You Need These 5 Crystals for Pisces Season

As a deep-thinking Water sign with a rich inner world, Pisces is a sign known for both their creativity and complexity. As Pisces is such a sensitive sign, it is important for fishes to take measures to protect themselves and keep themselves grounded—crystals are a wonderful way of doing this.

The gentle sign of the Fish craves harmony between the inner world and the outer world. And, because the outer world can be harsh and unforgiving, it not uncommon for Pisceans to withdraw and retreat deeper into themselves. Their sensitivity makes it hard for them to deal with the darker sides of life.

Done in moderation, this internal reflection can lead to an even greater understanding of their true selves and also lead them to produce some truly outstanding pieces of art. But when taken to the extreme, Piscean withdrawal can result in substance indulgence or disassociation from the external world, which can manifest in a whole host of problems.

Pisces season likewise has a strong emotional vibe to it that can be felt by people all over the globe of any zodiac sign.

Piscean energy requests that we take this time to reflect, meditate, and re-evaluate, to go inwards rather than outwards, to nurture our own sensitive energies, and address any imbalances within us that need attention.

Therefore, we find that Piscean sensitivity reacts very well to the Earthly properties of crystals.

Below are five excellent crystals for Pisceans – though even non-Pisceans can benefit from these crystals during Pisces season. As the energy of Pisces dominates the Universe, we will all find ourselves feeling a little more deeply and thinking a little more abstractly.

So, read on to see how these Piscean-inspired crystals can help you!

Our Top 5 Crystals for Pisces

1. Amethyst

The Amethyst crystal is perhaps the most obvious as this is the gemstone many Pisceans are born under and the one they naturally gravitate to. But the Amethyst is more than just the Piscean birthstone.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals of them all for both protection and grounding. Its special healing powers and protective energies keep negative vibes at bay.

It is also said to be very good for protecting against drunkenness – and we know our Fish friends love their indulgences.

2. Bloodstone

Being such a sensitive sign, Pisces is more likely than others to absorb the negative energies of others. This can result in misinterpreting these negative feelings as their own, leading to a spiral of sadness and, at times, depression for them.

Bloodstone helps protect against this—it grounds the negative energies surrounding any issue.

It can also be used to overcome both distress and anxiety, reminding the user of the positive light that shines within them. Bloodstone is particularly good for providing solace during hard times.

Meditating for even a short while with this crystal can help replenish, rejuvenate, and wash away negative energies.

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3. Orange Carnelian

Pisces is a very creative sign and orange carnelian is wonderful in helping them nurture this inner creativity. Not only does it encourage the Fish to use their creativity in productive, constructive ways, but it helps provide clear focus as to how to manifest this creativity into reality.

As well as this, like many orange or red crystals, it helps provide a boost of happiness and dispel low or unhappy moods.

The best place to wear this is in the form of a pendant around the neck where it sits close to the heart, keeping it light and free of negativity.

4. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone, very protective, and able to ward off negative thoughts or energies directed at the user from others.

Because of Pisces’ sponge-like abilities to feel the emotions of others as if they are their own, they can become prime victims of negative energy attacks. The Tourmaline crystal rebounds negative energy back to whoever sent it in the first place.

This is a truly powerful crystal and should be recharged (under the light of the Full Moon or herbal smoke cleansing) on a regular basis to clear it of the negative energy it absorbs.

5. Labradorite

Labradorite is an incredibly intuitive stone and it is perfect for Pisces natives who experience flashes of intuition or have high empathic abilities. 

Labradorite is useful for Water signs in general as it is particularly good for helping to deal with overwhelming emotional situations. It balances the emotions and keeps them under control. 

Anyone who feels as if their entire being will explode with emotional intensity would benefit from wearing Labradorite or carrying one around in their pocket. 

It is also a great stone for putting under your pillow when you sleep, as it can help keep out negative energies while dreaming, which could result in unwanted nightmares.

Time to Maximize Your Pisces Season!

So, there you have five fantastic crystals for Pisceans, and for anyone else who is experiencing the deep and emotional energy of Pisces at this time.

Sensitivity is a beautiful quality, one that truly helps make the world a better place. To ensure that sensitivity is kept under control and used to its greatest advantage, use these crystals to maximize it to its full potential!

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