The Pros & Cons of the Year of the Metal Ox

Are you wondering what’s in store during 2021’s Year of the Metal Ox? The Chinese Zodiac can give us some clues!

There may be some hesitation after 2020’s challenging Rat year, this Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) brings new beginnings and relief. But every year has its pros and cons; sometimes, the positives can be seen and understood immediately, but sometimes they take a while to sink in. Challenges are ultimately there to teach us valuable lessons about life and ourselves, make us stronger, and enable us to view the world and others through a deeper and more compassionate lens.

What does the Year of the Metal Ox spell out?

Firstly, Metal itself is an important factor to take into consideration. Metal is a tough element, and this usually spells out challenges. It is strong as steel and highly durable, and so are the people born in Metal years.

The Year of the Ox also means Yin energy will dominate as the Ox is Yin. The Year of the Rat was a year with powerful Yang energy, which focused on external surroundings. In Yin years, we tend to go deeper within ourselves and seek out the deeper meaning.

The Ox is governed by the element Earth, which is good for all practical matters.

It is a good year to start new ventures, fresh new ideas, set the foundation for new projects, and be more conscientious about our health and bodies. In 2020, we saw a Water year as the Rat is governed by Water, which meant a powerful and strong focus on our emotions and an advance of creativity.

So what are the pros and cons of the Year of the Metal Ox?

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The Pros & Cons of the Year of the Metal Ox


Strong Will

In 2021, expect to see a stronger will developing in many. It is not unusual for this to happen. Metal Rat years can often be challenging, and challenges help to build people’s strength and character.

In the Ox year that follows, we begin to see an application of this developed strength in the physical world.


In the Year of the Metal Ox, people are filled with a new determination and are ready to embark on goals to reach their long-term plans.

This is a year of setting up a new business and beginning to work on new projects and seeing them through. In the Rat year, we see a development of creativity and interest in new hobbies or topics. The following Ox year then takes this creativity and turns it into something tangible.

Ox people are determined by nature. Once they set their mind on a goal, it isn’t easy to sway them in another direction. This energy will affect everyone on some level or another.

A new spirit of determination will fill the air.

Health & Well-Being

Being dominated by the Earth element, Ox years typically bring much focus to health and well-being. The new focus on the physical body looks imminent, with people becoming more conscientious with what they put into their bodies and greater interest in exercise and movement.

This type of interest is not likely to be fast and passionate.

The Ox is a slow character, so the transition towards a healthier lifestyle will likely be a slow one for many people, but it also means one that can be stuck within the long-term.


Those who are scatter-brained will be pleased to learn that Ox energy can bring greater organization skills to people.

This energy propels people to get their daily diaries, sticky notes, write down their weekly shopping list, plan for the month ahead, and become more organized with their finances.

In all earthly matters, such as money, career, health, and the buying and selling properties or goods, this is a good year because Ox energy brings focus, determination, realism, and grounding.

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One of the Ox’s negative qualities is stubbornness. Being hardheaded can be a positive and admirable thing because it means pushing through obstacles, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

But being too stubborn means being unwilling to listen to the advice of others or hear them out. Ox energy means potential clashes and arguments as people are unwilling to see the other person’s side of things. It is important to practice empathy and understanding this year so everyone can put themselves in another’s shoes.


Ox energy can be inflexible, unwilling to change direction if the circumstances permit.

While Ox energy is excellent for pushing through with long-term goals, if something should crop up unexpectedly, which requires a change in direction, Ox energy will stubbornly refuse to shift. It’s the equivalent of spending ages trying to unlock a door with a key that doesn’t fit the hole.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.

At this point, it’s a good idea to harness flexibility one way or another.

Third Trine energy is known for its flexible nature, so Third Trine crystals such as clear quartz, sapphire, and tiger’s eye, are all good to have around if you find yourself – or someone else – unwilling to budge from the spot!

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Those who are an Ox can be opinionated, unwilling to listen to anyone’s opinion but their own. Metal Ox energy can be particularly fractious when it comes to differences of opinion. Intolerance to others’ points of view is a risk, and there may be clashes of opinion more than usual.

It may be harder to find a middle ground with this energy. Again, it is important to practice empathy and understanding to see where the other side is coming from.

Welcome the Year of the Metal Ox

The Year of the Metal Ox begins on February 12th this year and is the second Metal year of this cycle.

Challenges will surely come, but we can breathe a sigh of relief in the sense we are better-prepared, better-equipped, we are ready to progress with our goals and aspirations, and we can work with the solid, grounding energy of the Ox which helps us to dust ourselves off, organize, plan and move forward.

Focusing on our health and well-being while tenaciously pushing through obstacles, as well as being mindful of our opinions, is helpful to bear in mind as the Year of the Ox begins.

Remember, the Ox came second out of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac race. He did that through dogged persistence and belief in himself. Not to mention a kind and compassionate heart when he offered to give the Rat a ride on his back!

Maintain the best of you while taking control of the negatives, and this Ox year will be one of advancement and achievement for you.


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