Venus Conjunct Jupiter Lovescopes: Love Outside the Box

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with that, the planets bring us a lovely aspect: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius! What exactly does this mean? Something big and exciting! This aspect went exact on February 11th, so we’re under its influence right now.

2020 did not have Venus conjunct Jupiter at all.

2019 saw them pair up twice, in January and November, while Jupiter was in Sagittarius (they didn’t conjunct while Jupiter was in Capricorn and won’t conjunct again until April 2022 in Pisces).

This one comes at just the right time of year. It comes to us in Air sign Aquarius, one of the social signs, and helps us get along a bit better. We’re in big Aquarius energy right now, and it’s a time of opening up to the unconventional.

To help you focus, we’ll explore the impact of Venus conjunct Jupiter and have love astrology horoscopes for the zodiac signs!

What Does Venus Conjunct Jupiter Mean?

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Conjunctions put the two bodies in the same location in the zodiac and amplifies, so put them together, and we have a major focus on love and relationships right now!

When you’re born with Venus conjunct Jupiter, this gives you a little bit of good luck, a warm demeanor, and you can be easy to be around. Venus and Jupiter are the beneficial planets, and this amplifies the benefits for you when present in your birth chart.

Not sure if you have this in your birth chart? Use the free birth chart generator to see!

Now we’re experiencing this in transit, and the pleasant energy is available to us all.

In Aquarius, the benefits come when we step outside of our comfort zones a little to improve love. If you’re single, you may want to open up to those who are different from what you’d normally go for, while if in a relationship, you may want to try something very new and different together.

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Venus Conjunct Jupiter Love Astrology Horoscopes for the Signs

Let’s dig into the love astrology horoscopes for Venus conjunct Jupiter:


Venus conjunct Jupiter highlights your friendship sector, Aries, so you may want to focus on meeting new people, making new acquaintances, and joining new groups. You can be a lot more open to the new and different.

If single, you may want to meet someone through friends or groups you belong to, while if in a relationship, you may want to change things up to increase passion.


Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs in your goals and direction sector, Taurus, so at first glance, this may not be very romantic for you. Instead, you can find that this aspect helps you make progress in new ways with your goals and set new goals for yourself that are different for you.

As for relationships, you may take a different approach to responsibilities with others. You might be more open to getting along with others as well.


You may feel more adventurous with Venus conjunct Jupiter, Gemini, and you may enjoy new experiences and unconventional opportunities for learning or exploring. You can be more willing to pursue opportunities for change.

In relationships, you may want to have adventures with those you love and do things that are new and unusual so you can have an experience together.



Passionate energy can get stimulated by Venus conjunct Jupiter for you, Cancer, and you can go about using this energy productively in different ways. This can help work on transformations for the better.

You can strengthen intimacy in your relationships at this time and share more with those you care about, but you may do so in unconventional ways.


Venus conjunct Jupiter lights up your relationship sector, Leo, so this is a super relationship aspect for you. You can be more open to committing yourself to those you care about, but you may do so in an unusual, unconventional way.

You can be more affectionate and easier to be around and know how to get everyone on the same page.


Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs in your work sector, Virgo, so you may focus on using the pleasant energy to improve your work connections and get attention for the work you’ve done. This may come about unconventionally.

In terms of relationships, you may focus more on the little things with your loved ones and can help them in small ways.

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Your love sector gets lit up with Venus conjunct Jupiter, Libra, and you can be much more affectionate, friendlier, easier to get along with, and enjoy attention from others. You may spend time with friends, new acquaintances or show affection in an unconventional way.

Romance may look a little different for you, too, whether single or attached, and you may prefer unconventional romantic gestures.


Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs in your home and family sector, Scorpio, and this can help you get along better with family or those you view as a family and improve your support system. You can feel more supported, are more nurturing with others, and the way you get and give support may be unconventional.

Focusing on emotional connections in relationships can help with security, and you may use unusual, different methods for improving emotional stability.


The energy can be expressed through communication and the mind with Venus conjunct Jupiter for you, Sagittarius. You can find new, different ways of sharing what’s on your mind, expressing yourself, and connecting mentally with others.

Mental connections can be more important for you now in relationships, which can be how you show affection.


Improving stability in new and different ways may focus on you with Venus conjunct Jupiter, Capricorn. You may embrace the unconventional to have the security you want or make a change to do it.

In relationships, you may want to keep things slow and steady, and any changes can be made more gradually.


Venus conjunct Jupiter comes in your sign, Aquarius, and you can be more outward with your affection. You already embrace your unconventional sides and can be more open about this with others, not wanting to hide it at all, and others can find this charming.

You can enjoy getting time with loved ones, and you can show how you feel in new, different ways.


Affection may be something you show behind closed doors with Venus conjunct Jupiter, Pisces, and you may opt to show affection in a new, different way. This just may be done quietly and without too much attention.

You can be more helpful, more compassionate, and empathetic, and you likely don’t expect recognition for it. You can help in new, unusual ways.

Explore Your Relationships

Venus conjunct Jupiter gives us a period to be affectionate and focus on relationships and do so in a new, different, unusual way in Aquarius.

With Mercury still retrograde for a little while longer, we probably desperately need some connection and beneficial energy, and Venus conjunct Jupiter steps up for us.

Show a little love, unconventionally.


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