How to Stay Optimistic With Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

We all tend to be familiar with the ever-looming (and perhaps dreaded) existence of Mercury retrograde. But are you ready for its double-barreled transit through the Mutable sign of Gemini?

Gemini season itself, which starts on May 20th, places us firmly in its expressive and intellectual energy.

And finally, Mercury has been in Gemini since April 29th of this year, so we’re experiencing some of its effects thus far. Typically this transit sees smoother communication, but once Mercury retrogrades, we’ll surely see a change. In fact, you might already be feeling its effects due to the retrograde pre-shadow period.

So, you may have worked out a routine or flow that works for you with this Gemini energy. A retrograde, however, can spin things on its head, so we must understand its effects on this particular planet and sign.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what it all means and then determine what steps you might want to take to wrestle with this strange transit.

What is Mercury Retrograde in Gemini?

From May 10th to the 21st, we’ll be experiencing the effects of Mercury retrograde in Gemini — that’s right… almost a whole month, with heightened Gemini energy to boot.

On the 22nd, Mercury retrograde will enter into Earthy Taurus, where we might experience more stubbornness than usual. Energy might be stuck for a while.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is especially potent because Gemini is actually right at home with its ruling planet, Mercury. However, because of a retrograde signaling backward movement, the energy comes out… well, backward.

The typical strengths of Mercury in Gemini are subdued and internal in retrograde, turning its communicative, witty, and outgoing qualities upside-down.

Instead, exes may make a return (yes, this is kind of backward too), and you may feel more inclined to pick up a pen and paper to journal more than your phone to text. So, sure, the core elements of communication and thought we would expect with Mercury in Gemini are still present, but they may take a different form.

It may seem strange and uncomfortable, but it’s not actually all that bad.

When we know what to expect with a retrograde, we can know how to manage it properly — and possibly even take advantage of it.

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How to Stay Optimistic With Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Now that you’re familiar with what Mercury retrograde in Gemini is and what it might look like, you may be ready to note some strategies and attitudes that will make your retrograde experience much more smooth sailing.

Here are some strategies for navigating the tense parts of this transit period.

1. Creative Communication: Writing Galore & More

Having a hard time getting the words out verbally? Unfortunately, a side effect of Mercury retrograde is often that feeling of stunted communication.

Especially with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, we may have the impulse to share our thoughts but not actually have the words we need to do that. Rather than force yourself into uncomfortable communication, however, you can instead choose to roll with the internally-focused communicative energy.

What does that mean? It might look like creative writing or journaling or finding other creative communication methods within the arts.

You might have to think outside of the box when it comes to how this looks for you, but ultimately it is that creative spirit in the first place that’s important!

2. Digging Deep: Research & Discovery

The curious nature of Gemini often prompts us to ask big questions and embrace our intellectual side.

Rather than start up discussions with other people to find the answers, however, it might be worth it to put this energy towards contemplating those difficult questions on our own.

With Mercury retrograde, it’s not our intellectual impulses that are off-center here, but rather our inclination to find them in verbal discussion. So instead, crack open an interesting book or delve into untouched territory on the internet to find your answers.

Perhaps even some meditation and clearing of the mind may unexpectedly lead you to the inner peace you were looking for!

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3. Review: Tie Up Loose Ends!

A well-known and prominent theme of Mercury retrogrades is the grand return of an ex-love or even ex-friends and people that you just once knew.

Love it or hate it, this is true for Mercury retrograde in Gemini too. Our communicative impulses are ignited but backward. However, rather than be the one to ignite the old spark, it’s often more productive to reflect and review the facts.

Let yourself analyze these past situations and come to new conclusions. Mercury retrogrades are also great for self-reflection when it comes to past events, and Gemini’s analytical skills can be a great assistant in staying as objective as possible.

4. Caution: Double (or Triple) Check Yourself

Finally, one of the best ways to maintain your peace with Mercury retrograde in Gemini is to double and triple-check your boxes.

Rather than fly off the rails, it’s going to be infinitely more worth it to think very carefully before you speak and double and triple-check that to-do list, even if you’re super sure you don’t forget that important thing.

With a bit of extra caution and a whole lot of care, Mercury retrograde in Gemini may not only be manageable but can teach you a thing or two about your own ability to err on the safe side.

Master This Mercury Retrograde!

With the right attitudes and strategies under your belt and an informed awareness of what lies ahead, you can be sure to make this Mercury retrograde one for the books.

Of course, there are always other resources available to you to make the rocky cosmic seas more navigable. It’s always worth noting how each transit affects your natal chart placements, particularly for the most well-rounded perspective.

You can also always check your daily horoscope for guidance during this retrograde period or check up on our astrology calendar to make sure you’re up to date on the latest astrology news!

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