What Dog Breed Are You, Based on Your Sign?

It’s been suggested the first wild dog was domesticated close to 15,000 years ago–which just proves how long mankind has been fascinated by our canine companions. We’ve shared resources and living space over time until dogs evolved from mere guardians and useful tools to beloved members of our family.

At some point, we’ve all looked at our pets and wondered what traits we share, and whether we have compatible temperaments.

While each person and dog is unique, there are some commonalities amongst certain breeds and astrological profiles. Read on for a few ideas of which furry friend might share your personality, based on your zodiac sign.

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The Zodiac Signs, as Dog Breeds

Aquarius: Berger Picard

A rare breed, the Berger Picard is a herding dog known for its tenacious and lively personality.

Much like Aquarius, they are intelligent, observant and content to run off the beaten track. Often described as take charge problem solvers, there’s no better breed to represent socially driven Aquarius.

While they can occasionally be a little willful, the Berger Picard is also able to defer to their trusted companions.

Pisces: Dogue de Bordeaux

As the gentle giant of the mastiff family, don’t let the Dogue de Bordeaux’s gruff appearance fool you.

Like a laidback Pisces, this breed is happy at rest, only stirring themselves to action when confronted. As with all Water signs, the Dogue de Bordeaux has a strong instinct to protect those it loves and devotes itself wholeheartedly to the pack. Described by owners as sensitive and kind, they are a perfect Pisces.

Aries: Vizsla

With their focused and energetic disposition, of course, the Vizsla would be an Aries!

Much like the Ram, this Hungarian pointer is fearless in chasing what it desires and is intelligent enough to get it. Though they have a deceptively compact build, the Vizsla is rugged and strong, thriving at physical activity. This breed isn’t only rough and sporty though– they are surprisingly gentle, especially around their pack.

Taurus: French Bulldog

As solid in temperament as they are in the body, the French Bulldog is known for its steady personality.

Like Taurus, this small bulldog breed is mostly calm and even-tempered– if they’re not being challenged. While both have a reputation for being stubborn, they are also intelligent and willing to learn new tricks.

French Bulldogs are also deeply affectionate and loyal, with a deep need to make their owners happy.

Gemini: Icelandic Sheepdog

With the ruling planet of Mercury, Gemini is lively and enthusiastic – a perfect match for the Icelandic Sheepdog.

Much like Gemini, this herding breed is playful and inquisitive, which makes them incredibly charming. Icelandic Sheepdogs are also clever and intuitive, able to adapt to new situations quickly and without much guidance. Quick-witted, energetic, and engaging, they are a perfect Gemini breed.

Cancer: Yakutian Laika

Coming from the icy shores of Russia, this affectionate and hardworking sledding dog is obviously a Water sign.

What makes the Yakutian Laika uniquely Cancer is their gentle and loyal nature. Much like the Crab, this breed is deeply devoted to those closest to them, forming an unbreakable bond with those they trust.

An indispensable worker, the Yakutian Laika is adaptable and driven to succeed as well.

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Leo: Akita

Independent. Proud. Strong-willed.

Sound like a Leo?

Well, it also sounds like the Akita, a Japanese hunting dog known for its regal nature. Much like their zodiac counterpart, the Akita is profoundly loyal and fiercely protective of those it loves.

Just like Leo, the Akita isn’t all drama, no fun though–this breed is also known for its curious nature, and can be goofy and playful if they are comfortable around you.

Virgo: Nova Scotia Duck Toller

The smallest of the retrievers, a Nova Scotia Duck Toller is eager, intelligent, and engaging– just like hardworking Virgo.

Happiest when applying themselves to something they love, both Virgo and the Toller are known for their focused personalities. This breed is prized for their reliable, affectionate nature, and is always keen to prove their worth to their trusted companions which makes them decidedly Virgo.

Libra: Yorkshire Terrier

Spirited and tenacious, the Yorkshire Terrier is a lot of personality in a small package.

Just like Libra, this miniature breed is adaptable and courageous. Stubborn and inquisitive, Yorkshire Terriers sometimes bite off more than they can chew, and work themselves into a state of exhaustion – similar to their zodiac counterpart.

While both will need to recharge after, they’ll bounce back determined as ever.

Scorpio: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Originally bred to guard against lions in their native South Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is not intimidated by much. With that same energy, you’ll find intense and dominant Scorpio.

Like their Water sign counterpart, this hunting breed is confident, intelligent, and somewhat aloof. Lest they seem intimidating, know the Rhodesian Ridgeback is also surprisingly sensitive and affectionate, as Scorpio is.

Sagittarius: Brittany Spaniel

With their energetic, upbeat disposition, the Brittany Spaniel is a perfect match for fun-loving Sagittarius.

Similar to Sag, this French pointer is known for being friendly, easy-going, and adventurous. The Brittany Spaniel is tireless, willing to roam far and wide if given the chance – just like their zodiac companions. Though they are wanderers, this breed is also devoted and always ends up back at your side.

Capricorn: Border Collie

Frequently cited as the most intelligent of breeds, the Border Collie is tireless and determined. Sound familiar? Just like Capricorn, this Scottish herding dog is tenacious in going after what it wants and requires a lot of mental stimulation to avoid boredom.

While it would be easy to assume both the collie and the Capricorn are just workaholics, both are also known to have a fun, playful side to balance it out.

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