What You Need to Get Over to Be the Best You, Based on Your Sign

We talk a lot about best and worst qualities, or the light and shadow sides of each sign and element of the zodiac. We all have the yin/yang, the positive/negative – there’s a balance to each of our personalities that we need to maintain, lest we start to feel out of whack, low energy, or worse – that we aren’t fulfilling our purpose in life, putting our best skills to good use.

Today, we are targeting one major part of each sign’s character – one piece that may stand out over and over again in your life. Whether this is a dormant trait you have not figured out how to master yet, or a quality you are so good at, you now take it for granted, or have become overly confident in its use and need some humbling to re-balance again.

No one of us is perfect and we all have a journey to find our best selves. Let’s look at the one thing each sign needs to get over – to conquer, to be humbled by, to channel, to recognize…to be an improved version of yourself!

Each of us has something to channel, or overcome, so we look at what you need to get over, and what sign you could take inspiration or direction from to help fill that gap.


You could do some work on blowing up on people when you don’t get what you want. We love the childlike nature of the ram, boldly jumping into situations with a fearless and determined quality that can be very inspiring. When you are met with backlash or obstruction though, you can blow a gasket, kind of like a kid having a tantrum.

While this is more likely your frustration being vented without a filter, it can be entirely unsettling for the person on the receiving end of this, especially if it’s in the workplace or your love life. By letting off some steam at being held up or said no to, that reaction can really damage your reputation. We can’t always get what we want, so figure out a way to keep your cool.

The sign you can learn from: Virgo. Virgos rarely if ever lose their cool, at least not in public. They understand how important it is to keep a level head and a professional, controlled demeanor if they expect to get what they want. They might be fuming on the inside, but they will do their best to hide it until they can burst on their own.


You need to get over that whole ‘I’m mad but I’m just not going to talk to you because I won’t speak up’ thing you do so well. It’s incredibly frustrating to be on the receiving end of that kind of reaction, and it’s hard on you too – bottling up negativity for the sake of saving face is just not healthy and can lead to other issues.

While we know you don’t like to rock the boat, or to show vulnerability in public, you need to find a way to show when you’re angry. It’s really only hard the first few times, once you see that people won’t spontaneously combust or punch you because you’re being honest, you really will get over this quality and start to own your directness.

The sign you can learn from: Aries. Rams are terrifically honest, even brutally so. They usually don’t even stop to think their words could have a huge impact, that’s the way it is, so why hide it? You don’t need to go to the extreme, but a page out of the book could be helpful – just say it and move on!


Stop trying to do everything all at the same time. Geminis get inspired by everything around them – books, media, stories, ideas – and they’re always taking in new information to store for later use. Geminis are also terrific at socializing and holding court telling tall tales for hours. You can get really caught up in trying to keep up with your own busy brain though.

While it’s wonderful that you are so inspired by life, you also need to remember that slowing down can be good for you too. You might be missing out on a whole world of other opportunities by letting yourself get distracted by what’s on your mind. Take a good look at your schedule and see what you need to do and what is possible to do.

The sign you can learn from: Leo. Leos love to have fun too, but they can focus on one thing at a time enough to really, deeply enjoy what they’re doing. Keeping your interests is extremely important, but finding a way to stop and truly experience something fully holds a special kind of magic.


Learn how to master the art of not taking everything personally – especially at work. This is tricky, because one of the things we love most about the crab is their ability to nurture and to take care of others – those who need some TLC to get through a rough patch.

We know how much you care Cancer, but when it comes to work (Unless you’re a health practitioner, of course), you need to learn how to care without losing your cool every time someone tries to solve problems with their brain and not their heart. Have you ever cried at the office?

We all have, but if you find yourself doing this more and more often, you may need to start figuring out how to compartmentalize – or how to separate your work from your feelings. It could get you in trouble and more than that, it’s not good for your own health.

The sign you can learn from: Taurus. Bulls don’t open their baggage unless they know it’s an appropriate time, and even then, they probably won’t disclose.


Being bossy. Leos bring an incredible energy to everything they do, but sometimes that energy turns into a tornado-like force, and you can become a bit of a control freak to deal with. You’re probably so excited to share your ideas with those around you, and you’re also entirely convinced that your idea is the best one. Who wouldn’t agree?

Well, sometimes, we do. You might think you’re helping us out by telling us the best way to do things, but in reality, you can be seen as being just plain bossy and it can be really frustrating for both sides!

The sign you can learn from: Libra. Laid-back Libra can find a way to make sure everyone gets along. They have an approach that is sure to include the opinions of everyone, while still smoothly getting what they want in the end.


Find a way to stop worrying about everything. The sign of the virgin can be a grand champion worry wart, concerned about how a situation can go wrong, constantly planning for alternative options in case such a thing comes to fruition. You rule the nervous system and this is appropriate, as you can be prone to anxiety and bouts of nervousness on the regular.

At the end of the day, try to remember that even if something does go wrong – Thanksgiving dinner’s mashed potatoes are burned, or you get a stain on your brand new jacket – is it the worst thing in the world? You, of all the signs can think quickly on your feet and keep a level head, so learn to let it go and enjoy what you have carefully planned out.

The sign you can learn from – Sagittarius. Archers don’t bother worrying about anything – there’s always something new coming, and the things that go sideways become great stories in the days to come. Live in the moment and embrace what comes to you.


You need to get out of your own way – Libras can second guess themselves like no other, making a decision one day, then going back on it the next. It’s not that you’re flaky, you just have an ability to come up with multiple scenarios and solutions. With too many choices, it’s no wonder you often can’t even get to the point where you choose any one thing.

Some of this may come from you not having enough confidence in yourself – while you can own a room in seconds with your charm and social skills, committing to one thing puts you in the hot seat, having to then make it happen. For you, practice makes perfect. The more you nail yourself down to seeing just one thing through, the better you will get at it.

The sign you can learn from – Scorpio. Scorpio has an innate belief in their own abilities, and once they set their promise on something, you better believe they’ll make it happen. If things change along the way, they’ll reroute until they can make it happen and not look back.


Work on that judginess! Scorpios set extremely high expectations of themselves and of those they choose to surround them, but sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and not give the whole story a chance before you put it down. While you do have an excellent ability to discern the truth in a situation, your initial read might not represent what truly lies beneath.

This applies too when you already know someone and they screw up. Scorpios are not known for being very forgiving, but you could be judging too harshly based on your own ideas of what someone should or shouldn’t decide to do. Work on getting the whole story before you write someone off and out of your life prematurely.

The sign you can learn from: Pisces. Sometimes to their own detriment, the sign of the fish gets the whole, deep and dirty story before they make final judgment on someone, and even then, they are forgiving to a fault. Take a page out of their book and of your own – have the courage to let toxic people go, but not until you give them the chance to explain themselves.


Learn how to channel your focus. Sagittarius can come up with some pretty spectacular ideas – you are creative, innovative, adventurous and very exciting to be around, because you seem to be lit from within when your brain is ticking away on everything at once.

It’s endearing to pick up on your energy, because when we do, we feel we are capable of achieving anything we could possibly imagine. The problem for you is not the genesis of the idea – it’s in keeping the momentum and finding the discipline to make it actually happen. What can you accomplish if you stuck to it long enough to get to the end?

The sign you can learn from: Capricorn. They are disciplined and willing to make sacrifices to get to their end goal.


Worrying about being vulnerable. Caps have amazing abilities to get things done and are known to be amazing under pressure, the kind of people you’d want on your side in an emergency, on your work team or in a leadership position. When it comes to letting people into your heart though, you can be one tough customer. What people might not realize, is that under that tough as nails, collected façade lies a soul so sensitive, you are afraid to reveal it, lest it be broken or damaged – or worse – laughed at. If you can let go of this debilitating concern, you might actually be surprised at how much people want to get to know you, and how we’re all a little afraid of being laughed at. Do unto others and build your inner confidence that you can actually trust people.

The sign you can learn from: Aquarius. Water bearers embrace their own innate characteristics, even if they do get made fun of for being weirdos from time to time. They look at being singled out as a compliment, for it solidifies their uniqueness.


You can do some work on that emotionally detached, fiercely independent thing you do so well. While it’s amazing and wonderful that you have your own feelings in check and are completely in control of yourself, not everyone has it as together with the full confidence you have. It might be easy for you to shut off and react with a cool head, but not everyone can do the same.

Try to find a balance between your fierce control and need for freedom with an understanding of how others can break down when they’re upset or hurt – and it doesn’t mean they are weak or needy. When you shut that out, it can build a wall between you and someone who probably cares very deeply for you. You can be warm without giving up your independence.

The sign you can learn from: Cancer. Crabs can be overly emotional at times, but their hearts are ever on their sleeves and they will put others needs before their own in order to be of help. While you don’t need to be as unselfish and nurturing as they are, we could all take a page out of their book of self-sacrifice.


You can’t save the world. It’s an honorable goal, and we could all use a compassionate Pisces in our lives, but you do so much for others, you forget entirely about yourself. In the end, you won’t have enough energy to help anyone if you don’t learn to balance. You tend to shy away from confrontation as well, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings.

In the end, you might be avoiding the conversations that balance your relationships, and many Pisces choose instead to drown their sorrows in escapism – shutting off, hiding, or even looking to drugs and alcohol to just make it stop. Learning to say no when you need some ‘you’ time is not only okay, it’s essential for your own well-being.

The sign you can learn from: Gemini. Adaptable Gemini knows how to keep the balance between being social, garnering positive energy and shunning negativity to get their own, healthy quiet time. Geminis will turn to their love of learning when they need to shut off – building their own skills in a constructive way, but plainly letting others know they just need some space.

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