Money Matters: Using the Tarot to Draw Wealth to You

2020 promises to be a year of upheaval and change for many of us. The desire to be financially secure may be stronger than ever.

This is also the Year of the Rat in Chinese Astrology and Rat years are often focused on wealth, health and stability. One way that we can help improve our financial situations is through using Tarot cards.

It is important to remember that the Tarot is not a magic wand that can cause money to instantly appear. Instead, it is a guiding tool, designed to help you on your path towards greater security and finance.

Below are a few tips for what to do and look out for when doing a Tarot reading around money:

  • Keep it simple, especially if you are a beginner. The Tarot is open to interpretation and readings are often based on personal intuition, as well as an understanding of the various meanings. When it comes to reading about something as practical as money, you don’t want a spread with too many cards or something which is overly-complicated to read. This is especially important if you are struggling with anxiety over financial matters. You don’t want to tie yourself up in knots trying to read a spread and possibly make the anxiety worse.
  • Keep an eye out for the pentacles! Pentacles represent anything ‘earthly’ – this could be money, health, sex and anything else related to the physical realm. Usually, a reading with lots of pentacles is a good sign (or at least, an indicative sign of the way your money situation is going/will be). Unless, of course, they are in reverse (though it is better to stay away from reversals if you are a beginner reader).
  • Bear in mind that everything is subject to change. With the Tarot, a reading does not mean your life is set in stone. In fact, that is the point of the Tarot in the first place. If we see something we don’t like in the cards, it is usually within our power to change it. The Tarot shows us the choices and directions we have. Yes, you may get cards from the Major Arcana that show up and indicate something inevitable, but in the main we are the makers of our own destiny and this is why an ‘advice’ card in readings is so important.

Drawing Wealth: Readings

Below are a couple of readings you can do to help keep you focused on your financial situation and help you draw greater wealth to yourself.

The first is a simple 3-card spread which is helpful for anyone who wants to keep their current financial situation under control. It can be done on a weekly basis and warns of any potential upsets or changes in financial matters so that you can prepare/be aware of them.

Question: What will my financial situation this week be like?

  • Card 1: The situation
  • Card 2: What I should do
  • Card 3: What I should not do

See an example reading of this one below so you can gain an idea of how it works!

Card 1: The Tower

Don’t panic! The Tower is not always the most pleasant card to get, but it does suggest something unexpected will occur. Judging by the figures falling out of the tower in the picture, the event is likely to be a negative one. But this does not mean your bank account will suddenly be cleaned out; it could simply because losing a couple of coins as you go about your daily business. The Tower does not always have to be a major catastrophic event.

Card 2: 8 of Pentacles

Well, the message of the 8 of Pentacles is to keep working hard. There is no dramatic card in the advice section, which suggests this Tower event won’t be so bad. Instead, keep working hard and doing your thing.

Card 3: 4 of Cups

The card as to ‘what not to do’ is the 4 of Cups, which suggests complacency of some kind. Don’t get careless or slack off simply because you think everything will be OK. This card, combined with the 8 of Pentacles, indicates it is important to keep working hard to keep yourself secure.

All in all, this reading advises vigilance and taking note that hard work is the best strategy forward.

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Onto the second reading:

Question: How can I improve my financial situation?

  • Card 1: My situation at the moment
  • Card 2: Advice for how to improve it
  • Card 3: Advice for how to improve it (This spread has two advice cards for added insight)
  • Card 4: Obstacles to watch out for
  • Card 5: Overall message

Below is an example reading so you can see how this looks.

Card 1: Strength

The Strength card indicates I am needing to be “strong” in my financial situation which indicates struggles of some kind. The Strength card in this position is also telling me I should be proud of myself, however, and that my own personal strength is overcoming the difficulties I may be encountering.

Card 2: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles indicates a man in my life who may be able to help me with my situation and who will help me if I ask for it. If it is unclear who this ma man is, it is good to pull a couple of clarification cards.

Card 3: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands as the second advice card indicates that I need to set my sights further along the horizon. Wands is also a suit of creativity so I may need to be more creative in my endeavors. It is a card of being bold and reaching out. It would be beneficial for me, therefore, to sit and meditate for a while to see if I can find explore different options. As this is the ultimate ‘exploration’ card, it also indicates taking physical measures to explore my options, such as browsing online and brainstorming with others.

Card 4: 9 of Swords

As the obstacle card, the 9 of Swords paints a clear picture. Worry and anxiety may be getting the better of me. It may also be paralyzing me from finding solutions. A positive mindset is important so that I can follow the two advice cards.

Card 5: The Emperor

The Emperor as the overall message tells me that I have the power within myself to improve my situation. I just have to take control of it. Following the advice cards and heeding the warning of the obstacle card, I should be able to become an ‘emperor’ in my own right and bring greater wealth and prosperity to my life.


The Tarot is a terrific guiding tool and it is particularly useful in dealing with money matters because the cards can often speak to us quite plainly in regard to physical resources through the use of imagery and interpretation.

Try these money Tarot spreads to attract greater wealth to your life. They are there to guide and assist you, through good and bad times.

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