All About Pisces Rising in Esoteric Astrology

The Rising sign of Pisces is one of the most beautiful and mysterious rising signs of the zodiac in esoteric astrology; it is also one of the rarest.

As we move forward from Aquarius Rising, where the soul learned to use both intellect and compassion in equal measure for humanity’s betterment, we reach the Mutable Rising sign of Pisces, represented by the fish.

Pisces is associated with several things: compassion, suffering, escapism, illusion, and Universal love.

Having traveled from the first sign, Aries, through the other eleven signs, the final sign of Pisces embodies all of the qualities and experiences of the zodiac in one, culminating in the ultimate soul lesson.

The lesson of Pisces Rising is to understand how our perception creates reality. In doing so, we can generate our own perception, which can create the reality we dream of – one that serves humanity and the world.

As such, Pisces Rising travels the emotional watery depths like no other sign. In fact, with no other sign, is it more important to understand the connection between heart and mind than in Pisces.

For it is in Pisces that the highest form of love and compassion can thrive.

Venus, for example, is exalted in Pisces. This is the planet of love, and she can best express herself in Pisces, which is the epitome of unconditional love.

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A Burden For Pisces

The task of Pisces Rising is an enormous one. It is the sign that transcends the material to the spiritual and, at its best, promotes love and harmony to the rest of humanity.

Such a daunting task does not come without repercussions. This is why Pisces is associated with escapism. Sometimes, it all gets a little too much, and Pisces Rising will seek to escape in the form of their own fantasies or even vices.

Anyone familiar with the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle will better understand the role of Pisces Rising.

It is the ability to delve so deep within the spiritual waters that you come to realize there is no such thing as reality other than the reality you create for yourself. You come to realize there is no such thing as “I” and that “I” is simply an illusion.

Pisces Rising is also known as the “Light of the World,” which is the light to end all darkness.

Pisces Rising is similar to Scorpio Rising because the ruler of Pisces Rising is Pluto (Scorpio’s traditional ruler), and both signs must understand the concepts of transformation and death. They differ because Scorpio Rising’s life is often fraught with danger, destruction, and devastation on an internal level. At the same time, Pisces Rising operates with a greater understanding of the light and less conflict.

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What Ray is Pisces Functioning On?

Pisces Rising functions on the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom and the Sixth Ray of Devotion. Through these rays, Pisces can transform into the very best of itself – through love and wisdom and devotion to others.

When these rays merge as one, Pisces Rising feels a desire to devote himself or herself entirely to love and wisdom, becoming a healer for all of humanity.

The Soul Purpose of Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising is here to understand themselves at a deeper level and become one with their true nature. Learning to distinguish between the illusion of “I” and the actual truth of their being is an ongoing lesson that Pisces Rising experiences in their lives.

By learning to drop the illusion of Self and harnessing the love, compassion, and goodness within them, they can become a healer and beacon of light for humankind.

It is their role to remember who they are so that others can follow their light as an example. This can take a lot of trial and error for Pisces Rising, but once they remember who they are, their light drives out all darkness.

How Do You Spot a Pisces Rising?

two girls in funky outfits smiling

Pisces Rising tends to have this dreamy sort of beauty to them. These people will often appear to be “floating” through life, and they tend to have a rather ethereal, magnetic quality to them.

So what other characteristics do they have?


This Mutable Water sign is very creative, and it shows.

Pisces Rising are often writers, artists, poets, and actors. They are more connected to the collective unconscious than most of us, and one of the ways they express themselves is through their powerful creativity.


Pisces Rising is very compassionate.

They feel everything, including the suffering of others. Pisces Rising will often be moved to tears hearing about a sad news story or watching a tragedy on TV. Their strong compassion often leads to escapism methods, as sometimes it can get too much for this sensitive sign.

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Pisces Rising often comes across as shy to others. They can appear rather doe-eyed and often look as though they are in contemplative thought, which they usually are!

Escapist Tendencies

The tendency towards escapism is something that Pisces Rising must often wrestle with.

As this sign has a powerful innate understanding of their inner world, they often feel that they don’t belong in the physical one. As such, they may turn to forms of escapism to help them get out of it.

The challenge for a Pisces Rising is to remember that they were put in their world for a reason, and finding that balance is part of their soul lesson.

Chameleon Like

A Pisces Rising is often a master at being a chameleon.

They can adapt to whoever they are with and whatever surroundings they are in. This is partly due to their acute sensitivity, which enables them to morph according to their surroundings.

This can make it tricky for Pisces Rising to “know who they truly are,” and indeed, many do struggle with knowing who they really are because of it.

Are You a Pisces Rising?

Pisces Rising is the final destination for the soul’s journey. It is the last stop the soul must make in order to complete its twelve-sign cycle before doing it all over again in Aries.

In Pisces Rising, the soul learns the true meaning of unconditional love and how to merge it with a world that is often fraught with sadness, cruelty, and destruction. It is through the light of Pisces Rising that the world is able to heal.

Where in Scorpio Rising the lesson was to transform darkness into light, it is in Pisces Rising that the light is able to vanquish the darkness.

If you are a Pisces Rising you are here to guide humanity to a place of love and compassion for all living beings and for the world. Your role is the embodiment of the soul itself and it is in your hands that mankind will finally realize that the light which exists in all of us is the only thing we truly need.

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