Here’s Everything You Need to Know About THIS Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

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On October 28th, 2023, we’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and this is a significant eclipse. It’s the third Taurus Lunar Eclipse we’ve had in three years (starting in 2021) and the last eclipse we’ll have in Taurus (it’ll be eight years before we have another Taurus eclipse).

Lunar Eclipses occur with Full Moons, and Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are opposite one another in the zodiac. Lunar Eclipses are much stronger than Full Moons, though, and their impact can last for about six months before and after they occur.

This Lunar Eclipse is likely going to be strong right around when it occurs through to about January, thanks to Jupiter also touring the sign of Taurus and activating the eclipse when Jupiter ends its retrograde on December 30th (so Jupiter will start moving forward again). 

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is HUGE for Endings

Lunar Eclipses are times of heightened emotional energy and can bring major developments and results. This tends to be with things we’ve been working at for a long time and with this eclipse, likely for the last 2-3 years.

All of this combined means that this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is absolutely monumental for endings and culminations. This tends to be the case with Lunar Eclipses anyway, but it’s much stronger with this being the last in Taurus for some time.

We’re ending one cycle and starting another as the previous Solar Eclipse in Libra was the first in Libra, solidifying the Aries-Libra eclipse set. Eclipses occur in sets of opposing signs and have been in Taurus and Scorpio, and now move to Aries and Libra.

This is the time to finish off what’s been of focus for the last 2-3 years and start moving into a whole new phase of life. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus offers the chance to finish things, tie things up, gain understanding, and get results, so we’re free to move forward.

Our focus may specifically be on something ruled by Taurus, so it may involve money matters or resources, stability and security, the senses and physical world, where we’re stuck, or our values.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Makes Many Aspects

The eclipse is hitting four planets and is widely opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, sextile (beneficial) Saturn in Pisces, and widely conjunct Jupiter in Taurus.

The opposition to Mercury can bring some news we’re not expecting, and we may have to work harder to find the information that we need. We also have to be more mindful of our words and not read into everything everyone else says to us.

Our minds can be overactive, and we may think things to death. This can keep us stuck, and we won’t budge thanks to stubborn Taurus energy.

We need to be flexible with oppositions, though, so even if it feels like things are out of our control, we still have some ability to make it through well. Adjust on the fly and be smart instead of letting frustration take over.

Frustrations can easily mount thanks to the opposition to Mars, so it’s something we need to make sure we’re dealing with in a healthy way. Outlets for frustration can be helpful, and with the Taurus energy, we might want to pamper and indulge ourselves when we’re feeling out of sorts.

Taurus loves grounding as well, so that can help with any challenges we experience. If we’re grounded enough, we can keep things from spiraling and maintain a hold on ourselves to get through.

The sextile to Saturn is a beneficial aspect, and Saturn rules discipline, long-term goals, and responsibilities. This sextile to Saturn helps with developments and results with those goals we’ve been working on for the last few years, and we can reach the outcomes we’re looking for.

We can manage responsibilities well, though this may require some effort. We can be more disciplined with whatever we’re working on, which helps end one cycle and start another seamlessly.

The conjunction with Jupiter is also quite beneficial, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so the results and endings can lead to opportunities to expand our lives. We can be super optimistic with this eclipse, which can be a little unusual with a Lunar Eclipse, but we generally don’t want to get stuck on the dark side.

But, we need to be careful with the expansive energy of Jupiter since this can expand on the bad, and we can quickly end up in difficult situations that are hard to get out of. If things start to sour, work to turn it around quickly to avoid getting stuck in it.

If that can be avoided, then the conjunction with Jupiter is super positive, and we’re open to new options becoming available to us thanks to finishing this cycle.

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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Horoscopes


The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus can provide opportunities for you to clear out what’s been keeping you stuck and improve your confidence and security, Aries. You can ground yourself, and this helps you manage your emotions.

You’ve likely been building up something over the last few years that would improve your finances, resources, and general stability in your life, and this eclipse can provide results and finally get you across the finish line. 

This eclipse might seem somewhat quiet for you on the outside, but it leads you to gain momentum with something you’ve already begun (perhaps with the Solar Eclipse in your sign earlier in the year).


This is the last Lunar Eclipse in your sign for some years, Taurus, but you’ve endured three in three years, which is a lot. You’ve taken the brunt of this eclipse set, have likely seen major developments, and had to work more on yourself.

This eclipse can bring a major ending of some sort, the culmination of years of work, which can be enlightening. You can understand how the moves you’ve made have brought you to this point and can be ready for the next chapter.

Make sure to take care of yourself now, and let yourself get some rest. Your emotions have been high with these three eclipses, and you deserve some nourishment.


This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus can be especially big for endings for you, Gemini, and you can see the passing of a major ending of something in your life. This may be a relationship, a project, a job, a town, a hobby, anything. 

It’s likely been building up for the last few years, readying you for the end. You’ve had to do some clearing out, understand the past, and let go of the karmic baggage surrounding it, and this helps with the final steps.

It can be important for you to not push yourself too hard with this eclipse, and you want to make time for extra rest and to recharge after anything taxing. 


Progress can be made with one of your dreams thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Cancer, and this can even lead you to accomplish a dream outright. If you’ve put in the work over the last few years, and you’ve been smart and are invested in it, then this eclipse can bring you the rewards for that.

You can also see the culmination of major changes you’ve had to deal with over the last few years, and this can lead to new doors opening for you. You can embrace the unconventional and want to step outside your comfort zone.

If you feel held back in any way, you may struggle with controlling yourself, but try to focus on finding small ways to make changes that’ll improve the situation.


There can be great success with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus if you’ve been working hard and smart at a goal you’re passionate about over the last few years, Leo. You can reach new heights, hit your stride, get recognition, and feel good about your path.

This may prove to be one of the best periods of your life for success, so bask in it while you have it and try to focus on ways to maximize it.

If success seems to be missing, you likely need to shift your approach or find another goal. Reassess and use the eclipse to let go of what’s not working and shift.


The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus can help you find the space you’ve been looking for to open up your life to new experiences, Virgo. This may involve letting go of something important that has held you back or understanding something that leads to revelations.

You may push against anyone or anything you feel is trying to keep you from the space you want, but you need to be mindful of pushing too hard. Balance your own desires with others.

There can also be major revelations or insights into your beliefs with the eclipse, and this can help you become more passionate about your positions.


There can be an opportunity to get more power and control with this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Libra, and it might be something that has been years in the making. You might’ve started a transformation 2-3 years ago, which may only be realized now. 

If you’ve done things right, you can reach the end, and this can lead you to get more control over something that has felt out of control and empower yourself. It may require a serious approach and to be intensely focused, but it can pay off.

There can also be something from the past, something deeply hidden, that is revealed with this eclipse and can feel thrown by this. Try to maintain healthy outlets for extreme emotions to stay in control.


The people in your life can be more important to you with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Scorpio. Any healthy, positive relationships can deepen, and you can become even more committed to them, even taking a big next step with someone.

Relationships that are rocky can get more analysis, and you can determine what needs to be improved and how. If you’re both willing to work on it, the eclipse may offer opportunities to finally eliminate the blocks and baggage.

If it’s not fixable, the eclipse can make it unbearable to continue, and you may need to find a way to put some distance between you that’s healthy. You can understand what you deserve from someone, and this can inform how you determine which relationships can improve and which aren’t worth your time and energy.


An important project, personal or professional, that you began 2-3 years ago can come to fruition or culmination with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Sagittarius. You can focus on reaching the end and see the results now.

If you’ve done things right, this can be a rewarding time, and you can move from this focus to something new with enthusiasm and feeling ready for the next challenge.

If you haven’t done things right, there can be extra stress and worry, and you likely need to adjust your approach and ask if it’s something you truly want at this point. Changing your mind is okay, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for that.


Your heart can be big and strong with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Capricorn, and you likely don’t want to focus on anything too serious or intense and instead want to focus on what brings you joy.

A creative project or hobby you’ve been working on for the last few years can reach heights, and you can get recognition for what you’ve done. You can enjoy the praise and can get even more inspired.

Your love connections can also flourish if they’re healthy and beneficial, and you can be even more committed and loving. If they’re not healthy and beneficial, then you may have some hard decisions to make.


The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus may push you to work on old baggage from the past, release blocks and issues with family, or clear out karmic sludge at your core, Aquarius. Clearing this out can help you feel free and ready for the next big chapter of your life, which can be extra big in the next year, thanks to Pluto moving to your sign.

Your emotions can be strong, and you may feel extra sensitive, so try to give yourself emotional support. You may want to stick to what you know best and avoid anything too new and different.

Assess yourself emotionally, at your core, and the foundation for your life with this eclipse. You can do so realistically, and this helps you figure out how to build upon this base.


An idea that’s been in the works for the last few years can be realized with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Pisces, and you can see the pieces of the plan come together. With Saturn in your sign, you’ve likely had to put in extra work and be extra disciplined with it, but this can pay off.

Words can have a bigger impact with this eclipse, and you may have an important conversation with someone, get or give important news, or learn something profound. 

Take care of your mind, and make sure you’re using the mental energy you have enough so you don’t feel bored while also giving your mind enough breaks so you don’t burn out.

Good Luck With the Major Developments & Endings!

This eclipse can be strong and is certainly strong at the moment, but it’s for a reason. This has been building up for several years, and we can be ready for what comes from what we’ve been working on.

We can also see the new that is to come, the new phase and journey and venture, and this can be exciting. As we clear out and finish with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, we know we’re making room for the next big thing in our lives.

Move forward confidently!

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