What’s Mercury Doing in February?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it also has a naturally fast orbit. That means its energy impacts us here on Earth pretty frequently. In February, it is moving through the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

It will also be making aspects with the outer planets of Jupiter and Saturn that you should take note of, too. I like to say that forewarned is forearmed, so here are some tips on how Mercury’s energy may impact you. Let’s take a closer look at what Mercury will be doing in February.

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We start the month with Mercury making a hard aspect—called an inconjunct or quincrux—to Jupiter. This could result in words being said in haste, truths being blurted out tactlessly, confidences broken, exaggerations and manipulation so that there’s only a grain of truth remaining.

Fortunately, this aspect is only going to last three or four days, and unless you’ve got other challenging transits in your personal astrology chart, there shouldn’t be any lasting damage done because of your words and actions during this time.

Mercury will make some minor angles, which won’t have any strong influence. The next biggie is when Mercury makes a hard aspect to the Moon’s North Nodes. Depending on how this falls in your own chart, this might create a lot of karma that you have to deal with later.

What’s interesting to me as an astrologer is that Mercury will make one handle of an astrological alignment called a yod, sometimes referred to as ‘the finger of God.’ The other planet involved is Venus, and they both point to the North Node of the Moon forming a Y-shaped aspect.

Even though this is going to be pertinent for those born in the first week of Virgo, the first week of Aquarius, and the first week of Aries, everyone should watch their words and actions and make sure that they’re kind. Karma—both positive and negative—may well be created here.

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 7th of February. Aquarius and Gemini, which is one of the two signs that Mercury rules (the other being Virgo) are both air signs. This means that Mercury is going to feel quite at home here during this transit!

Another interesting occurrence in February is the Jupiter in station (stop and turn) on the 6th, it starts its retrograde path back through Libra, another air sign. There will be some interesting alignments and some intriguing energies for the next few weeks!

Mercury is making a nice sextile to Venus on the 10th, because of the yod, which should help to smooth things over from around the 8th to the 12th. This lightens things up a bit, creating a relaxing and upbeat mood.

It’s a good time for socializing; just remember that there’s a good chance karma is created here, so don’t profess undying love for your Valentine if you’re not prepared to deal with the ensuing results from your words and actions!

The nest strong aspect comes after Valentine’s Day on the 16th when Mercury makes a positive angle to passionate Mars in the fire sign of Aries. If you were making headway with your lover this could be a very romantic holiday. Things could start to heat up!

Keep in mind that Mercury is in Aquarius, and that’s a sign of intellect and reason. You’ll have to watch your words, and get out of your head a bit if you want to really make the sparks fly.

There’s a lovely trine with Jupiter on the 22nd. Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, and that means that you’ll be focusing more on what pleases you, and what brings you happiness. The only caution is you have to make sure you don’t get selfish in the process!

With Mercury being the planet of communication, you’ll have plenty of time to make your desires known, but don’t negate the needs and wishes of others while you’re looking at your own motives.

There’s a tendency to get a bit lazy, to try to manipulate others to doing it for you. You’ll certainly have the gift of gab during this transit—which will influence things for about 3 days—especially if you’re a Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius!

There’s a nice sextile between Mercury and Saturn on the 23rd, lasting for around 3 days when Mercury enters Pisces on the 25th. Saturn doesn’t entertain foolishness or frivolity. Some people think Saturn transits are severe, but it’s been my experience that they’re only hard going if you’re not paying attention or prepared to pay your dues.

A Saturn transit will enable you to lay down some roots and make some plans. This planet acts as an anchor for your goals—but if you’re trying to cut corners, take shortcuts, or doing anything to avoid hard work; then Saturn will definitely feel more like a shackle.

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As the fastest moving planet in our solar system, Mercury’s movements are important and can impact you day to day and week to week. The planet of communication is doing a lot in February and now you’re prepared to face anything it has to bring your way.

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