Mercury’s Emotional Challenges and Dreams

The first week in July sees Mercury come into a rather demanding aspect with Saturn. At 150 degrees, there’s no getting around the fact that there’s just nothing in common here. They don’t share a sign or an element or a quality. This can make communication difficult, and bring some complications when it comes to making the most out of Mercury’s challenges and dreams. However, the trine with Neptune on July 5 can help to take the sting out of that. To understand how, though, you first need to know just what this energy is creating.

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Emotions are Running High

Mercury is in the sensitive sign of Cancer at the moment, bunched up with the sun, the moon and Venus. Emotions could be running high; things can be taken out of context, and it will be very easy for either you to unintentionally hurt someone with your words or be inadvertently hurt by what someone else says. In order to get through this, think before you speak, and try to lighten up when it comes to what others say. Where these fall in your astrology chart will determine just what area of your life is going to be affected the most. Look for the house that is ruled by Cancer in your natal chart to get an idea of how this will impact you.

Something else to bear in mind is that even though this is a very challenging aspect, it can actually bring you some favor. Saturn gets somewhat of a bad rap a lot of times because it can be such a disciplinarian. If you’ve been trying to cut corners, you might see this discipline as an obstacle or a setback. What Saturn is really doing, though, is asking you to examine your plans carefully. Think of it as playing the ‘devil’s advocate,’ showing you where you might need to rethink things, and throwing sand in the works so that you have to slow down and make sure everything is on track. The other side of Saturn’s discipline and control is security and stability. That puts things back into perspective and makes them worth the headache, yes?

Context is King

This aspect is really asking you to keep things in the right context, and to take stock of what you need to do in order to put your plans into action and get things accomplished. Mercury is a pretty fast-moving planet, so you’re not likely to feel any of this very intensely or for very long, but if you’re trying to get something off the ground or make progress with towards your goals, this is a great time for doing so.

Yes, this may seem contradictory; how can a challenging aspect be a time for progress? Well, it’s weeding out the trash from the treasure, and giving you a chance to show what you’re made of. Just watch your impulsiveness, and try not to be too critical of others — or of yourself. Patience is your friend this week, especially with Mars only just having turned direct in Scorpio!

Move Over, Mercury

Another reason that these few days have such potential is because as soon as Mercury starts to move out of Saturn’s way, it falls into a very nice aspect with Neptune, which is currently traveling at home through Pisces. Just as Saturn held you back and brought you challenges, Neptune can help you make the most of Mercury’s challenges and dreams by prompting new ideas and enhancing your creativity. There are some things that you need to be aware of, though. Neptune can be pretty nebulous. It can be hard to determine what’s a flight of fancy and what’s a spark of inspiration — which is why you need that dour Saturn energy, make sense?

Don’t expect this favorable aspect between Mercury and Neptune to be a walk in the park, either. While it’s a great time for new ideas and originality, it’s not the best time for anything that demands logic or reason. Don’t rush into something just because it feels good. Your best bet when it comes to making the most out of these insights is to exercise patience. Take all of these fanciful ideas and put them on a shelf for a few days, then go back to them and see if they still hold water.


Even though this comes right during a time when a lot of you will be celebrating and merrymaking, don’t let it get to you if you feel you need to retreat in order to just let your mind wander. You may even need some solitude after the challenging aspect with Saturn—and that’s okay. This is a great couple of days for working with Mercury’s challenges and dreams by indulging in some short-distance travel, or music, writing, reading; perhaps even some other form of art, like sketching or photography. Make at least some time in your routine for a bit of daydreaming. Who knows what great ideas you might come up with!

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