These 6 Tarot Cards Predict Good Luck

We consult the Tarot every day for the widest range of things — our curiosities on love, the latest work drama, our lingering heartbreak, or whatever else may be on our minds.

Among these deep, dark, and serious topics, though, we may also get an inkling of something much brighter and luckier.

After all, the Tarot isn’t just here to help us discover life’s mysteries or heal us through pain but knows how to share messages on the opposite side of the spectrum too. Happiness, joy, exciting opportunities, and good luck — these are topics that are all throughout your Tarot deck too.

Which Tarot cards really represent good luck? Is your Tarot deck offering you messages of unexpected fortune and good luck? And which Tarot card would be the luckiest sign for you?

Let’s find out, and talk about some of the cards that can best indicate good luck on the way.

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These 6 Tarot Cards Predict Good Luck

1. 9 of Cups

Also known as the “wish card,” the 9 of Cups undoubtedly is a lovely sight to see in our spreads.

On the surface level, the 9 of Cups could simply be predicting that your wishes are on their way to coming true. Talk about a sign of good fortune already!

But beyond that, the 9 of Cups also demonstrates that you know what you want at a soul level and that you’re aligned spiritually with what is actually best for you. It means that your desires aren’t just shallow or the easy way out, and you’ll be rewarded for your genuine intention and hard work.

So, on the one hand, the 9 of Cups is “lucky” — or at least, it definitely feels that way to see it in a reading. But on the other hand, know that it’s not just pure luck, but your hard work and desire paying off too.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Often associated with Jupiter, often known as the planet of luck, it’s not surprising that the Wheel of Fortune is a sign of good fortune — it’s even in the name!

The Wheel of Fortune can show up when we are even least expecting it, here to tell us that the wheel is now turning in our favor.

More than a card of luck, it’s also a card of destiny and fate and is here to let you know that the Universe has tricks up its sleeve that you can’t see or understand yet until they actually unfold.

With this card, your good luck may come tomorrow or in a month, or it may look familiar or completely unexpected. But whatever the case, good luck is good luck, no matter how unpredictable!

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3. The Star

Take a big sigh of relief if you’re seeing The Star on the table, especially if you’ve been having a particularly hard time.

In the Tarot, The Star comes right after The Tower, which we know to be a card of destruction and turmoil. In other words, it’s not a fun time, to say the least.

Still, with the clean slate that it often provides us with, we can look towards a new beginning, which is exactly what The Star provides. More than that, it’s a card of peace, hope, and spiritual healing and renewal, which can lead us to the more standard form of good luck we’re used to (like money and love) later down the line if we really want.

Above all, though, this soft and welcoming energy is always a lovely sight to see.

4. The Sun

Bright, bold, and full of smiles, The Sun shines upon you in a reading with a beaming kind of optimism and joy.

You may not always anticipate the level of excitement and happiness that The Sun can provide, but even at our lowest of lows, The Sun shines through the clouds. With this card on the table for you, you might be able to anticipate a kind of joy and excitement that parallels the kind of optimism and innocence children radiate.

This is a kind of good luck and positive energy that can benefit us in any situation, so embrace its light when it smiles upon you in your Tarot spread!

Life is about to get a whole lot sunnier.

5. Ace of Pentacles

Broad predictions of good fortune and spiritual renewal are great and all, but sometimes we need something a bit more grounded and tangible.

The Ace of Pentacles literally depicts a hand emerging out of the clouds with a bright, beaming pentacle extended towards you — what more could you really ask for? A sign of opportunity, new beginnings, and often manifesting in job offers or influxes of cash, the Ace of Pentacles is a long withstanding favorite indicator of good fortune for a reason.

Make no mistake: you’ll still have to be the one to reach out and grab the offer when the time comes. Still, we could all use a nice little sign that offers and opportunities are on the way.

So if that’s what you’re wishing for, then the Ace of Pentacles is the card to keep an eye out for!

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6. 6 of Wands

Sometimes it’s not just money or a period of peace that we’re looking for, but a cheer of validation from our peers and loved ones.

The 6 of Wands is a success card and triumph over obstacles, but with a parade and an audience applauding to accompany it. It’s not really about taking the spotlight permanently or being conceited either; the 6 of Wands reminds us that we all deserve our moment to be pat on the back.

With this card on the horizon for you, you can expect that some recognition and cheer are on their way to you — and it’s well-deserved too!

Not Feeling Lucky Yet?

Not seeing any of the above Tarot cards in your reading?

That’s okay! The lack of these cards in your Tarot reading does not necessarily mean that you’re doomed to failure or can’t access any good luck right now.

As we know with the Wheel of Fortune, our luck is an unpredictable and easily changeable thing. With something as small as a mindset shift, you might find yourself stumbling into an Ace of Pentacles opportunity tomorrow, even if you weren’t ready for one today.

If you’re looking for some good fortune, use the lucky cards of the Tarot as inspiration in getting on the right track.

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