Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for August 1 – 7, 2022

Welcome to Augustready to kick things off on a strong note?

There are not many major astrological bumps this week. Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, will be transiting into equally communicative Virgo midway this week on the 4th.

This transit is ideal for getting your plans and thoughts in clear-cut order, just as ultra-organized Virgo typically does. Otherwise, this week is lighter on the astro-drama, and thus makes an ideal set of energies for planning and getting your ducks in a row.

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

First, let’s check in with your weekly Tarotscope to make sure you know what to plan with (or around).

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Use the Tarot to Predict Your Week


The Magician (Reversed)

If there’s one note for you to take, Aries, it’s to slow down.

The Magician works boldly, creatively, and with a wide variety of resources at their disposal. They’re a lot like you, Aries, in that this energy knows what they want and how to go get it.

Reversed, you may find that this energy doesn’t come to you as easily this week. The key to this is not to fight against the flow and risk burning yourself out even further.

Sometimes, the best project is giving yourself a good night’s rest.

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Knight of Cups

Taurus, romance is in the air, and love abounds!

Sweet, emotional, and heart-centered, the Knight of Cups carries energy most conducive for any creative and romantic pursuits on your mind this week.

Confidence and attraction are heightened and very much on the table if you want it, steady bull.

Most importantly, have fun and step into your own sense of confidence to best take advantage of this special Knight.

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Knight of Swords

You’re feeling the momentum this week, Gemini.

While all Knights of the Tarot bring a bit of speed and momentum wherever they go, it’s mainly the Knight of Swords’s forte to kick the engine up a notch.

In other words, this week may actually go quickly before you can even blink. Think fast communication, quick progress, and a pace that might even be hard to keep up with sometimes.

Take advantage of it, Gemini (and enjoy)!


The High Priestess (Reversed)

Cancer, last week, you spent some time focusing on your internal reserves. This week, it’s important that you don’t get stuck there. 

The High Priestess is an intuitive beacon of insight and wisdom, and it’s great to delve into her world of the unconscious in order to understand more about yourself intuitively and spiritually.

Reversed, you have to be cautious this week that you don’t get your head lost in the clouds, however.

Come back down to earth from time to time, and remember that not all answers must be found immediately.


5 of Swords (Reversed)

Watch out, Leo! Foul play and discord are on the horizon.

Actually, the seeds of chaos that the 5 of Swords typically sows may come in a more untraditional form this week. Its reversal hints that some of you may actually find this disruption to be internal.

Maybe you feel pulled to take a shortcut, tell a little white lie, or get ahead through something less-than-aligned with your moral code, or maybe you’re wondering if it’d just be easier if you did.

Just remember: just because everyone else does it… doesn’t mean you have to too!

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6 of Wands (Reversed)

This week, Virgo, you may have to redefine what “success” means to you.

That is to say that the 6 of Wands reversed may indicate that you’re relying a bit too much this week on others’ opinions. Although we all deserve recognition for our work, it’s possible that you won’t be getting your parade and flowers anytime soon.

In this case, you may feel the sting of disappointment, but this can also be a lesson in how to pat yourself on the back and be your own best cheerleader.


The Hierophant (Reversed)

It’s time to shine, Libra — and leave convention at the door.

The Hierophant is all well and good when it comes to mediating between the traditional structures and unseen stuff (think: intuition, emotion, and other intangible concepts that impact our lives).

However, this assumes that the rulebook and systems in play are going to work, and this week, it’s just not clicking for Libra with this card upside-down.

In other words, don’t be afraid to think and act outside the box!


8 of Cups

Scorpio, it’s time to let go.

Chances are, there’s a voice (your intuition, most likely) within you that already tells you what this is about. What do you need to release? What no longer serves you?

The 8 of Cups implores you to take the leap and trust that this voice is correct, even if everything looks ok “on paper.”

Right now is about trusting the heart and not necessarily the logical mind or societal standards.


Ace of Cups

Love is on the horizon for the wild archer!

Sagittarius is being gifted with a full cup of love and abundance this week, specifically in the form of the Ace of Cups. This kind of abundance is all about fulfilling the heart — healthy intuitive flow, romance, and satisfying interpersonal connections.

This isn’t necessarily about settling on long-term commitments or plans just yet. This week is instead just about going with the flow and enjoying what the present has to offer.

Thankfully, Sagittarius is quite good at this anyway!


7 of Wands

Capricorn has explosive energy up ahead for the week, but it’s nothing the wise goat can’t handle.

The 7 of Wands foretells a need for strong willpower and drive, as the road ahead is bumpy and uphill. This week may feel more taxing than others, even if the problems you face are of the standard variety.

This calls for steadying yourself and not trying to exert all your energy all at once, as this is more likely to be more of a marathon than a sprint.

It’s the toughest battles that lead to some of the sweetest trophies anyway!


King of Swords

Aquarius is gearing up to communicate and play the leading role.

Right now is your time to say what’s on your mind, initiate even the tough conversations, and set important boundaries.

The King of Swords may be a stern or cold figure at first glance, but this power is actually extremely productive when you open yourself up to using it fully (and for the greater good, of course).

So don’t worry about “coming on too strong,” Aquarius. Honesty is the best policy right now!

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The Moon (Reversed)

Tricky waters are up ahead, Pisces.

The Moon reversed takes the already rocky waters of this card and turns it up a notch to the point of being more confusing (and more of an internal battle as well).

Although this card is one of great depth and unconscious wisdom, the reversal may make this energy overwhelming, especially for already dreamy Pisces.

Don’t get caught up in dreamland too much, Pisces; this week is about staying grounded.

Plan With Your Tarotscope

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or empowered (or maybe a little both) by the information you found in your Tarotscope, you’re at least now well-informed!

And this is the essence of using your weekly Tarotscope for future planning. Even if you find something that appears to be gloom and doom, the Tarot is ultimately here to help us plan for a better future.

Take stock of what you’ve found through your Tarotscope, make note of what might not apply now (but could resonate later), and circle back to it at any time that you need a bit of extra guidance.

Get the full picture: Check your sign’s Daily Horoscope or get your free 3-Card Tarot reading

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