4 Spiritual Hacks To Manifest Your 2022 Goals Using The 111 Power of January 11th

We’re five days into the New Year—Hello, 2022!

The vibe going around this Capricorn season is infectious and hard to miss. It seems that everyone is making vision boards. And we bet you, too, are you ready to manifest your 2022 dream life!

And we are just a few days away from January 11th, a day that is super-loaded not only with the energy of the number 1 but also super-charged 111 energy. It could prove to be the luckiest day for you this month for manifestation!

If you are privy to significant numerological numbers like 11:11, November 11th could hoard all the limelight regarding manifestation talk. But what if you did not see 11:11 on 11/11/2021?

Don’t be bummed out yet! Like 1111, 111 signifies the opening of a powerful portal to quantum manifestation.

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The Power of 111 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 1 is all about the high vibe! Think about how you would feel if you always came first—that’s the kind of energy we get from this number in numerology.

The 1 holds a vibration of new beginnings. It stands for leadership and taking action towards your goals. It is also a starting point, even in daily life. (Months begin with the number one, you count beginning with the number one, etc.)

111 is triple the 1 energy and is a sign of manifestation of all your dreams. It’s also an omen for spiritual awakening.

111 is a message from the spiritual realm that you are on the right path. Think of it as your spirit guides popping champagne on your behalf and cheering you on for being aligned with your purpose.

Meanwhile, all you’ve got to do is focus on the current moment. Become still for a quick second and acknowledge the divine support coming your way.

Also, did you know? 111 acts as a magnet for future synchronicities. Follow the signs that appear in front of you and trust that you are being guided to further raise your vibration.

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Use These Manifestation Hacks for January 11th

We all know that January is a month of bold new beginnings. Now imagine a double blast of this energy coming your way!

Are you feeling the vibe yet? That’s exactly what January 11th has in store for you.

This January 11th, it will peak at 1:11 AM and 1:11 PM, 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM, as well as 3:33 AM and 3:33 PM.

But it gets better! The 111 energy amplifies on two dates this year—January 11th (1/11) and November 1st (11/1). Be sure to mark them in your calendar for a double dose of heightened manifestation!

Your 4 Step Manifestation Hack

Here are four steps to work with the 111 energy of January 11th.

Step 1: A Fire Ritual to Clear Your Path

First things first, before you get into manifestation mode, it is important to allow fresh energy to enter your life. Try this burning ritual to cleanse your space, both physically and emotionally.

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Close your eyes. Visualize the candle flame purging out your fears and limiting beliefs.
  3. Connect with your spirit guides and ask for guidance.
  4. Visualize warm fire energy entering your body.

This step helps you get charged up with the willpower needed to manifest your goals.

Step 2: Express Yourself

111 adds up to 3, which means, in addition to 1 energy, it brings in the significance of the number 3. The 3 takes the independence of 1 and the duality of 2 and blends them into temperamental energy with a personality all its own.

The number 3 also holds the vibration of the mind-body-soul trinity. It’s a sign for us to express our souls fully. 111 and 3 together are an invitation to manifest our goals through creative self-expression.


  • What new creative talents will you be expressing this year?
  • What kind of creativity lies dormant, and how can you bring it to life?

Quite often, mind-centric rituals take center stage for manifestation, and for good reason. But January 11th is the perfect time to tune into your body, channel creative self-expression, and harness the energy of the 3 for some full-body movement.

Connect your mind, body, and soul through this movement!

Whether you are feeling lower energy, contemplative forms of self-expression such as Yin yoga or Tai Chi, or some high-intensity movement like kickboxing or Salsa dancing, get moving! Your power to manifest will be so much stronger because of it.

Step 3: Try This Visualization Ritual

“We create our own reality” – according to the Law of Attraction. Everything that shows up in your life is a result of your thoughts and emotions. Whether conscious or unconscious, our current thoughts shape our future.

Become aware of the powerful portal opening up on January 11th, 2022.

Use this 111 energy to:

  1. Get crystal clear on what you want to manifest.
  2. Pay attention to unconscious thoughts that may be blocking manifestation.
  3. Re-wire your subconscious mind.

Not sure how to re-wire your subconscious or not sure what might be blocking you? Per Abraham Hicks, focusing on a thought for 17 seconds is the ignition point for manifestation. With 68 seconds of pure focus, you become a magnet for synchronicities and manifestation.

So, try to hold your focus for 68 seconds and send out a strong message to the Universe that you are already living your 2022 dream.

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    Step 4: Take Immediate Action

    In her book “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert speaks of three options when we are hit with a creative idea.

    We either:

    1. Ignore the idea due to our fears.
    2. Take notice but procrastinate due to self-doubt and insecurities.
    3. Take immediate inspired action.

    But there are no points for guessing that option three is what actually results in a wave of manifestation. And 111 energy is to be used in a similar manner for maximum manifestation.

    By taking immediate action, however small, on January 11th, you are planting seeds for stepping into the quantum realm of manifestation.

    Get Your Hustle On!

    In 2022, take charge of your life, fearlessly express your individuality, and know that you are being divinely guided on your path.

    How will you be using the incredible 111 energy this January 11th for the manifestation of your 2022 goals?

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