Fire Signs Spotlight: We Love Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

It’s a fiery month of Fire Signs, thanks to the awesome astrology energy that Cardinal Fire Sign Aries is sprinkling onto us all. You should be feeling it through the love of love planet Venus in Aries and the New Moon in Aries energy all Earthlings are feeling right now. But what does that really mean? You hear the term “Fire Signs” a lot, but some never really understand what that is about. So today, the spotlight is on the Fire Signs, and we know you Fire Signs love that! Here are all of the astrology answers you ever wanted to know about Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and why we love you so. And we do.

The Fire Signs: You are what you are and we thank you.

The zodiac signs called the Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are ruled by the element of Fire. And so if you ever wondered why they have a spark in literally everything they do, now you know. The spark of the Fire Signs is contagious, and that’s one of the biggest reasons we love you so, other than the fact that you all are completely awesome.

F is for fabulous. Everything you do or touch turns to golden sunshine. Fabulous is your middle name.

I is for Inspirational. We’re inspired by you every day. Thank you.

R is for racy. Yeah, we said it. You know we don’t need to say more, you racy thing you.

E is for excited. One of your gifts is that you get excited and enthusiastic more than you don’t. We get excited for you just thinking about it!

The Cardinal Fire Sign Aries (March 22-April 20): Who’s the boss?

Happy birthday, Aries! Aries is the zodiac sign that is one of the Cardinal signs, and is the Cardinal Fire Sign. As a fire sign, Aries is symbolized by a ram, and is ruled by Mars. As the Cardinal Fire Sign, you’re the boss.

• General Qualities: You are impulsive, easily infatuated, aggressive, and highly energetic. Like a ram, when you see something you want, nothing gets in your way. You go getter you!

• The Good News: You are one of the most passionate zodiac signs and you sprinkle this in every area of your life. As a Cardinal Sign, you’re the boss. You’re great at starting things like relationships, and initiating projects at work that have the potential to knock your success out of the park.

• The Not so Great News: As a Cardinal Sign your energy is in leading, not necessarily finishing. So you can also be impatient and will become bored when your interest in something has been lost. Shy is not an appropriate word to describe you, Aries. You tend to make your feelings and opinions known and can be very direct about some things. This is often great. But sometimes not so much.

• Aries in Love: Although you are used to getting your way, you can still bounce back from rejection quite easily, flirting is a very fun game to you. You like the game involved with romance so little quarrels are like foreplay to the more direct Aries. Playing ‘hard-to-get’ is a favorite of yours and you love it when the object of your desire can play along as well. Even in the midst of all game play, you love to find yourself caught up and being swept away by desire. Aries will gravitate towards those who appear more confident and love to be caressed. But Aries doesn’t want someone too confident, or they will feel like they are being outshone.

The Fixed Fire Sign Leo (July 23-August 22): You are the definition of heavenly sunshine.

With the symbol of a lion, Leo is the zodiac sign that is the Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. The Sun rules everything you do, which means you are almost always glorious.

• General Qualities: We love your sunny disposition. You enjoy being the center of your loved ones and inner circle attention, and you have a strong principle of identity. You know who you are and we admire that. And there’s nothing Leo loves more than being admired. You own it though because you’ve earned it.

• The Good News: Being symbolized by the lion, you embody all of their great qualities. You are brave, loyal to the core, and have a deep and committed sense of personal integrity to those in your world, and the world in general. This is where you inspire us the most.

• The Not so Great News: Being ruled by the Sun, you pout when it gets dark outside, in any way. As one of the Fixed Signs you are also a little stubborn, which we prefer to describe as, loyal to your opinions. Very loyal. You have a tendency to be slightly melodramatic when it comes to matters you take to heart. Because you crave attention, Leo, you find little ways to make sure everyone knows you are in the room. We love your showmanship, so long as it isn’t too much.

• Leo in Love: You have quite the romantic streak, Leo. You love to be generous and surprise your loved one with gifts or maybe even a poem or two. Taking the lead in being the romantic one gives you a sense of power you truly enjoy and you adore being adored. You have an expectation for respect and have every intention of being worthy of that respect. Leo’s love to be touched and you know exactly how to turn on the charm and heat in a relationship.

The Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): You shoot, you score, every time.

The Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that is symbolized by the Archer. This is why when you shoot, you score every time, because you always have perfect aim. You are also ruled by the planet Jupiter, which makes you one very lucky ducky! Because of your friend Jupiter, you find yourself getting out of scrapes just as easily as you find yourself in them.

• General Qualities: This fire sign is strongly connected with a philosophical outlook on the world thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter. You have an adventurous sense and crave variety, new ideas, and new experiences. All the time.

• The Good News: Being ruled by Jupiter, the big wide world out there is your playground. You love to explore it and everything in it, and when you can’t you are thinking deeply and philosophically about it. You love to learn new things and all of your interests are varied, or more so eclectic. We learn a lot from you, Sagittarius! And you love to teach us. Thank you!

• The Not so Great News: Sometimes you can be seen as a little over-the-top or excessive, though. The word ‘routine’ is definitely not in your vocabulary and change is simply a must have in your world or you get cranky. And you embody the “all over the map” energy of the Mutable Signs. So anyone who is considering romance with you, Sagittarius, had best be prepared for an adventure, but maybe not a committed one.

• Sagittarius in Love: You are the type of lover who requires that you and your partner have ‘personal space’ in some aspects of your relationship. You would rather begin your relationships on a friend level at first and because you are a thrill seeker you love to have playful dates. You enjoy having a partner who can make you laugh and understands how you can be a clown one moment and a philosopher the next. You are a seeker of knowledge and continue to try to be inspired to learn. As a Sagittarius you are just as turned on by an intellectual conversation as much as they are by sensual exploration. If you can find both, it’s literally a match made in Heaven.

And that’s just the beginning of all of the astrology answers you need in today’s spotlight. But there’s lots more to learn about our fiery zodiac signs the Fire Signs, and why we love you so, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Do you love a Fire Sign? See where you rate with them on the Love Compatibility Test.

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