Saturn is Moving Into Pisces – Here’s Exactly What This Wild Transit Means

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Karmic planet Saturn is moving into Pisces on March 7th, 2023, and it’s going to be in and out of this zodiac sign for almost three years! This is huge energy for big changes as Saturn exits unconventional, change-oriented Aquarius and tours spiritual, quiet Pisces.

Everything is shifting in a massive way right now. As quiet as Pisces may be, this isn’t a quiet time at all!

In many ways, we’re embarking on a whole new chapter in our lives right now, and this can be exciting but also kind of scary. Never fear. Astrology always has some answers for you.

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About Saturn in Astrology

Saturn is one of the social planets (along with Jupiter) and spends about 2 – 3 years in each zodiac sign. Saturn is known as the teacher in astrology, the one who has lessons for us that we have to learn.

Your individual lessons are found via the placement of Saturn in your natal chart (sign, house, and aspects). These are the lessons you and you alone need to learn, and this may be learned the hard way.

Saturn can bring lessons for all of us, the entire world, the whole human race. We can feel this broadly, which can be profound for us all.

The sign Saturn is touring shows where these lessons are focused. Whatever the sign rules are where Saturn challenges us to do and be better.

Saturn is called the Lord of Karma since its purpose is to teach us lessons, often hard ones. These are lessons that our souls may have decided on before incarnating or that connect to our early life baggage.

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About Pisces in Astrology

Pisces is a Water sign (along with Cancer and Scorpio), meaning Pisces is connected to emotions. Pisces is also a Mutable sign (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), which means Pisces is adaptable.

The combo of Water and Mutable makes Pisces the most flexible of all of the zodiac signs. Pisces is the go-with-the-flow sign; no surprise, it links to water itself.

The natural ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune, the planet of illusion, imagination, and spirituality. This makes Pisces a highly spiritual, intuitive sign, as well as highly creative as ruler of the arts.

Pisces connects with the 12th house, which is the house of the hidden. Neptune is foggy, so Pisces can get caught up in what’s obscured from our view, and we need to work hard to connect to reality and the present moment.

Pisces is also the sign ruler of karma, the past, baggage, and our subconscious mind. It’s a deep sign, but one that often doesn’t get too wrapped up in the serious and intense.

Pisces is also the very last sign in the zodiac, which means it rules endings. Pisces is comfortable with letting go and moving on, releasing, and completing.

About Saturn in Pisces

So, let’s connect the energy of Saturn with the energy of Pisces.

Right off the bat, the very first thing we need to know is that Saturn in Pisces is going to kick up a lot of karmic baggage from our early lives and past lives, and we may want to run from this, but it’s important to stay on it.

Saturn wants us to learn; if we run, that angers Saturn, making Saturn go much harder on us. With Saturn in Pisces, we must stay put and face the past, our baggage, and our karma.

This can be deeply uncomfortable and likely stirs subconscious issues that we’d rather avoid. It can be very emotional and feel like we’re being punished (and maybe we are, but for a good reason with Saturn).

Saturn wants us to always do the right thing for the right reasons, which means we need to stick with it, endure the challenges, and force ourselves to learn. What have we been doing wrong, what have we been lying to ourselves about, what haven’t we wanted to let go of?

Some of this may be done in a quiet way thanks to the quiet nature of Pisces, but it still has a major impact on us as individuals and the world at large. We have collective karma to work through, and Saturn is knocking on the door.

This is also the end of a cycle, with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, and we can see many endings coming over the next three years. We’re finishing and clearing things out, which can free us up in many ways.

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Saturn in Pisces for the Zodiac Signs


Saturn in Pisces can be a quiet time for reflection and deep introspection, Aries. This is a big period for you to take time to yourself, and work on understanding what has already come to pass, your part in it, what you need to release, and what you can do better.

It can be a heavy period, but you’re likely not going to show this much or share it with many people. You can sense that this is your road to go down, and yours alone.

This can be an excellent period for things like therapy, shadow work, and other ways to get into your subconscious and discover what’s been hidden from you. Profound revelations and realizations may come regularly, which can help you in many ways.

If you can be honest with yourself and get out of your own way, this can be a very empowering period where you feel you have less weighing you down as you keep releasing and letting go. It may be scary at first, but you can see the good in it as you go along

You may also need to address boundaries and how you’ve let others trample all over them. Work to have healthier boundaries, and this can prevent new baggage from coming around quickly.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Aries:

  • How to release the past
  • What baggage you’re holding, why, and what to do about it
  • What intuitive blocks you have, and removing them
  • Your relationship with yourself and being comfortable alone
  • How you stand in your own way, and how to stop
  • Developing healthy boundaries and how important they are


Saturn in Pisces may prompt you to give more attention to your dreams for your future, Taurus. You may become aware of how much you want to make these dreams a reality in a tangible way, and you can feel pushed to do so.

Challenges that stand in your way may arise, or existing ones may grow bigger, and this is to rest your resolve and dedication. If you can get through them, you can make a clear path to getting what you want.

You may need to dig into subconscious issues, past baggage, and karmic patterns to move blocks, which can be uncomfortable to do. You can learn a great deal from it, though, and you can move forward with greater confidence.

There may also be issues around being true to your unique, individual self that has to be addressed during this period, and you have to figure out where the discomfort with this comes from and why you’ve been holding on to it for so long.

A healthy attitude toward change can also be worked on, and you can feel more willing to make significant changes. You need to work on these changes smartly, though, and be ready to have patience.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Taurus:

  • How to be realistic about the future without being pessimistic
  • How connected you are to your dreams, your motivations behind them, and what blocks you have with them
  • Your attitude toward change and how to make this healthy
  • Your individuality and ability to be true to yourself
  • Issues with friendships, old and new, and how to have more beneficial connections
  • Your causes and how to champion them


Saturn in Pisces can be a fantastic period for you if you’ve done things the right way and for the right reasons, Gemini. If you have, you can experience significant highs, especially at the start of this transit, and you can get recognition, achieve success, and make great progress quickly.

If you haven’t done things the right way and for the right reasons, Saturn in Pisces can do the opposite for you, and you can experience major setbacks, delays, blocks, or outright failure. Saturn wants you to do things right, always, so it will punish you when you don’t.

This isn’t permanent, though, or at least it doesn’t have to be. If you can start doing things the way Saturn wants and get clear about what you’re doing, you can turn this around eventually and see rewards at the end of this transit.

You may also feel that you hit you have time now to release something big, something that has been weighing you down for some time, and this can be freeing, yet also may leave you wondering what comes next. 

Work on connecting to your intuition, and see where it guides you. This may take some time, but you can find an answer eventually.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Gemini:

  • Where you’re doing things right and why this is important for you to maintain
  • Where you’re doing things wrong and how to change this
  • Your approach to responsibilities and how to manage them properly
  • Your ability to lead and becoming comfortable being in a position of authority
  • Your public image, what’s shaped this, and how to make it true to who you really are
  • How hard you are on yourself for perceived failures and how to learn from failure


Saturn in Pisces can be less challenging for you than for others, Cancer, because it’s not stimulating such difficult areas for you. Saturn in Aquarius was likely very hard, so Saturn in Pisces can be a breath of fresh air!

Saturn in Pisces can make you focus on your beliefs, and if you connect with them well in a healthy way, and they align with who you currently are, you can become more committed to them and integrate them more fully into your life.

If you don’t connect with them well, or do so in an unhealthy way, or they don’t align with who you are now, you may have to shift your beliefs. Some may crap them completely, while others may need to just make some tweaks. 

Having healthy, solid beliefs can help you feel more confident and secure, and this can help you with pursuing opportunities and open up to what’s possible. If you feel limited, there is likely a block related to your beliefs you need to address.

Optimism may be tempered, and you can focus on having a healthy dose of realism with your optimism. If you can get all of this right, you can set yourself up for major success at the end of this transit.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Cancer:

  • Gauging your beliefs, how healthy are they, where they come from, and are they true to you now
  • Balancing optimism with realism and what may have stood in the way of that so far
  • Blocks to expansion and new experiences, where they come from, and how to remove them
  • What’s stopping you from exploring, why, and what to do about it
  • Whether or not you have a good handle on the big picture and how to have a healthy view of it
  • Whether or not you let yourself think big and bright, and how to do this in a healthy way


Saturn in Pisces can be quite challenging for you, Leo. It’s stimulating a difficult area for you, one that houses your deepest fears, traumas, and demons. This is an area we tend to run from, and we shove away everything we don’t want to face.

Saturn doesn’t approve of this, so Saturn in Pisces can bring a lot of this out, forcing you to face it. This can be terrifying, but you have to make yourself see things for what they are and be willing to dig beneath the surface.

There is so much you can learn from this period, but it can come with such discomfort, intense emotions, and old wounds being picked open that it’s difficult to see that on the surface. You need to get below the surface, beyond the superficial issues, to what’s lurking underneath and calls for understanding.

This can eventually lead to solving problems that you maybe never thought you would, and you can feel so much more empowered as a result. You can let go of things that have weighed you down too much and have more understanding of yourself, others, and the past.

This is a transit that can strengthen you in profound ways if you’re willing to do the hard work. A massive transformation awaits you, and it’s up to you to make it happen.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Leo:

  • What your greatest fears are, where they come from, and how to face them and let them go
  • What your inner demons are, where they come from, and how to face them and either come to an understanding or let them go
  • What your greatest traumas are, where they come from, what you’ve learned so far, and what you have yet to address to move forward
  • What you run away from, why you run, and how you can face it now
  • What you hold deep inside that is bottled up, and how to release this in a healthy way
  • Where your power was taken away, why you haven’t gotten it back, and how to get control
  • What you can transform for the better


Saturn in Pisces puts Pisces in the area of relationships for you, Virgo, so this brings attention to your connections with the people in your life. You likely need to take a hard look at your relationships, partnerships, alliances, and cooperation and determine which are going well and which need some help.

The relationships and connections that aren’t working well, that aren’t healthy, or that you’ve outgrown can get put under the greatest pressure, and it’s common to see relationships come to an end now. This may seem upsetting initially, but the relationship likely falls into one of those three categories, so it’s best for you in the end.

If they don’t end, this gives you the chance to work on improving, but you need to keep in mind that this goes both ways. If the other person isn’t willing to work with you, then this may be a lesson in letting go.

Relationships and connections that are healthy and benefit your life can grow stronger during this transit. It’s common to see many pushing forward romantic relationships, entering into engagements and marriages, or some other form of commitment. You can feel extra committed to these healthy connections and want to be there for them.

Saturn in Pisces may also highlight areas of imbalance, and you likely need to work on striking a better balance overall in your life. This can help you feel more secure and stable.

Potential Lessons with Saturn in Pisces for Virgo:

  • What a healthy relationship is, whether any of your relationships fit that bill, and how to have more of them
  • What connections you need to let go of and learning to not allow others to walk all over you because you can’t let go
  • Working on blocks to commitment, where they come from, and how to be more committed
  • Working on blocks to being balanced, where they come from, and how to improve balance
  • Addressing causes of chaos, blocks to harmony, and how to create a more harmonious life

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Saturn in Pisces can focus on your work life, daily life, and health, Libra. If you hate the work you do already, this can be the most obvious impact, and you hate it so much more that you might reach a breaking point.

Many either walk away from jobs during this transit or lose their jobs, thanks to Saturn. If you lack passion for what you do, you likely need to find a way to get some passion or try to do something else that you are passionate about.

If you’re bored in your daily life, this can demand more passion from you as well. Having more passion regularly is requisite for this transit, and if you’re void of that, Saturn can challenge you to find it.

This doesn’t have to be a big passion and can instead be found in small ways that you can come back to time and again on a regular basis. This can help you feel more connected to your life, and you can get more control.

Your health can be impacted, especially as a result of stress or unhealthy habits. It’s a great time to become healthier in little ways. Managing stress in a healthy way is usually the key, though.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Libra:

  • How passionate are you about your work, and if you lack passion, why do you and how can you get it
  • How passionate are you about your daily life, and if you lack passion, why do you and how can you get it
  • How well you manage your work, tasks, and chores; do you take on too much and need to work on saying no, or do you take on too little and need to be more responsible
  • How well do you manage stress, and how can you get healthier with your coping mechanisms
  • How well do you treat your body, and how you can do better


Saturn in Pisces focuses on your heart, Scorpio. It lights up love for you and focuses on the good and the bad.

Any love issues, past love traumas, blocks to love, and love baggage (this life and past lives) can come out. If you run from love, this likely has to be addressed; if you cling too much to love, this has to be addressed as well.

Healthy love becomes very important for you, and Saturn challenges you to learn what this is supposed to look like and where you may have gone wrong so far. You have to learn from the bad past experiences and work to be better now.

Love relationships that are already healthy can grow, and you can become much more committed to them. You may want to show this in a tangible way and take steps like getting married. 

Inspiration may get zapped, and you may feel you have less time for fun and joy as work and responsibilities pile on. This is likely because you haven’t struck a balance between work and play or have been relying on a crutch for inspiration and need to work on this.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Scorpio:

  • What is healthy love, and how to create this in your life
  • How to be respectful in love with others and to have boundaries that protect yourself in healthy ways
  • Facing old love issues and traumas, understanding them, and moving forward
  • Balancing work and play, where imbalance has come from, and how to do better
  • How to be productive with your creativity and use it to your advantage


Saturn in Pisces focuses on your home, family, and foundation, Sagittarius. This means any home and family issues you have can get triggered, and Saturn wants you to face them and work through them.

This can be deeply emotional, and you may be triggered emotionally in many ways and feel insecure and uncertain. Finding healthy ways to cope can be something you need to learn if that’s the case.

What home and family mean to you become an important definition you need to be certain about. This is different for everyone, though what’s healthy is the same (respect, trust, boundaries, dependability, etc.).

Saturn in Pisces also stimulates your core and your internal foundation, and if this is shaky, Saturn wants you to work on strengthening it. This usually means working on emotional issues that you’ve run from thus far and being more understanding of yourself and others.

You may need to work on better addressing your emotional needs, as well as being more nurturing and supportive of others and yourself. This can help you feel more confident and secure, and you can build something solid from the ground up, starting with this transit that culminates in another 15 years or so.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Sagittarius: 

  • What home and family look like for you and how to create this or strengthen them now
  • Home and family traumas (especially early life), and understanding what happened and how to let yourself move forward
  • How to have healthy coping strategies for emotional situations
  • The state of your internal foundation and how to strengthen your core
  • How comfortable are you with starting from the bottom, and what you can start now


Saturn in Pisces focuses on your mind, Capricorn. Saturn wants you to have a more disciplined mind, to clear out the clutter and mental junk, and to have a mind that is free and clear to work to its best.

This may mean working through blocks and issues that have hindered you from being able to focus and finding ways of getting better focus. You may need to work on nurturing your mind and supporting your own ideas without needing validation from others.

There can be issues around how you take care of your mind that needs to be addressed, and it can be important to maintain good mental health. Saturn can make you prone to pessimism, but this may not actually be fully realistic.

You can get specific with your focus, and you can feel more connected to the ideas and plans you dedicate yourself to. It can be easier to put together the big and little pictures, and you can strive to be as objective as possible.

You may be quieter than usual during this transit, keeping more of your opinions to yourself and opting only to speak up when you really believe in what you’re saying. This can be a helpful thing if you’re normally someone who talks too much, but it may be a challenge if you normally hold back.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Capricorn: 

  • What mental issues or blocks do you need to address, and how to do so in a healthy way
  • What is causing a lack of focus, and how to improve this
  • How well do you take care of your mind, how much do you rely on others for validation of ideas/plans, and how you can nurture your mind better
  • Learning good mental health care
  • Balancing when to be quiet and when to be loud


Saturn in Pisces can feel like some of the pressure on your lifts since this means Saturn leaves your sign, Aquarius. You’ve been under the intense scrutiny of Saturn for the last few years, and Saturn moving to a new sign can be a welcome change for you.

Hopefully, you spent the last few years working through issues, eliminating baggage, and taking on responsibilities well. You can go into this Saturn in Pisces transit ready to improve stability and security and slow things down.

Blocks to stability and security can be addressed, and you can focus on areas that have been chaotic or felt out of your control and make improvements. You can be patient with this and work slowly.

What you value and find worthy can also be important during this transit, and if your values no longer align with who you are, you can struggle with them and need to make changes. Your confidence levels may also be impacted during Saturn in Pisces, and you can work on old issues and baggage that have impacted your self-esteem and self-worth.

Saturn in Pisces can also impact your finances and resources, and you may feel like you don’t have enough even when you do. This is a time for major saving and streamlining to set yourself up for later.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Aquarius: 

  • Blocks to stability and security, where they come from, and how to remove them
  • Blocks to slowing down, where they come from, and how to be more present
  • Issues with your values, where they come from, and how to align with what you value or scrap them and have new values
  • Blocks to confidence, where they come from, and how to improve your confidence levels
  • Money issues (including money outlooks and karmic patterns), where they come from, and how to understand them or let them go


Saturn in Pisces brings Saturn to your sign, Pisces, and Saturn will spend the next 3 years or so in your zodiac sign. When Saturn tours your sign, this is traditionally a time when you feel the weight of your responsibilities, your baggage, and what you’ve done so far in your life, and you have to get realistic and work to improve and become more Saturn-like.

Any aspect of your life where you haven’t been doing things the right way and for the right reasons can start to unravel. You may feel like you’re trying to put out a lot of fires at once, or you put one out, and then another pops up, and it just keeps going if you’ve been especially irresponsible or reckless.

Saturn cannot stand it when we’re being irresponsible, inconsiderate, reckless, immature, or just plain dumb, so anywhere any of that has been the case, you likely need to work on improving right away to avoid some of the more major negative impacts of Saturn in Pisces.

On the flip side, you may see more progress in life where you have been smart, ethical, and passionate, and this may lead to more responsibilities being placed upon you. That may seem like a lot, but Saturn believes you can handle it, given how well you’ve done.

This transit can also target you physically, so you need to be mindful of your health and take proper care of yourself as best as possible. Also, make sure you have healthy outlets for stress and make room for breaks in your schedule and routine to avoid getting overwhelmed and burnout.

Potential Lessons With Saturn in Pisces for Pisces:

  • Focusing on anything you haven’t done the right way and for the right reasons, understanding why you haven’t, and planning how to do it differently going forward
  • Looking at areas where you’ve been reckless, irresponsible, unethical, inconsiderate, or immature, figuring out why, and working on improving this
  • Managing responsibilities in a healthy way
  • Learning how to do your homework, be ethical, and be productive with passion
  • Having healthy outlets for stress
  • Giving yourself breaks

Good luck with Saturn in Pisces!

Saturn is in Pisces on and off until February 13, 2026, so we have a good chunk of time to work on our Saturn lessons with this transit. Don’t feel like you have to get it right out of the gates. Give yourself some time and patience.

Saturn will let you know where you need to focus first if you’re uncertain. Saturn isn’t shy, so it’ll be clear very soon!

No matter what, make sure to manifest the energy of Saturn as much as you can in your life: be smart, do homework, be ethical, be considerate, be mature, be responsible, be disciplined, and be practical.

If you can do that all the time, you can be in good shape no matter what Saturn does, and this transit can be a decent one for you.

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