Introduction to Numerology: Number 33

In recent articles, we looked at the interpretations of the numbers from 1-9 and the master numbers of 11 and 22. There’s some question as to whether 33 is actually a master number or not, and the answer depends on which numerologist you consult. Some say that all repeated numbers – 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 – should be considered as master numbers. Others follow the more traditional approach and suggest that only 11 and 22 are really master numbers. There are even some numerologists who only use the single digits! As with anything, there’s no one right way to do things. 33 as a master number is incredibly rare (which makes those seeking attention all the more prone to trying to make it work in their numbers) but it is worth considering, even for the novelty value.

What Does 33 Represent?

It’s extremely rare for 33 to be a life path number. There’s also some debate as to whether 33 is actually a master number or not. It depends on which numerologist you consult – some say that all repeated numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55 ) should be considered master numbers. Other numerologists follow a more traditional approach and believe only 11 and 22 are the true master numbers.

The number 33 is dubbed ‘the master teacher.’ It can be a very hard taskmaster indeed, because it is a complex combination of the energies of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 (3 + 3 = 6; 3 x 3 = 9). One way of looking at 33 is to consider that along with 11 and 22 it makes up a triangle of energy, not unlike the primal triad in astrology. It’s unlikely you’ll have all three in your own numerology report like you would in your birth chart, though. However, to better understand 33 it’s wise to take a look at the master numbers individually in our other articles (as it combines both master numbers (11 + 22 = 33).

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Characteristics of a 33

You excel in positions of responsibility because you are dependable, hardworking, and productive. You will dive in where angels dare to tread. Although, you won’t act in haste. You will get all the facts and dispel any illusion or untruth. These traits serve you well in the workplace and you are the ‘go-to person’ when your co-workers need someone they can count on. You’re able to transcend ego and focus solely on humanitarian concerns, your compassion shines through.

You enjoy conveying practical knowledge to people and you desire to use your time to build something of lasting value that will help people live a better life. You value idealism, understanding, and truth. These qualities will make you go above and beyond reason and into the realm of making what seems impossible possible. You might succeed in these careers: teacher or university professor, social worker, humanitarian aid worker, hospitality management, or coach.

You are loyal and stable. You will turn out to be trustworthy and faithful in romantic relationships. You also have the ability to eloquently communicate your needs and passions to others. You lead by example. You inspire and encourage others to find and follow their own truth and live up to their full potential. It comes as naturally as breathing. You have high expectations of your friends and loved ones and they might have said that they want to be a better person because of you.

Challenges for a 33

Although you have so many wonderful qualities, you have some character flaws that you will need to keep in check. You tend to be idealistic to the point to impracticality. When 33 appears in your chart there’s a lack of agenda, there’s no personal plan or schedule. You might need to work on grounding some of your bigger dreams and your plans to save the world to avoid becoming irresponsible.

Try to avoid being self-righteous. You have a lot of integrity and desire to help others and if you flaunt this too much, you will come across as self-absorbed and egotistical. You will also need to tone down your tendency to be a perfectionist and critical thoughts. It can make you come across as belligerent and very demanding to other people. Be kind to yourself and forgive your own mistakes, and those of others, to have more healthy and peaceful relationships.

You’re charitable and philanthropic and could well be a spiritual leader. You want to make the world a better place for all of humanity and Earth’s animals. You may feel called to take a position of leadership, to teach, heal, or make changes at a deep and profound level. You’re understanding, merciful, and compassionate. You have a duty to share that kindness with everyone your life touches. If you have any fault, it is that you may not be completely selfless. Any tendency towards arrogance or self-importance needs to be extinguished immediately.

You’re likely to feel pulled in different directions, often simultaneously. You’re struggling to find yourself, yet you feel that you have the intuition to know who you really are. You seem to fit in nowhere, yet also everywhere. It’s hard for you to be taken seriously, yet many seem to look up to you and appreciate your kindness. Sometimes this number signifies that you were powerful and egocentric in previous lifetimes, perhaps even had a deluded opinion of yourself. It’s time to redress the balance and put your life back into perspective.

You have a calling to try to make the world a more peaceful and benevolent place to live. You have extremely high standards and you have big dreams. You have the ability to influence many people and situations to get these goals to unfold as well. Politics, spiritual leadership, or other roles of significance will appeal to you. You’ll need to make sure that your motives are pure when entering these roles. Also, try to keep your tendency to be overly enamored with yourself in check.

If the number 33 applies to you, then you are a master teacher. You impart knowledge without even knowing it. People are naturally drawn to your unique style and your charismatic energy. You’re patient and self-sacrificing. You have to ensure that you’re doing so out of love and selflessness, rather than for your own personal gain. Too much adoration will go to your head, and you should take steps to ensure you stay humble in your role as the guiding light for others.

Note: There is no hidden passion or personal year number for master number 33.

Similarly to other master numbers, 33 doesn’t have a personal year number or a hidden passion number. It won’t come up as a birth number either (because there are only 31 days in the longest months). It also won’t come up as a dominant letter in your name (because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet). 33 is only noteworthy if it is a life path, heart’s desire, or strong core number. In any other position, 33 is reduced down to 6 and ceases to be relevant as a master number in your reading.

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