All About Scorpio Rising in Esoteric Astrology

As we delve deeper into Esoteric Astrology (or Soul Astrology, as it is also known), we explore the enigmatic and mysterious sign of Scorpio.

Some astrologers believe that a soul that chooses to incarnate as Scorpio rising has chosen one of the most difficult soul paths. Others believe that Scorpio Rising is the only Rising sign that can transform an individual’s entire destiny, such as the tremendous power of this sign.

But why is this? What is it about the Scorpio Ascendant that makes it such a difficult and challenging sign?

Let’s discuss Scorpio Rising as it relates to Esoteric Astrology.

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The Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict

All of the Rising signs in Soul Astrology are represented by one of the Seven Rays. Each of these rays is like the “blueprint” for the soul, determining each soul’s general purpose when it incarnates on Earth.

Scorpio Rising is represented by the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict.

This is a difficult ray that forces Scorpio Rising to face the darkness within themselves. In essence, it is seeking peace through war. Imagine crawling through a tunnel filled with monsters, poisonous plants, rats, and spikes that threaten to pierce your skin.

You crawl through this tunnel for years, until one day you come to the light at the end of it. You are not without your scratches and wounds from the spikes, nor bites from the rats, or scars from battles with the monsters; but you have found your way into the light and, what’s more, during your time in the tunnel, you have learned a lot about the monsters and other dangers which you can now take with you into the light, knowledge which might be able to assist others who are going through their own traumatic tunnel journey.

That is the life of the Scorpio Rising.

Hence, you will very rarely come across someone with this ascendant who has had an easy life. The Fourth Ray embodies the shadow side, the dark aspects of ourselves, which may be hidden or taboo, which generate intense negative emotions or situations. Such emotions include jealousy, anger, depression, pride, envy, vindictiveness, and so forth.

Scorpio is also the sign representing the genitalia area of the human body and is therefore associated with sex. For a Scorpio Rising, challenges presented in the sexual dimension can include taboos that the individual may have to wrestle with.

No matter what the emotion or situation may be, the goal of Scorpio Rising is to face the darkness within, acknowledge it, understand it, and then ultimately transform it. Once they have achieved this, they can face the darkness in others and across the wider world, bringing it into the open and then transforming it into the light.

What Are the Qualities of Scorpio Rising?


Scorpio Rising share the same qualities as Scorpio Sun, but they will be more apparent to the observer because the Rising sign is the image we show to the world. It governs our appearance, how we come across, how we react to things, and it is essentially the mask we show to others.

In Soul Astrology, however, the Rising sign is not just the mask but also the embodiment of the soul.

So what are some of the qualities of a Scorpio Rising?

An Interest in the Occult, Sex & Death

Scorpio Rising will naturally be interested in all the things that dwell within the 8th house, the sign that Scorpio rules over. There may be an interest in magic and the occult, a fascination with sex, and a desire to investigate further; there may also be a strong preoccupation with death.

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Extremely Intense

Scorpio Rising is very intense! This is a sign that causes people to feel uneasy or fascinated when they come across them for the first time.

This ascendant exudes a powerful and magnetic energy. In Soul Astrology, it is governed by Mars, the planet of war. People may feel uneasy in their company because Scorpio Rising can penetrate below the surface and get beyond the façade that others may be showing.

Penetrating Gaze

One way to tell if you’re dealing with a Scorpio Rising is the eyes. No matter what shape or color, this ascendant’s eyes will always be intense and penetrating. It will be as though they are looking right through you into the depths of your very soul.

High Sex Appeal

As Scorpio represents the sexual organs, it is natural that these individuals tend to have strong sex appeal. This is irrespective of their physical appearance. Scorpio Rising will exude strong sexual energy, and it will be apparent to others, who will sometimes be mystified as to what exactly it is they find so attractive about them!

Jealous Tendencies

This is common with this Rising Sign. Scorpio is a typically jealous sign, and the Scorpio Ascendant will go through regular ongoing experiences that force them to wrestle with this emotion.

The key to Scorpio Rising is to surrender to the emotions that threaten to overwhelm them.

Only by surrendering to them can they claim victory over them. This does not mean surrender as in, “I am going to give up on my life and just accept I am a jealous person.” It means letting go of negativity and surrendering yourself to a Higher power that exists within you. It is submission to something greater and stronger than your own human, personal desire.

Sensitive & Perceptive

Scorpio Rising is extremely sensitive and perceptive. As a Water sign, it is naturally sensitive and can sense the emotional undercurrents of people or situations it finds itself in.

The perception of Scorpio Rising is powerful. This Rising Sign will see beyond the superficial and get straight to the heart of the matter.

The Soul Battles in Two Signs

It is believed in Esoteric Astrology that the soul does battle in two signs: Leo and Scorpio. In Leo, the battle is for the personality. In Scorpio, the battle is for the soul.

They experience life as a series of challenges and obstacles, where the ego and soul battle it out until, at last, the ego submits to the higher authority of the soul, and the transformation is complete. From there, Scorpio Rising is able to use their gifts for the greater good, transforming the lives of those around them and the life of the world, sometimes on a phenomenal scale.

The life of Scorpio Rising may not be an easy one, but it is undoubtedly rewarding, provided this soul does not lose itself in the process to the whims and desires of the ego. It is the Scorpio Ascendant that dares to go into dark places where others do not. There are some who believe that a soul that chooses a Scorpio path has chosen a path of accelerated soul growth.

If you are a Scorpio Rising or know someone who is, then take heart.

Life may seem like one long battle, but this is a world that needs warriors like you. Though sometimes misunderstood by others and conflicted within, there is a beauty to Scorpio Rising, which truly does make this world a better place.

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