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It’s that time again when the Moon is new and encourages us to gather our energy and manifest our dreams. And this time, it’s in the futuristic and humanitarian sign of Aquarius – pushing us even further into the mysterious world of the unknown.

The winds of change and the embrace of your independence are just around the corner!

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, transformation, and manifestation magic. But each month, the New Moon takes place in a different sign, meaning that each New Moon takes on different energy and themes.

Aquarius is a sign associated with the future and, therefore, with manifestation – or things you wish to bring into the future to create and attract for your future life. This transit will encourage you to try new things, embrace change, and begin manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.

So, keep reading to find out what themes accompany the New Moon in Aquarius and what it means for you.

What Does the New Moon in Aquarius Mean?

A New Moon is the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the same position in the sky – that’s why we can’t see a New Moon with our naked eyes. This is also why New Moons are associated with the future and manifestation – because they represent that which is yet unseen.

This time around, the New Moon – which will take place on February 9th, 2024 – is in the futuristic sign of Aquarius, placing even more emphasis on what lies ahead and the transformations you might experience on your path.

But this future is also in the present, as New Moons connect to new beginnings, to the start of that very future you dream of.

As an Air sign, Aquarius is intellectual and focused on thought rather than feeling, so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this particular lunar transit won’t be quite as emotional as you may have thought. Furthermore, it will be easier to concentrate on certain subjects because this airy transit increases your brainpower and cognitive abilities.

When the New Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius, you can expect increased independence, a focus on innovation, and the desire to express your individuality. Aquarius is an eccentric sign that encourages you to be wholly and fully yourself.

New Moon in Aquarius Themes

Each New Moon brings certain themes and energy that are based on the sign that it falls under. Let’s take a look at various elements and aspects that accompany this month’s New Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is stable, trustworthy, and focused.

Fixed signs set their sights on their goals – or fix themselves to them – and they don’t give it up until they’ve reached them. That’s one of the reasons that this transit is so powerful for manifesting: The more driven you are, the achieve something, the stronger your intentions are, and the more palpable they are to the Universe.

The combination of Aquarius’ airy element and its ruling planet – spontaneous Uranus – means that you’ll be craving something unusual and unique right about now. This is the time for inventive ideas and innovative risks because your mind is on fire with imaginative solutions to old, boring problems.

Uranus says, “Let’s shake things up!”

Uranus encourages you to be bold, to take action, and to try something new. And because the New Moon is all about new beginnings and experiences, this desire will feel even stronger.

This isn’t the time for convention or tradition. It’s not the time to stick to your old routine and follow the course. It’s time to make waves, to be unique, to let your “freak” flag fly. Share those out-there ideas with your colleagues – go big or go home, says the New Moon in Aquarius.

Dream big and make it happen.

Your 9-Point Aquarius New Moon Manifesting Checklist

1. Find Your Freedom

It’s impossible to manifest when we feel stuck or desperate for something.

Manifesting comes from a place of trust and confidence – a place of freedom. And while you may be experiencing certain situations or relationships that make you feel stuck right now, you must find some source of freedom during this New Moon to make the most of manifestation.

Dance in your living room. Sing at the top of your lungs in the shower. Wear that shirt that’s just a little too weird. Drive down a country road blasting your favorite musical guilty pleasure.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s something that speaks to your soul and makes you feel free and unencumbered.

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2. Raise Your Own Awareness

We’re in Aquarius season right now, a time when awareness is heightened anyway. Doing anything you can to increase that awareness further will only make manifestation that much more effective.

Incorporate yoga, meditation, crystal healing, chakra balancing, or Tarot reading into your New Moon ritual or daily routines this week.

Write in your journal to clear your thoughts of negativity or frustration. Try to place yourself in each moment and determine how you currently feel. Being more aware of your surroundings and your own emotions will help you recognize opportunities for fortune and abundance.

3. Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Your mind is engaged right now, and anything you can do to sharpen your mental skills will maximize your power of attraction. Mentally challenging games and puzzles will help you stay alert and focused, allowing you to place more focus on the things you want to create and bring into your life.

Clear your mind through meditation and sharpen those cognitive skills through challenging, educational activities to truly amp up your manifesting game.

4. Maintain Your Connections

Aquarius is a sign of relationships and connections, as it rules the 11th house – the House of Friendships. That means keeping those connections alive and healthy is crucial right now, especially for the sake of your own mental and emotional health.

You see, a certain amount of positivity and love is necessary for manifestation to take place. And those friendships and relationships with family help bring those loving, positive vibes out in you. So call up a friend and check in on them, send an email, or you can even try sending along a care package to show you’re thinking of them.

5. Be Bold

Aquarius is not a sign that sits back and waits for things to happen, and a New Moon in Aquarius isn’t going to bless you with gifts and abundance just because you wish hard enough.

You’ve got to start taking action and making waves in your own life.

If you’ve got a crush, it’s time to make your presence known. If you want a raise or a promotion, put yourself out there at work and let your employers know how dedicated you are. Throw your energy, your passion, and your confidence out into the Universe!

You might be surprised at what you find.

6. Infuse Your Thoughts With Passion

If ever there was a time to follow the Law of Attraction, this is it.

Whether we like it or not, our thoughts become things. They become the reality around us. So, if we’re always focused on the negative – or what we don’t want – we’ll get more of the same: negativity and all those things we don’t want, like bills, debt, and sickness.

You’re being called upon to infuse your thoughts with passion, with optimism, with hope. You’re being urged to focus on the things you want and not the things you don’t. Daydream, visualize, and keep those dreams in the forefront of your mind right now.

7. Do Your Part for Humanity…

…whatever that part may be.

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign that’s focused on friendship and making the world a better place. Do what you can now to sprinkle your own special magic onto the globe and bring more love and light into this planet.

It doesn’t matter if you volunteer or donate your own art, if you create a charity, or help an old woman across the street during traffic. We all have unique abilities and gifts that allow us to make the world a brighter place. What’s your special skill or gift that the world can’t live without?

8. Let Go of Toxicity

Whether it’s a toxic relationship or a toxic habit, it’s time to give it up. Yes, it can be hard to let go of those things that are so bad for us but feel so good; but if you want to bring better things into your life, you’re going to have to make some space.

Take stock of your relationships, your habits, and your surroundings.

What needs to go? What’s holding you back or bringing you down? If you discover anything that isn’t filling your heart with inspiration and joy, kick it to the curb!

9. Practice Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude may be the one absolute magic-maker when it comes to manifestation because it makes the Universe so eager to give you more.

When you show gratitude for the abundance and fortune that has already been sent your way, you’re opening a direct line – a celestial highway – between yourself and infinite wonder.

Make a list of ten things you’re grateful for each day and go through them one by one, savoring each one. Close your eyes and remember that past version of yourself that so longed for each and everything that you now have – and smile.

3 Easy Ways to Manifest With the New Moon in Aquarius 2024

There are myriad manifestation techniques out there, and each one of them is equally valid.

It comes down to what works for you and your schedule. However, there are a few tips that we’re going to share with you that will make manifesting your dream life easier than ever, thanks to the help of the Aquarius New Moon.

1. Jot it Down

You might be surprised at how effective putting pen to paper can be for so many things in your life, from releasing negativity to manifesting and everything in between. Writing things down helps you narrow your focus and intensify your intentions, making your New Moon wishes more potent and powerful than ever.

A few tips:

  • Write about the things that you want to manifest as if you’ve already attracted them. For example: “Thank you for the dream position that I earned in my chosen career field.”
  • Express gratitude in the same way. Thank the Universe for the things you’ve attracted as if they’re already a part of your life.
  • Get specific. If you want a certain kind of car, name it down to the color of the interior. If you want a certain job, make sure to include the location and salary. Leave no stone unturned, or the Universe will have to fill in the gaps for you!

2. Make a Vision Board

There’s nothing quite as fun in the world of manifestation as sitting down to create a vision board.

Surrounded by pens, paper, craft glue, glitter, and hope, your mind and body take a journey down memory lane back to a simpler, more creative time. Let your inner child come out and play as you shape your future world right before your very eyes.

Gather your supplies, get cozy, and make sure that you’ll have some uninterrupted time to yourself. Paste images, phrases, and anything else you can find representing your ultimate goals and dreams and paste them to the board.

Then, simply hang it up somewhere in your home where you will see it each day.

You can also use a vision board to manifest one thing at a time!

3. Utilize Positive Affirmations

As we mentioned earlier, a certain amount of love and positivity is necessary for manifestation. Positive affirmations are an excellent way to infuse your thoughts with this positivity and radiate the energy required to attract everything you want in life.

When you wake up, write down five positive affirmations on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout the day – all while the New Moon hangs in the sky.

Take the paper out and repeat those affirmations to yourself at least once an hour to keep your energy in the best shape ever for manifesting all of your desires.

Manifest With the New Moon in Aquarius

This New Moon in Aquarius will be a truly magical one for manifesting, so don’t let this energy go to waste! Dream up a dream as big as it can be and send it out into the Universe – and don’t forget to trust the process.

What will you dream up?

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