4 Good Luck Rituals for Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is a happy planet that focuses on the good and brings us luck. It’s optimistic, it’s expansive, and it’s good-natured. Pisces is the last zodiac sign and connects with the subtle energies of the Universe. With Jupiter in Pisces, we can be more in tune and impact those energies to our advantage.

Jupiter is also the traditional ruler of Pisces (Neptune is the modern ruling planet), so it’s very at home here.

To help you with that, we’re going to review four Jupiter in Pisces rituals for good luck you can use at some point while Jupiter is in Pisces.

Let’s get into it!

4 Good Luck Rituals for Jupiter in Pisces

1. Jupiter in Pisces Crystal Ritual for Good Luck

Crystals are amazing tools for any mystical work. They’re powerful little magical buddies on their own, and you can infuse them with whatever energy you want them to have.

This is a simple crystal ritual, and the crystal you use may depend on what you want to focus the good luck on. More money? New love? Better health? Choose a crystal that resonates with what you want.

Here’s a little list to get you started:

And more: The Top 8 Crystals to Attract Money & Wealth and 8 Crystals for Love & Romance

These are just suggestions (you can search online to find more), and another idea would be to choose a crystal that links to your Jupiter sign (especially for general good luck).

You can use the crystals listed in these articles (some may say season or Sun sign, but they’ll apply for your Jupiter sign, too):

If you don’t know your Jupiter sign, use the free birth chart generator to find it!

Now, don’t feel like you must absolutely adhere to this list.

Honestly, for general good luck, it’ll be best to go for a crystal that speaks to you, that calls you, that’s most beautiful to you, that you’re attracted to intuitively (which may not be obvious!). You may want to read the article, How to Choose the Right Crystals for You – Intuitively, for some guidance!

For any crystal ritual, you’ll want to cleanse the crystal first. There are many simple ways to do this, like submerging in sea salt or leaving out under the Sun and Moon. Find more quick cleansing rituals with the article, 7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystal in Less Than 10 Minutes.

Step 1

Once ready, hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand (the one you don’t write with), and close your eyes. Think about whatever it is you want good luck with, or try to feel gratitude and joy in general (syncs with good luck).

Step 2

Now do something you enjoy and have your crystal with you (in your pocket, purse, hand, etc.). Dance, listen to music, bake, take a walk, go hiking, whatever. The crystal becomes infused with the good, happy energy and becomes your good luck charm.

If you want to really strengthen it, do something you enjoy daily for seven days and have your crystal with you. That’ll make it a potent good luck crystal!

Hold it or keep it on you or with you whenever you need some good luck.

2. Jupiter in Pisces Tarot Ritual for Good Luck

The Tarot can be useful for divination, but you can also use it in rituals and magic work. No worries about having a specific deck either; whatever you have and love will do!

Just like with crystals, you’ll want to cleanse your tarot deck first. You’ll often see incense or Palo Santo recommended, and you simply burn it and wave your Tarot cards through the smoke.

If you don’t have that or are in a pinch, you can take your deck and actually smack it against a table or edge a few times or hit it with your fingers/hands. It may seem silly, but it just kicks out any negative energy.

Ensure when your deck is clear to store it with bay leaves (they protect and purify) and keep it in something opaque (like wrapped in solid fabric or kept in a box).

You can infuse your deck with your energy once it’s clear by sleeping with it under your pillow. One night and your deck is ready to go!

Step 1

For this Tarot ritual, sit with your deck at a table or on the ground, wherever you can and are comfortable. Then, go through the court cards of your deck and select a card that represents you.

The court cards are the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages.

The Kings/Knights are connected to the masculine while the Queens/Pages are connected to the feminine. However, don’t feel like you have to choose one that connects to your gender. Go with what you feel attracted to. And, if you want to go with a different card, I like the Aces for something neutral (though they’re not court cards! They are great for luck too).

Step 2

Take out The Sun card. The Sun is an excellent card for general luck in your life. Put The Sun card with the card representing you together on the table or ground.

Step 3

Take a few breaths, calming your mind, and then shuffle the rest of the cards however you desire. When you feel ready, select one card.

This card represents the message you need to hear or information you need to know to have the good luck you want. Use the Tarot definitions to get an understanding of the card you’ve pulled.

Step 4

Sit with the three cards, see how you feel with them, and see if any intuitive messages come to you. If you can, leave the three cards together and burn a candle (all the way down), or leave them together with a crystal on top of them.

3. Jupiter in Pisces Water Ritual for Good Luck

Pisces is a Water sign and a Mutable sign, which makes it super flowing. That means using water in a good luck ritual can be extra potent with Jupiter in Pisces!

There are a few ways to do this. Using manifestation, you can take two clear glasses, one with water and one without. On a piece of paper, write down, “I don’t feel fortunate,” and put it underneath the cup with water in it (your current state).

On another piece of paper, write down, “good luck is always with me,” and put it underneath the cup without water in it (what you want to manifest). Pour the water from the first glass into this one.

The water absorbs the energy you want to manifest (good luck). Hold the cup and then drink the water to take the good luck within you.

Another water ritual you may have heard of is “spilling water,” where literally water is spilled behind you. It originates from the Balkans, and it’s believed that water is always flowing. Therefore your endeavors will flow as well.

This is something you can continue doing multiple times with any venture.

Whenever you’re going out, whether for a job interview or application, to meet someone new, or any sort of pursuit in need of some positive assistance, have someone throw some water behind you (maybe stick to doing it outside, though!).

You can say, “My endeavors are as clear and smooth as water” (and can replace endeavors with whatever you’re doing: my job interview, my application, my meeting, etc.).

If you’re alone and can’t get someone to spill the water after you, try putting a cup on the ground and tape a piece of string (or yarn or thread or fishing line or whatever you have) to the top of the cup.

Pull the string behind you to topple the cup and spill the water.

4. Jupiter in Pisces Spell Jar Ritual for Good Luck

This final ritual utilizes a spell jar. You’ll put all of the contents into the jar that you need, and it’ll hold all of the good energy you’re looking for.

As for the type of jar, if you have mason jars around, go for it; but, I actually love using baby food jars. Their mini size makes them both super portable and easy to hide, you don’t need too much of anything to fill it up, and they’re really cheap (and okay, so I like banana baby food, haha).

If you do use a food jar, make sure to wash it clean and remove any labels.

Step 1

You’ll first need to select whatever you’re going to put in the jar and prepare everything.

It all needs to be cleansed/purified/blessed (if it’s objects, you can put it in sea salt or wave it through the smoke of incense; you can leave it all out under the light of the Moon; you can also just hold your hands over all of the items and meditate over them, imagining cleansing energy going into them).

Step 2

So what do you add to your jar? Some basics you’ll need will be either rice or oats. They’re good filler, so everything isn’t rattling around in there.

You’ll want to choose some herbs that relate to whatever you’re looking for. Cinnamon and ginger are two good go-to herbs since cinnamon is protective and ginger is strengthening, and both are great for energizing (and money!).

Sugar can be great for love, but also for anything where you’re looking to attract something (like good luck and opportunity). Honey can be great for anything you want to stick around (like sticky honey!). Food coloring or sprinkles can add a sweet touch to whatever you’re focused on.

Basil helps repel negativity, as does mint, sage, and rosemary. Rosemary is also great for clearing your mind, concentration, and improved studies.

You can add any crystals that you’d like, as well as anything from nature (flowers, leaves, twigs, sand, seashells) and any object you can fit in it.

If you’re looking for money, add eight coins (eight is associated with luck) or items that are green or gold. If looking for love, add red or pink items and some glitter (heck, add glitter for whatever you’re doing!).

You can write on paper exactly what you want and add that in too. You pretty much add anything you feel drawn to add, even a drawing!

Step 3

Once everything is cleansed and you’re ready, sit with the jar and hold your hands over it. Imagine good energy spilling into it and out of it. Once done, add everything to your jar that you want (in layers, or just throw it in like a mad scientist), and once full, put the cover on.

If you’re up for it, you can seal the jar with wax from a white candle (if you’re really daring, you can put everything in a cup instead of a jar, and instead of using a lid top, burn a candle on top of everything in the jar and let the wax spread to act as a cover).

If you have an altar, you can keep the jar there, otherwise, put it somewhere it won’t be disturbed (like hidden in a drawer or in the back of your closet). Believe the energy is there for you, always, and let the Universe take over.

Have Fun With Your Ritual!

Rituals are fun ways of channeling energy, and Jupiter certainly loves it when we’re having fun, so make sure you enjoy using any of these rituals.

Have a wonderful Jupiter in Pisces!

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