Leo Woman: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Female Leo

Like their male counterparts, a Leo woman is bold, confident and expressive, if at times theatrical and stubborn. Their passion and positivity can also be infectious, and a Leo woman is often the center of attention and star of any social gathering with their high emotional and social intelligence. This is a key part of Leo astrology.

But catch her on the wrong day and she might seem stubborn and brazen with a tendency to dominate the conversation. She seeks to have her voice heard, even if it means stepping on the toes and feelings of others.

Some say a Leo Woman lack empathy and can be self-centered and combative, especially if they feel marginalized or slighted. And if she feels underappreciated, be careful. She’ll cut and run with the best of them if she feels caught in a project, role or relationship that is heading downhill or has lost its excitement.

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Leo Female Traits

Highly creative, courageous, strong, and ambitious, a Leo woman seeks excitement and passion in everything she does. She’s rarely fulfilled by working for others, particularly if leadership is steering things in the wrong direction, which means Leos are often entrepreneurs — preferring to give orders rather than to take them.

In the wrong environment, this can come off as domineering and controlling, but a Leo woman’s high expectations drive her and her opinions of others, especially if she sees the bigger picture in what she’s doing.

But if she’s not getting the attention or praise she believes she deserves; she can retreat into stubbornness or seek out security and stability in the comfort of others. Cross a Leo woman, however, and she’ll have no issue writing you off forever, at least until you beg for her forgiveness with a grand gesture or show of affection.

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Leo Woman in Love

Because they’re confident and charming, a Leo woman rarely pins their hopes and dreams on another person, even if she’s madly in love — well, maybe a little bit. But the wrong kind of toxic love might even bolster her already high self-esteem to obnoxious levels. Unless you can challenge and match your Leo’s self-assuredness, you just might find yourself left behind as she seeks out someone worthy of her affections.

But strike the right balance and a Leo woman can be extremely romantic, loyal and sensitive, and they’ll reserve all their passions for the person that makes them feel appreciated, challenged and loved.

Leo Woman in Relationships

In a relationship, however, a Leo woman can be demanding and high-maintenance, particularly if she’s feeling self-conscious or if things aren’t quite going her way. She also loves attention, so if she’s being flirty or seeking out the looks of others, don’t try to reign her in. She just might lash out by exploring those tendencies, especially if she thinks her significant other is trying to stifle her freedom.

Additionally, if she feels her partner is ill-behaved, she might take aim and test the boundaries. But don’t fall for this trick. Be calm and confident, and your Leo woman will be intrigued by your optimism and trust, realizing the things that made her choose you in the first place.

Above all, never forget to shower your Leo with attention. We all know how gregarious they can be — after all, it’s just a ploy for attention. So don’t think that once she settles she’ll be satisfied being put on the back burner. Buy her gifts, take her places and admire her. And she’ll shower you with affection if she feels wanted and needed. Just don’t dote on her too much, it could be a turnoff if you make her feel superior.

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Facts About a Leo Woman

Popular, charming, upbeat and enthusiastic, a Leo woman loves to speak her mind. But she won’t regale you with boring stories of her last visit to the dentist, unless, of course, there’s a hell of a story there — she’s got the gift of gab, and her passion and confidence are infectious, even if she’s not the most discreet.

Sometimes her passion and influence drive her to butt heads with others, particularly if she feels like she can do better. That’s because Leos are born leaders, and they don’t take kindly to substandard plans or ineffective leadership — and they’ll make their opinions known, often to the detriment of the group if they drive a big enough wedge between factions.

Because a Leo woman is a fighter, though, she has no problem going to bat for herself or an idea or person she believes in — just make sure you’re on her side before things go down or you could find yourself driving her away as she feels victimized and cheated.

Caring for Your Leo Woman

As long as you appreciate and reward the Leo in your life, you’ll get the supportive, loyal and fearless woman you’ve come to love, and her warmness and compassion will easily balance out those times she becomes overly emotional or controlling.

It’s the fear taking hold, and if you step up and give her no reason to be afraid, her confidence will grow, and her positivity will encourage herself and everyone around her. And don’t be put off by her directness. It all comes from a good place, and a Leo woman’s criticism is because she thinks you can do better. That’s a good thing, and if you let her take charge every once in a while, you may find that your confidence — and your relationship — has ascended to the next level.

And even though Leo may be seeking the affection or attention of others, what she really craves is stability — in love and life. The confidence is just a means to an end, and what better way to get the love and attention of others than to love and be confident in yourself.

For more about Leo astrology, including today’s Leo horoscope and today’s Leo love horoscope, keep it right here on Astrology Answers!

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