you the opening to make it happen. You’ll be more creative than usual, and you’ll have opportunities to use that to your advantage. Just keep a hand on your patience and your temper, though, because it looks like they could both be a bit short these days!


This can be an uncomfortable week for you, as you start to see things at a depth you don’t normally experience. You’re ready for a change, and positive changes are coming your way. You’ll be less likely to scrutinize them before accepting them, but don’t miss any important details. Your natural critique of things works to your advantage this time!

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You may find it hard to find balance and harmony this week. It’s one of those ‘push / pull’ energies that will tempt you to try new things, yet pull you back to what’s more familiar. You’re on the threshold of change — particularly if your birthday falls in the last 10 degrees of Libra.


You could find more than your usual share of stresses this week as Uranus makes a pretty awkward aspect to your Sun sign. This could have an affect on your health, too, so make sure that you’re taking care of your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. You’ve been looking for ways to improve, and this week could bring them to you.


You should feel alive and vibrant this week. More options for you to reach your goals will open up for you, and you will have more wriggle room when it comes to making changes in your life. There’s a lot of creative energy here, and you could well find new ways of expressing yourself through original or unique pursuits.


You’re not going to know whether you’re coming or going this week, Cappy, because on the one hand there are going to be new opportunities, but on the other hand you’re going to find reasons not to pursue them. Don’t be your own worst enemy. This is a great time for you to let down your natural reserve a bit, don’t squash it by being too practical!


Let your imagination run riot, because there are so many unique ideas for you this week you’ll have a hard time focusing on what you really want to pursue. You’re innovative and inventive and you can turn this to your advantage, especially when it comes to drawing positive attention to yourself. Just make sure you pace yourself so that you can follow through with your projects.


If you’ve been trying to make positive changes, this week will bring you the energy to do so. There are boundless opportunities here, and your imagination will be working overtime. Make sure that you take the time to discern what is attainable and what is not, though, for you might have some trouble discerning what holds water and what is merely an illusion.

Embrace the Positive Energy

So you see, there is a lot of positive energy here. Just don’t let this week stress you out. The Sun’s energy can intensify the way that you feel about things. Capitalize on the positive aspects of this week, and don’t get too hung up on any challenges that arise. This, too, shall pass!

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