Up in the Air: Understanding Air Signs in Astrology

You’re probably familiar with your Sun sign, and maybe even a few more of the signs in your natal chart (get yours for free right here) – but did you know that these signs are connected to an element?

Each sign in the zodiac is associated with an element of the earth, namely Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and each of these elements imbues a different set of characteristics to the sign it rules over. And today, we’ll be learning about the intellectual, thoughtful Air signs.

Think about how important and vital air is in our lives. Wind trailing through trees, the air that we breathe, the oxygen that gives us life.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are the social butterflies of our astrological wheel, and there’s much we can learn from and about them.

Whether you’re an Air sign yourself, trying to learn more about your personality, or you want to discover more about your bubbly Air-sign friends, this guide is for you!

The Element of Air

Think about the things you already know about Air. It’s invisible. It’s mysterious. It moves quickly. It has life-sustaining qualities. It can be calm like a gentle breeze or rough like a gust of powerful wind.

In general, Air signs enjoy a mental sharpness that allows them to quickly analyze things and create solutions to problems; however, decision-making is not an Air sign’s strong suit. They are typically more emotionally detached than the other elements, able to move on from past upsets quickly and easily. And, the intellect of an Air sign leads to thoughtfulness and consideration.

But for deeper insight, let’s take a look at each Air sign and their unique qualities.


Geminis are full of curiosity. They like to explore the world around them through mental expansion, by studying and reading and soaking up information about far-away lands. The Gemini’s imagination is vivid, and they can easily spend the majority of the day in their head, thinking about everything under the Sun.

Like the other Air signs, Geminis are rather social, enjoying group dynamics and bouncing ideas off of others.

Geminis have an eccentric style that lets you see them from the outside in. A Gemini’s closet might contain just about every trend from the last five decades, and they look good in every outfit.

This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication. Geminis, therefore, are highly concerned with effective communication and getting their point across. For a Gemini, sharing their thoughts and opinions and having them heard is crucial. Geminis typically make great writers and negotiators for this reason.

When it comes to making decisions, Geminis struggle like the other Air signs, and perhaps even more so. A Gemini can mull over a choice or a decision for months and still not feel entirely satisfied with the decision they finally make.

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Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, encouraging the appreciation that Libras have for aesthetics. A Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty, and you’re not likely to enter the domicile of a Libran to find it empty or scarcely decorated. The home of a Libra is likely to be filled with beautiful décor, lots of art, and many, many knickknacks.

Libras are concerned with balance and harmony in all things. When they don’t feel centered, it’s hard to focus or concentrate on the tasks before them. Practices like yoga and meditation are crucial for a Libra, as it helps them regain balance, regardless of their external circumstances. They are also concerned with justice and fairness, as evidenced by the symbol for the Libra – the scales. The scales represent both the balance and fairness that a Libra seeks in everyday life. Diplomacy comes naturally to this Air sign.

Libras are highly intellectual and may sometimes struggle to connect to their emotions. They are charming and social, and they enjoy their time spent with friends and family. Don’t take offence if you don’t receive an outpouring of emotion from your Libra friends – they show their love by spending time with you.

Libras make good listeners; and while they may not be able to quickly make decisions regarding their own life, they give excellent advice.

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Aquarians are the rebels of the zodiac, the revolutionaries. They want to change the world, to shake up society, to break free from oppression. This is due to the spontaneous energy of their ruling planet, Uranus. Uranus comes in our life to shake us out of a rut, and an Aquarius feels this urge daily.

Aquarians have a humanitarian streak that urges them towards saving the world; yet their desires extend beyond simply want to help others. Aquarians want to release us from antiquated social norms and structures that no longer serve the global community.

This Air sign is the most detached of the three, and Aquarians often struggle with sharing their affections with loved ones. An Aquarian can even seem aloof or like they don’t care, when the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. They care deeply, but they are more likely to try to find a practical solution out in the world than to sit at home discussing feelings. Furthermore, Aquarians keep their secrets close to their heart. They aren’t the most likely sign to open up to others because they greatly enjoy their privacy.

Aquarians are yet another social, friendly Air sign, but they may take their preference for group work a step further than Geminis or Libras. Aquarians appreciate the group dynamic for what it can bring to a situation, the ideas that come from multiple minds at work together.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

The charming, intellectual minds of Air signs give us wonderful friends, colleagues, and romantic partners. However, when your own sign is ruled by a different element, you may have a hard time understanding where your Air-sign friend is coming from at times. For instance, a sensitive Water sign might have a hard time understanding an Air sign’s approach to emotions.

But learning more about the Air signs gives you deeper insight and understanding, allowing you to appreciate their quick-wit, intellect, and friendly personalities. And now that you know more about your airy friends, you’ll be better able to flow with their vibrations.

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