Your Weekly Tarotscope for June 26 – July 2, 2023

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This upcoming week moves us out of June and into July, but that doesn’t mean that we can just kick back and bide our time until the month ends.

In fact, Mercury will move into Cancer on the 26th, and Neptune will begin its retrograde in Pisces on the 30th. That’s quite a bit of astrological tide-shifting that we won’t want to just ignore.

All of this Water sign energy can make matters of the heart much more significant and potent, and the time for self-reflection, heart-to-heart communication, and emotional vulnerability is… well, now!

So, that’s the down-low for the major changes on the horizon. But let’s see what the Tarot predicts for your personal tide shifts.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for June 26 – July 2, 2023


Page of Swords

Aries is coming in swinging, but the Universe isn’t exactly complying.

The Page of Swords reversed can indicate that you’re trying to charge through your responsibilities, conversations, and basically just all-around get things done but are finding roadblocks at every turn.

Alternatively, the roadblock might be you, as you’re finding that your engine is sputtering and not quite matching up to the ambition you feel inside.

Like it or not, you have to listen to the signs your body and the world around you are giving — if you’re being stopped at every turn… it may just be time to stop.


The Fool

Taurus is facing the world with open arms, ready to embrace new beginnings.

The Fool comes with a whirlwind of possibilities, widening the scope of opportunity and overall injecting your world with newness and clean slates.

This exciting period of time can contain… well, almost anything. You don’t necessarily want to limit yourself here by deciding on what you’d like to pursue in advance. Instead, it’s best to keep a truly open mind with no expectations.

If you do so, you may find that the Universe has surprises in store that you couldn’t have possibly planned for or foreseen.


King of Wands

Gemini, are you ready to take the lead?

With the King of Wands on the table, you actually may want to consider taking the reins whether or not you feel ready. This is an energy of confidence, adventure, and natural charisma that is being spotlighted during this time.

All eyes are on you. And if they aren’t… your voice and sense of style are certain to make their head turn your way anyway.

How will you use this fun, passionate, and Fiery energy to your advantage?


3 of Pentacles

Cancer should find that productivity flows easily this week… with one catch.

The 3 of Pentacles asks that you seek the help and cooperation of others as well, not attempting to take everything on for yourself.

This isn’t the time to play hero or leader. You need to open yourself up to learning, collaborating, and listening to others in order to get what needs to get done this week.

Remember: asking for help is a sign of bravery, Cancer.


Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Leo may feel disconnected from their usual fun, Fiery, passionate self.

The Knight of Swords reversed indicates that your mind and actions aren’t lining up in the way that you would like this week. It may be particularly easy to feel misunderstood and confused.

It’s okay to be feeling these difficult feelings. Just don’t force yourself to be someone or play a role that you don’t actually want.

“Just powering through” won’t get you anywhere productive right now.


The Emperor

It’s go-time for your leadership capabilities, Virgo.

As The Emperor suggests that you have what it takes to take the lead, it’s an important time for speaking your mind, stepping up to the plate, and allowing some more responsibilities to fall to you right now.

It’s not about hogging the spotlight or taking things on in a perfectionistic way. Ultimately, you should do what you know is best for the greater good of your community, friends, and workspace.

That’s true leadership.


Page of Pentacles

Libra had the down-to-earth and capable Queen of Pentacles on the table last week.

And this week, you’re taking the approach of the Page of Pentacles instead. Some of that grounded, practical, and work-focused energy is still very much here, but just in a different form.

Instead of taking the cultivating organizational lead, you instead can spend this week absorbing information and learning.

Basically — expect a lot of the same energy, but consider a fresh approach.


The Magician (Reversed)

Scorpio, this may be a good week to hit the brakes.

The Magician reversed can hint at burnout, frustration surrounding your current projects and ventures, or creative blockages. It’s a difficult time to be a creative and a Scorpio!

Although it may be hard to get anything new (or current) going right now, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

Instead, consider this week as a great time for resting and replenishing your energy reserves.


4 of Swords (Reversed)

Sagittarius needs to rest… but seems to be resisting that truth.

You may be gearing up for your next great Sagittarian adventure, but the 4 of Swords has other plans in store for you. If you don’t schedule some quality “me time” in advance, you may find yourself extremely burnt out later.

Reversed, it’s obvious that you may not be willing to just sit back and do nothing for a while. Maybe you think that it’s not even possible with your current schedule.

However, future you will thank you for some much-needed R&R.


8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Capricorn, this week isn’t meant to be a productive one.

With the 8 of Pentacles reversed you may feel the urge to check off every item on your to-do list but ultimately be disappointed with how much you actually get done.

Capricorns are known for their responsible, reliable can-do attitude, but this week will be less disappointing if you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Whatever the reason may be, not every week is meant to fuel a workhorse schedule.


6 of Cups (Reversed)

Having a hard time moving on, Aquarius?

Nostalgia hits everyone hard every now and then — that’s just being human. But the 6 of Cups reversed notes that you may be having a particularly hard time moving on from the past.

Waves of memories, old connections, and even strange nostalgic dreams may emerge with strength this week. While there may be something to learn from these experiences, you don’t want to get stuck in them.

Feel what you need to feel, but remember that the present day needs you as well, Aquarius.


Knight of Cups (Reversed)

Pisces is really in their feels this week.

It’s not easy being someone who can feel and empathize with things as deeply as you do, Pisces. The Knight of Cups reversed shows the tougher side of that coin this week.

It may be difficult for you to communicate your feelings right now, and you may overall feel very overwhelmed with your emotions at this time.

Finding a low-pressure creative outlet is your key to coming out of this week stronger and more in touch with your heart space.

Your Curated Resource List for This Week

Tarotscope read and collected? Check! Ready to face the upcoming whirlwind of astrological shifts and changes?

Well… that all depends on you. Your Tarotscope can help you contextualize some of the energies on the table in a more personal way, but understanding the wider scope of the planetary movements can give you a broad, full-scale perspective at the same time.

Here’s our curated list of resources to help you prepare:

  • Learn about Neptune in retrograde
  • Connect deeper with Mercury in Cancer
  • Your guide to understanding Water sign energy

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