Which Food Helps Balance the Negative Aspects of Your Sign?

I appreciate people who speak directly, especially women who say exactly how they feel. It would be awesome if we all felt comfortable being candid and all welcomed constructive feedback. In a world where we weren’t all so sensitive, not having so much ego blocking us, we’d probably be pointing out the crunchy areas so obvious in each person’s sun sign.

These wrinkles are not ‘flaws,’ they’re areas to balance and being self aware of our own potential areas of messiness can help us clean them up.

Each sign has an element which can be a little dominating in our personality if we don’t keep it in check. I did the leg work for you and found some herbs you might find will help balance the typical challenges known to each sign. T

This is not intended to be medical advice and you should always check with your doctor to see if it’s okay to take herbs, as they can interfere with medications and the effectiveness of birth control. Do your research on the benefits of the herbs and if it resonates, try it out in the recommended dosage.

Nature is powerful and we can use the ancient herbal wisdom of many cultures to help us smooth out our own kinks to become balanced, happier and yes – easier to deal with people.

What are the ‘Negative’ Aspects of Your Sign?

Below are some herbs that can help balance tendencies you may have based on your sun sign but remember, if we have a moon sign of a different element or another element that dominates our chart, this information would be irrelevant and counterproductive.

What I mean is use common sense and if you don’t have that trait, you don’t need that herb. Like I said, I’m not going to sugar coat this.

Aquarius – Can be somewhat aloof because they are ideas-driven. This can make them put a lot of pressure on themselves and as an air sign, they can have too many ideas without the structure to implement them. Sometimes people feel like they don’t care because their mind is somewhere else.

Pisces – They have a lot of feelings, which can blur their perceptions so much they have trouble staying in touch with reality. They need to practice grounding themselves and compartmentalizing their strong emotions so they don’t act on every whim, remembering to honor their emotional self which is a great source of inspiration and creativity.

They must not suppress their emotions, force themselves to feel obligated to live conventionally or make themselves do what their heart says not to.

Aries – Quick to anger is the known temperament of an Aries which, if not kept in check, can be really intimidating. It’s also hard for this fire sign to relax, stop and smell the roses, finding balance and practicing letting the mind be still, but this is essential for them.

Taurus – This sign is one that wants to make its own decisions on its own time which makes people feel like they aren’t willing to take advice. They sometimes dig their feet in deep because they hate being controlled or forced to do things, but it’s often a knee jerk response and can be a safety zone that keeps them from taking action.

Gemini – Flipping from side to side, this sign is known for indecisiveness and a lack of clarity from being an air sign with a lot of mental energy. They need grounding and to know when to give people a break from talking. They need to merge the two sides of their personality with self love.

Cancer – They get attached easily, quickly and too strongly. They are emotionally sensitive and dramatic, often retreating away from people too often, wallowing in self pity. They need to develop courage to create healthy boundaries and move past emotions that are, of course, not their entire identity and shouldn’t rule their life.

Leo – Oh the arrogance attached to being a Leo! This sign must tame their wild ego before they offend people and turn them off in an attempt to be the center of attention. They can be hypercritical and controlling if they don’t address their insecurities or take time to balance their inner fire energy by channeling it in loving directions.

Virgo – Virgos can be perfectionists and this can make it difficult to finish tasks or do things in a timely manner. They can feel anxious if there isn’t enough order or enough of a plan when approaching a trip or a day, so they need to learn not to be too controlling and be able to go with the flow.

Libra – They are debaters, which means they need to realize when people don’t want to have the conversation. They also need to find their independence and not require socializing to feel safe and secure.

They are so good at seeing the positive that they can miss the important red flag aspects in others, which means they need to read people from a neutral place to protect themselves.

Scorpio – They can be so focused on the deeper emotional aspects of life that they can become depressive. Their intensity is sometimes a lot for people and they must learn to tone it down from time to time. They have sexual energy which needs to be embraced and channeled as creative or nurturing energy so it doesn’t get repressed.

Sagittarius – They can be impulsive and so adventurous they lose sight of the people they need to give love and affection to. They can get lost in philosophical ideas and there is an extent to which being outside of the box puts you into another one. They need to know when to be wild and when to be tame for their own protection.

Capricorn – They work on developing trust in others and sometimes need to learn how to scrap their plan if it’s making their life miserable. Sometimes, they can be loyal to a fault and are often known to be workaholics.

Herbs To Help You Find Balance Based On Your Sign

Aquarius – Calm your pressure gauge with stinging nettle and reishi mushrooms and balsam fir oil.

Pisces – Ease the emotional swings with Japanese knotweed and acerola cherry.

Aries – Cool the anger with schizandra and stinging nettle, peppermint and elderberry.

Taurus – Overcome laziness with bilberry, horseradish and echinacea.

Gemini – Overcome indecisiveness with garlic and cherrybark.

Cancer – Begin to find independence with goat weed and nettle leaf.

Leo – Carry yourself humbly with willow and mugwort.

Virgo – Let go of obsessive compulsiveness with kava kava and bing cherry or cat’s claw.

Libra – Settle your mind with soothing milkweed and cat’s claw.

Scorpio – Get balanced with your sexual energy or depression through geranium and kumquat.

Sagittarius – Let your spontaneity have a voice of reason with sage and tea tree oil.

Capricorn – Overcome grudges and be open to spiritual self connection with cilantro, coriander and celery seed.


For more on how to balance your personality with food, check out the sister science of yoga called Ayurveda which helps you understand how your natural energy can be optimized using foods, spices and herbs. You can also ask your intuition what foods you need more of and less of to find your own guidance.

The teacher within is the strongest guide we have! Many of the herbs mentioned above are easy to find in health food stores or online, while some may be a little harder to locate. If you have trouble finding one, try looking up alternate names for the herb or plant. Here is a great resource for supplements which will have many of the herbs listed above.

There are many layers to our personality, so never judge someone or yourself just by the sun sign. We are complex and the map to understanding is getting to know the houses, signs and planets that are laid out in our unique melange.

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