Are You Keeping Up With Your New Year’s Resolutions? Your Zodiac Sign Can Help You Stay on Track!

Well, here it is, mid-February already and millions of us have completely fallen off the wagon when it comes to those resolutions we made six weeks ago. Why is it so darned hard to stay on track? And why does it feel like only yesterday and not six whole weeks ago when we decided to change our lives forever with a New Year’s Resolution that didn’t last out the week?

Why Don’t We Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

The answer is simple, my friends, and it’s blowing in the February winds, just like it does every year. We are creatures of habit, all of us, and it feels like pulling teeth to try and change them.

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a new habit. A bit of research reveals that that works out about right if you are doing something simple, the harder the habit, the longer it will take to get to what psychologists call automaticity. Basically, this is when you are so used to doing something, your brain doesn’t have to work to do it – thus, forming a habit.

Unless you stuck to your resolution for a solid 21 days, it’s likely not going to stick. That’s just being human. By the time mid-February rolls around we’re going, “Resolutions? Oh right. That.” Guess that’s another year that hits the dust.

Not so fast.

There is that one part of you that also plays a role in whether or not you keep them, and that part is unique to you and how your zodiac sign deals with change to begin with. Knowing this secret will help you to make resolutions that are realistic for you, and that you will keep. When you do that, those resolutions aren’t called nagging resolutions anymore, they are called “life plans” and “goals.” You can make those any time of the year. Forget resolutions, hit the reboot button!

Let’s help you discover the secrets that will ensure your resolutions, or shall we say goals, become actual changes that bring your goals to life.


You’re the first sign of the zodiac and a Fire sign, to boot! By nature as a Cardinal sign, you’re very determined and like to lead. But – you aren’t known for your follow-through. If you want a real challenge, resolve yourself to finish the projects you start.

Do things task by task. This kind of dedication will take a lot out of you, so rather than being so eager to take on big tasks, promise yourself you’re going to complete just one new thing.

Choose something you’ve always wanted to try, something that interests you, and you’ll be more inclined to stick to it and see it through to the end.


You’re determined and have the Fixed qualities of the Earth signs. While some people may march forward with tunnel-vision, you’re more likely to dig your heels in deeper and refuse to move. You like your creature comforts and your home environment.

As a Fixed sign, what you don’t like is change. An easy resolution for you to keep would be to get out a little bit more and be less of a homebody. Seeing more of the world gives you a stronger taste for it, and will inspire changes you don’t find uncomfortable.

It doesn’t have to be too far from your natural surroundings, and it needn’t make you uncomfortable. Make a promise to go out to eat somewhere new once a month. You do enjoy your food, after all.


You’re a natural social butterfly, never staying in one place or with one crowd of people too long. You like witty conversation and the company of others. It would be too much to ask you to clip your wings. However, you could make a resolution to develop some tenacity. Practice motivation.

Your intellectual qualities make it easy and enjoyable for you to learn a new skill, research a new topic, or begin a new activity with different people. This will stimulate your intellect – something you enjoy – and it will give you all kinds of new things to talk about with others.

But you move on too quickly, and this could be interfering with your life plans. Try sticking something out. You’ll learn something and be excited about this new goal, and no longer consider it a “resolution” you need to force yourself to succumb to.


We know how much your home and family mean to you. You may get too cocooned in your comfort zone and wrapped up in other people’s minutiae. You have a tendency to smother others with your affection. A good resolution for you is to try to get a handle on your mood swings. You really do oscillate between all or nothing.

Learn your trigger points and respond to them with healthy activities and boundaries. When you feel yourself starting to plummet, have an activity you enjoy (a walk, a soak in the tub, whatever) where you can retreat until you’ve got a handle on your mindset.

Find resolutions that allow you to focus some of that love onto yourself. If you don’t have your own self-love routine yet, start one now. Find something that makes you feel good, is just about you and now how you take care of everyone around you. When you do that, you find that your resolutions just materialize, alongside your success.


Like your ruling planet, the Sun, you like to shine. You’re good at it, so there’s no reason to stop! Your generosity and magnanimous personality automatically draw others to you. You’re also a great leader and there’s no reason to step out of the spotlight once you find yourself in it. Try not to hog it so much once you’re there though and let others show their talents, too.

You could resolve to learn to share that space a bit and give others a chance to shine. If that seems hard, then put yourself in a position to elevate them, so you also get to share in any glory that they achieve. Uplifting those you care about in beautiful ways that only a Leo could pull off is one of your hidden talents. You will find those in your inner circle have an automatic way of sending it right back to you through love, work, and acclaim. All of your favourite things!

The only resolution you need to make is to love others the way you want to be loved, and success in every area follows you this year.


Picky, picky, picky! You’ve got a reputation for being critical, and you probably deserve it. Virgos do love to obsess over details and pay attention to minutiae. The Earth sign qualities of a Virgo mean you have the ability to take common sense and turn it into pragmatism. You’re never going to change who you are, so don’t try.

However, you can change your approach to how you do things, and this is a resolution you’ll be able to keep. That’s because as a Mutable sign, flexibility is your middle name. Literally.

Mixing it up a little bit is the only way you know how to do things, and is also the perfect kind of resolution to make. Because you’ll do it. Throw yourself into a complex activity, demanding focus and scrutiny. You’ll get your fastidious fix that way and it should help you relax more among others, rather than needing to constantly ‘fix’ their lives.


There’s no point asking you to resolve that you’ll make faster decisions this year – indecisiveness and hesitancy are just part of who you are. You might even have trouble choosing what resolution to make. You leave no facet unexplored and even then, you doubt whether you’ve made the right choice.

One area you need some help in is treating yourself, and this is also one of your biggest areas of indecision. You are so worth it, Libra. Never forget that! Being ruled by Venus means you HAVE to treat yourself more often than you do. Your inner grace and diplomacy will come out more often when you feel beautiful, and that’s a resolution in and of itself worth making.

An easy resolution to keep is to vow to indulge yourself, but only in things worth having. Exercise patience, use that hesitancy to your advantage, and only invest in things that are quality. You’ll feel more rewarded if you bypass instant gratification and wait for something of excellence.


Charismatic and full of mystery, you may indeed be the only person who knows what resolution you’re trying to keep this year. You’re definitely not an open book and that’s what draws people to you. As a Fixed sign, you care deeply and love passionately, although your temper gets the best of you when you’re backed into a corner.

You’re honest and can withstand a lot, but even you have your breaking point. Perhaps a suitable resolution for you is to recognize when you’re about to hit full boil; withdraw before you say something that cuts like a knife, causing irreparable damage to the relationship.

Resolve to find this out for yourself now, Scorpio. Just find the way to retreat with grace. Reward yourself when you do. That’s how you know you’ll keep coming back to this new habit.


You’ve got a naturally light-hearted approach to life. As a Mutable sign, you’re happy to go where life takes you. People love your company, and you revel in being admired by other people. Your innate charm fascinates them, and you tell good stories to keep them entertained.

However, some may feel your outgoing nature is flirtation, you sometimes do it without even meaning to. This has the potential to land you into trouble if you’re not looking to hook up with someone. A good resolution for you would be to observe other people a bit more, toning it down if you notice someone being a little too attentive.

Don’t be afraid to resolve to use more “feelings” words in sentences. Your sense of humour is off the chart legendary, but it could seem to others like you are brushing off serious things more often than they prefer. When a serious conversation comes up, save the comedy for the wrap-up. Until then, start your sentences with, “I feel like…” and take it from there. Handling sensitivities around you is a resolution you’ll be known to keep too, because you’ll get off on the rewards of how attractive you are to others when you stop to just “get them” for a minute.


You’ve probably made your resolutions categorized them, knowing exactly how to stick to them. As a Cardinal sign, you like to instigate and lead others – and that’s okay – you’re good at it! You don’t have to be the boss of everything and everyone, though. Give someone else the leeway to figure things out for themselves.

But are you doing this enough, Capricorn? As the bossy one of the zodiac, you have a tendency to think that you’re the only one that can do a job sometimes. That’s not exactly true, and don’t take that personally. Being able to delegate is a sign of a good leader. Every set of troops wants to feel they are respected by their leader as being capable of a job.

If you are trying to do it for them through micromanaging, it’s a sign you are not delegating enough. Do that at home with the kids, and respect them by showing them you think they can handle it. And hand over the reins more in your personal life. It’s a tough pill for you, but you will win more when you do it.

The good news is your willpower and tenacity will lead you to success, so choose the promise you make to yourself wisely.


Of all the zodiac signs, resolutions are probably going to be the hardest for you. You’re an intelligent and practical Air sign, but commitment just isn’t your thing until you’re 100% sure of it. For you, rules were made to be broken – the minute someone tells you not to do something, you’ll do it, because you can.

To be told what resolutions you need to make is the wrong strategy for you as well. That’s the last thing you need. If we want you to do something, asking you to do it or even suggesting it, is not the best approach.

That’s because your freedom loving gene is always calling. Honouring that part of you is the best and most successful resolution for you to make.

The easiest promise for you to stick to involves pushing the boundaries and trying new things. The more quirky it is, the better chance you’ll have in sticking to it. Perhaps it’s the time to vow to change jobs, move houses, or anything that’s different and disruptive in a positive way. Roam, baby, roam.


You’re the wateriest of the Water signs and this makes you very changeable! You embody the spirit of both the Water signs and the Mutable signs. Flexible is your middle name, and you fill whatever vessel you are in.

You live in a dream world, always longing for something different, and usually just out of reach. You’d rather daydream about them instead because that’s safer than trying and failing. It’s hard for you to apply the necessary determination to your goals.

Blending with the environment then is something you prefer to do. You can find a way to do this and win in life as well though.

Resolutions are hard for you because you’re really not interested in the material side of life as long as you’re comfortable. You’re usually easygoing, but when you do lose your temper you’re a turbulent and angry storm. The best resolution for you is to throw yourself into a creative pursuit and release your emotions there. Try a new creative outlet this year, Pisces, and see where it takes you. You will amaze yourself with how far you can soar.


At the end of the day, we can all achieve anything we set our minds to, regardless of our signs. It sounds trite, but it’s the truth – you won’t make a significant change unless you stay focused, motivated, and in the game until you have completed your task.

Remember too that it can take multiple times to form a new habit! There is a saying, “Anything worth having is worth having is worth waiting for.” Part of the goal is to prove to yourself that you can do it! If you mess up, eat an entire bag of old Halloween candy or blow a whole paycheck on a set of goats, it doesn’t matter. Get right back up on that horse the next day and re-commit.

You can do it! You are not alone either – if everyone is making resolutions, who are those who are seeing real progress, and how can you learn from them?

Tell us about your resolutions and how you are managing to stick to them – or why you are struggling. And, tell us what resolutions you are beginning now! Resolve to improve and resolve to succeed, and use the magic of your zodiac sign to help you get there. How are you planning on doing that?

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