Virgo 101 – Explore the Qualities of the 6th Zodiac Sign

We talk a lot about the qualities and characteristics typical of the sign of Virgo, but how much do you know about the 6th sign of the zodiac? How do we know what information to consider when we are talking about the sign of the Virgin? What are some of the unique aspects about this sign?

Today, we’re going back to the basics, digging into some of the attributes, connections and influences relating to the 6th sign of the zodiac.

Virgo Basics

  • You were born between August 23rd and September 21st
  • Your sign is represented by the Virgin
  • You are ruled by the planet Mercury
  • You are a Mutable Earth sign
  • Your light characteristics are: Reasonable, intelligent, discerning, helpful and hard-working
  • Your shadow characteristics are: Critical, perfectionistic, controlling, hypochondriac, anxious

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Mutable Earth Sign – Ruled by Mercury

Virgo’s ability to be rational and reasonable comes partly from their ruling planet Mercury, but also from being a Mutable Earth sign. Our ruling planet definitely influences our behavior, but so does our element, and the type of element at that. Mutable means you are adaptable, flexible and sympathetic, with an ability to be diplomatic.

Mercury was the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, agilely speeding around the heavens. Mercury represents education and learning, rationality and reason and communication and adaptability. This planet is unemotional, curious and looking to take things apart in order to put them back together again.

When related to Mercury’s influence in the areas of communication and intelligence, you are likely careful about what you say, and we’ll bet those around you will stop to listen to you, as it will be carefully thought out and valuable – you understand the power of words, after all.

Virgo & The House of Health

Of the twelve astrological houses, Virgo rules the 6th, the house of health. This house deals with jobs, employment, well-being, routines and caretaking. The influence of this house speaks loudly to why Virgo is so hard-working, focused and careful about their appearance.

It’s likely that you pay close attention to what you eat, how you treat your body and overall, that you maintain a neat and tidy appearance. This house also handles caretaking, something in which you excel. Virgo also rules the digestive system, intestines, spleen and nervous system, so anxious stomachaches and issues in that area are not out of the question.

All the more reason for Virgos to pay close attention to their health. Sometimes Virgos care a little too much though, worrying themselves about phantom health issues that may never arise.

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Virgo Tarot Card – The Hermit

Did you know all of the signs of the zodiac are tied to the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck? Virgo is philosophical, curious and wise all at the same time, just as is the Hermit. In the Tarot, the Hermit reminds us to take the time to find peace and quiet, that we may reflect on our thoughts and sort them out in a way we can best apply them to our purpose.

While you are a wonderful companion Virgo, you are also highly functional when operating as a lone wolf – able to focus your intelligence on discovery and how best to use the information you are constantly analyzing.

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Virgo in Love

When it comes to love, it’s well known that Virgos can be among the most difficult people to get to know in an emotional capacity. You are probably not the most affectionate person around, but you have a giant heart under that reserved appearance.

Here’s where your perfectionistic nature can come out – you likely have an ideal mate in your head – honest, ethical, intelligent, caring and kind – and you’re so self-sufficient, you’d rather wait until they show up than waste time on someone who will prove to be unworthy, or who might betray you.

You don’t give your heart away easily, but once you do, it is long-lasting, pure and loyal to a fault. As kind as you can be, once you see someone displays behaviors that don’t align with your deep sense of righteousness and purpose, you will start to hold a grudge against them that will eventually result in you writing them out of your life.

This would be Virgo in the extreme, and likely only after you have given them multiple chances to be forgiven.

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What Do You Know About Virgo? 

While we are really just skimming the surface of the story of Virgo, these are some of the most helpful facts to get you started in learning about the 6th sign of the zodiac. Is there something specific you’d like to know? What did we miss that you feel is a key component in the make up of the sign of the Virgin?

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