You Won’t Believe How Many Planets are Retrograde Right Now!

First, let me allow you to take a big sigh of relief: Mercury is NOT retrograde! (At least, not right now.)

However, just about everything else is!

Have no fear, this is not a time for calamity. We are here to help empower you with information that will help you navigate these waters and use the winds to set your sails.

We currently have a total of 5 planets in retrograde if you count Mars in its pre-shadow. That’s a lot of retrogrades!

But what does it all mean? Think of it like a five layer cake where each layer has its own flavor.

Jupiter Retrograde

March 9th to July 10th is the Jupiter retrograde. The planet of fortune and luck is going retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter retrograde has both a positive and negative side to it, so being aware of both can help you navigate. This transit will bring change, and for those who are not expecting it, change can create fear. But when we know it’s coming, it’s not scary. Growth can be painful but it leads to new life. Jupiter retrograde may not be painful but it will be intense.

While the fortune it brings may be a little slower to come by since retrogrades deal with the past, we may be able to see how we are blocking our own success in pursuing our goals. Jupiter always brings big things, so this time can be intense. But in a good way! Our own deep-rooted relationship barriers may be uprooted during Jupiter retrograde because Scorpio deals with things that are beneath the surface.

Saturn Retrograde

April 18th to September 6th is the Saturn Retrograde. Saturn is known as the great teacher, the planet of karma and time. The saying, “you get what you give” relates to the mirror effect this retrograde will offer you. As a retrograde always allows us to review the past, this one will allow us to see where we have been disciplined or where we need more discipline.

If you’ve been making an extra effort to treat people well, you’re likely to see those behaviors reflected back to you. If you’ve been neglecting people, your environment will make you feel the way you’ve been treating others. This is valuable because it allows us to see how the energy we put out into the world reflected back and amplified in our own lives. 

Neptune Retrograde

June 19 to September 26th is the Neptune retrograde. This yearly retrograde is in dreamy Pisces, which is the sign ruled by Neptune. This indicates a time of strong intuition and revealing dreams that could supplement your creativity. You can use this time to take action on projects with others because your talents will be maximized under such a creative burst of energy.

Additionally, this is a time of spiritual development for you. You may have the ability to see things on a much more revealing level, both within yourself and in the world around you. If the emotions become intense, do not try to escape them in any way — you won’t experience any growth by masking feelings that can be addressed and dismantled by facing the root cause.

Pluto Retrograde

From April 22nd to September 30th, Pluto is retrograde. Generally this retrograde lasts 5 or 6 months and happens once annually. This planet takes about 12-15 years to go through one zodiac sign. This is a helpful time for your subconscious patterns to be revealed and healed if need be.

Pluto is the planet of the subconscious and transformation. This retrograde is going through the earth sign of Capricorn, highlighting our views and unconscious approaches towards business so we can grow in this area. If we have set patterns that aren’t helpful in our long term plans for financial stability, they can be seen and released during this transit.

Mars Retrograde

Technically Mars retrograde is June 27th to August 27th, but the pre-shadow has already been in effect since the middle of May. This time is generally marked by lower vitality and is not the best time to initiate new things. This retrograde is slightly more rare, happening about every two years.

You may see the way you handle people shift or completely flip during this time. If you are extra timid, you may find your inner tiger. If you’re too aggressive, you may find a softer approach suddenly feels best. The planet of love and war controls our passions and since it’s in reverse, we can see the other side of how we express our own emotional forces.

Concluding Thoughts

Tracking the retrogrades is one of the most empowering parts of astrology. The subtle forces at work on group consciousness are very much affected by retrogrades. You’ll see conversations shift, major values change, and people’s minds being molded by these planetary forces even when they are not aware of them.

What’s most important for you is that you’re not caught off guard by major energy shifts such as those at play when five planets (over half!) are retrograde.

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