Living Space Upgrades Inspired by Taurus Season

Inspired to make some changes in and around your most important spaces within your home? You’re definitely not alone! And now is a great time to get started.

Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy!

As the first Earth sign of the zodiac (and of the calendar year), Taurus season brings a grounded, homey energy that inspires us to focus on our personal spaces – spring cleaning was just made for this sign. Known for being a bit of a hedonist, the Taurus zodiac sign likes their creature comforts and makes sure to surround themselves with only the best.

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However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive; the Taurus bull should try to be equally inspired by their practical, serious side when taking on big projects like renovating or redecorating as they are from their appreciation for the luxe and lavish. Check out some of our tailored suggestions based on home living trends, and see if you get inspired!

What’s IN for Taurus Season?

Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper is still in for 2020, and now there are tons of peel-and-stick wallpapers you can experiment with, no fuss or muss.. Given the precision and care it takes to apply wallpaper, this trend is an undertaking for Earth signs only. While the word ‘wallpaper’ may conjure up visions of outdated patterns and messy glue, modern wallpaper is a stylish alternative to paint and is even available in a temporary form – great for our Tauruses that are still renting.

Floral design wallpaper is trending in 2020. But there are literally thousands of fun wallpaper designs featuring metallic accents, geographic patterns, subtle textures, and rich color schemes, removable wallpaper is a great option any space a little more luxurious and Taurus season-approved, without breaking the bank or wrecking your walls!

Navy Blue

Bold without being obnoxious; versatile, and stylish in an understated way – these are all things this trendy shade has in common with Taurus. While some might yawn about navy, it is a distinctly balanced tone that complements a vast array of colors and styles. If you want more of a pop, Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue, is a gorgeous and versatile but brighter blue.

Color pop cabinets are big in 2020 so you may want to consider this classy tone during this colored kitchen trend. Start with something small, like a cushion cover or shower curtain to taste test this hue.

Vintage Accents

Regardless of personal aesthetic, vintage-inspired decor suits Taurus. Their stable and dependable nature helps them endure everything life throws at them and still come out looking good – something they have in common with timeless vintage pieces.

Whether you have the money to invest in an original, find a great imitation, or treat thrifting like an art form, the energy projected by a Barcelona chair, Noguchi table or Florence Knoll Sofa is perfect for this Fixed sign – durable, reliable, balanced. There’s a new trend in 2020 which is bringing back curved sofas from the 60s and 70s as well as antiques and antique art.

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What’s OUT for Taurus Season?

Fake Plants

We know Taurus is an Earth sign, so they are likely to want to make their home have some elements of a garden but this year a fake plant just isn’t as fun as a real one. We are throwing out the plants that look good without any care for those that require a bit more nurturing. Taurus can handle it though because they do have a green thumb.

You will find other earth elements that compliment your real plants are also in this year whether it’s a rustic wooden table or circle fire in the backyard. The rustic earth elements are a part of the bigger trend which is layering of old and new which is great for the Taurus who is both dependable and luxurious.

Metal Furniture

We know the practical side of Taurus loves how metal furniture will last forever but it’s not really that comfortable and it’s out this year. You can replace your metal furniture with an upholstered wall that is in and use that navy blue or cobalt blue but avoid grays or light earth tones.

If you absolutely must have some metal in your room because it reminds you of your love for things that are stable and lasting (we get it Taurus), find a metal light fixture that is an antique and put it on a modern night table with curved edges.

All White

We know you Taureans were loving the white on white trends in bedding, kitchens, and walls but the practical and easy match trend is on it’s way out to be replaced with more bold choices. While a Taurus can’t get enough of a good clean white cabinet, they will instead fall in love with the faux marble and granite counter-tops that appeal to their earth element sign.

If you just can’t let go of your white, keep a high-quality white comforter and throw in some accent pillows to bring the rest of the colors from the room in.


Cost-effective fixes like swapping outdated cabinet hardware and refurbishing furniture accents for modern materials is an easy way to stay on top of the interior design game – without having to shell out a ton of coin, or otherwise. With these fresh design ideas, you’re all ready to revamp your living space for Taurus season! Use that amazing Earth energy to stay focused, and you’ll be done your project in no time!

Now if you’re sitting there scratching your head thinking, “I’m a Taurus, but this doesn’t really describe my style”, we encourage you to see if another element or sign may be dominating your birth chart.

Your Rising sign or Moon sign (or even your Venus sign!) can provide insight into your home decor preferences. It can be really fun to make your house reflect your unique personality and zodiac sign, as well as to notice how someone’s personal style reflects their soul’s blueprint.

In what ways does your current living space reflect your own sign?

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