What to Expect with Assertive Mars in Feisty Leo

On July 1st, assertive Mars will enter into equally powerful Leo – where it will remain until August 18th – creating a swirling of playful, intense energy that would be hard to miss.

Mars is considered the planet of energy, and it rules over our strength, courage and willpower. Mars is the planet that is responsible for impulsive anger, violence and chaos. Certain Mars placements can lead to violent action and even war.

However, Mars is also responsible for freedom, liberation, masculinity, vitality and bravery. It can be straightforward, honest and tenacious – imbuing us with those qualities under certain influences.

Leo is the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun and shares similar characteristics to Mars – such as a feisty spirit and a courageous demeanor. Mars feels right at home in Leo, and the two possess a symbiotic relationship. Mars feeds Leo’s active, motivated personality, while Leo’s influence allows Mars to become more playful.

Mars in Leo: How Does it Affect Us?

Leos know how to have fun, and the assertive energy of Mars seems to amplify this ability to appreciate the small things in life. As Mars moves into Leo, we are more likely to feel comfortable in our own spirit, and we might feel encouraged to put ourselves out there more than usual. You may even find yourself indulging in activities that you otherwise abhor, like karaoke or mini golf. The Leo aspect of this transit brings out the lively nature of your personality, while the Mars energy provides the motivation to get out there and make the fun happen.

Similarly, you may find yourself more confident and aggressive when it comes to romance. Leo represents confidence and encourages us to embrace and celebrate who we are on a base level, while Mars will push you to take action and go for the things you want. Don’t be surprised if you’re more flirtatious than usual during this transit. Passion and sensuality are likely to increase, strengthening already-existing romantic bonds.

This transit brings a sense of enthusiasm and motivation that can lift the spirit and restore faith. Yet, there are also a few things to watch out for.

Mars is an aggressive planet, and when combined with the spicy energy of Leo, there is a chance for drama, jealousy and fighting. The confident aspect of Leo can be overamplified by the assertive nature of Mars, leading to arrogance and even narcissism. While you may feel courageous and righteous, take a step back to view each situation objectively, making sure that you aren’t being unnecessarily combative.

This dance between Mars and Leo can also cause a fair share of drama. Leos are known for being the center of attention, and when Mars is in the sign of Leo, you can expect yourself to need more attention than ever. You might feel sensitive about outings and group activities or feel like you aren’t being appreciated for what you have to offer. It’s imperative during this transit to remember to think of others’ feelings, as they are probably feeling just as sensitive as you are right now. Try to take a step back from overwhelming emotions during this time and recognize when others need a helping hand.

This transit forces us to enhance and develop our relationship with our ego. Our ego is necessary for learning and growth, but left unchecked, the ego can cause quite a few problems. A Mars in Leo transit asks us to determine which of our actions are ego-driven and try to avoid these behaviors in the future.

Birth Charts: Natal Mars in Leo

If you were born with Mars in Leo in your birth chart, this transit can have a more intense effect. You might get more attention than you’re used to during this time, whether or not you ask for it!

This position in a birth chart indicates a well-rounded individual with a playful spirit. You grab the limelight without even trying, and people seem magnetically drawn to your charm.

A few traits associated with Mars in Leo in a birth chart are:

  • A flair for drama
  • Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Self-expression
  • Creativity
  • High energy
  • Extroversion
  • A social disposition
  • A great sense of humor
  • Self-confidence

Mars in Leo within your chart also encourages a generous spirit – you give of yourself willingly and often, and people can see the kindness in your eyes.

You might have a complicated relationship with your ego, like many others. The characteristics of this position in your chart will be amplified during this transit. Try to maintain a clear head when you’re feeling sensitive, as your ego is more prone to bruising during this period. You want to be loved, and this transit can make it difficult to fully comprehend and feel all of the love that surrounds you.

Participate in activities that boost your self-confidence and remind you of your wonderful qualities, such as painting, journaling, singing, writing or volunteering.

In Conclusion

With a bit of emotional preparation, this transit can bring an empowering sense of motivation, enthusiasm and a zest for life that you should take advantage of. If you keep your emotions in check, remain objective during moments of sensitivity, and keep up to date with your daily horoscope, you’ll be able to experience the liberating excitement that comes with a Mars in Leo transit.

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