Your Relationship Style: Aries

Aries, you are the childlike, vibrant 1st sign of the zodiac, ever ready for action and never about to back down from a challenge. Fiercely competitive with yourself and others, when you set out to do something, you have a laser-like focus that can be downright intimidating for those with less intensity.

That is, until you feel you’ve gotten what you want and there’s either nothing left to learn or gain, or it just stops being fun. You can be accused of being selfish or shallow, but really, your boundless energy needs an ever-present target or you deflate like a balloon. Cardinal fire sign Aries is a leader, an initiator and a real go-getter. To slow down is to give up.

Aries, what is your relationship style? When it comes to love, what could hold you back and what has the capacity to help you achieve your greatest desires? We all have strengths and weaknesses, and they can both be used to our best advantage once we better understand them.

We are going to look at potential pros and cons in love for you Aries, as well as your highest and lowest compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Aries Pros in Love

  • You are fearless and up for anything
  • You are positive and seek to spread that energy
  • You are confident and decisive
  • You are enthusiastic and ever curious

Aries Cons in Love

  • You can be intensely competitive
  • You have no filter
  • You can be a pain when you don’t get instant gratification
  • You lose interest quickly

To constrict or confine you, or to force you into a routine is just not going to work, and those who want to catch your eye in hopes of a relationship had better understand that. It’s not that you can’t commit – you are happiest when in love, challenged by an equal – you can’t handle neediness, those who can’t make up their minds and those who crave order and the comfort of repetition.

Aries is ruled by the war planet Mars, and is “associated with confidence and self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, energy, strength, ambition and impulsiveness. Mars governs sports, competitions and physical activities in general” – wikipedia. In Roman mythology, no one messed with Mars. Like your ruling planet, people should be aware of what happens when they push your buttons!

In love, you are passionate, deeply sexual and open to trying anything. Life is one big experience for you, and you don’t want to miss out by saying no. You are wildly entertaining with a million, ‘Been there, done that,’ stories to share, so anyone looking to get physical with you will be pleasantly surprised, and maybe a little overwhelmed by your vivacity.

You would do well with those who share your lust for life, learning and achievement, whether in sport or industry. Being physically active is important to you, so you need a partner who can match you on the tennis court – you won’t have to wrestle a bag of chips out of their salty hands to force them to go for a run with you. You need to feel like you’re moving ahead in some way at all times.

Think about an actual fire – it needs oxygen to survive and thrive! When you think about compatibility, it can be as simple as considering the elements. Water and earth signs dampen and extinguish fire’s flame, while fellow fire signs stoke them and air signs give them life and encourage them to grow.

Most Compatible: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius

Chatty Gemini is a mutable air sign and in a constant state of flux. Their very nature is dual-sided, meaning you rarely know what to expect, most especially with what comes out of their mouths! Your blunt communication style comes from an honest place – you call it like it is and waste no time. Gemini is a storyteller, a myth maker and an entertainer above all.

Gemini keeps it light, so you’re unlikely to offend them with words. You will laugh – a lot – and learn much from each other as you experiment in life and in the bedroom. This combination can be uninhibited, so expect passion, sparks galore and some dirty talk you might not want to repeat! A Gemini/Aries match will be anything but boring, keeping each other on your toes.

A Leo/Aries match would be intense, with two fiery extroverts fighting for the spotlight. Competitive Aries will encourage the social performer in Leo, and as long as these two don’t end up working against each other, this is a very powerful pair. The key will be to take some occasional downtime – all this fiery energy can be exhausting, and neither will back down to admit they’re beat.

Creative Leo likes to please their lover, so adventurous Aries should have a challenging and perhaps acrobatic lover in the lion. Expect to wake up the neighbors, as Leo will want to attract as much attention as possible when they are in the throes of passion. Aries needs to remember a compliment goes a long way with their Leo lover.

Sagittarius is the intellectual fire sign to Aries’ physical flame. Archers love to dream, looking at the bigger picture over boring details. Between these curious characters, life will be a blur of fun, travel and trying new experiences anywhere they can be found. Here’s another experimental sign up for taking risks, so sexual encounters will be lively and intoxicating. Make sure to stretch first.

These two signs are both blunt in communication, which should be interesting if either sign gets more heated than usual. Aries and Sagittarius keep a positive outlook, and will be willing to look past anything minor in order to keep moving forward. This pairing would be exciting, and with Sagittarius’ zest for discovery and Aries’ decisiveness, they can make anything happen.

Least Compatible: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Homebody water sign Cancer is introverted…and very sensitive. Outspoken Aries will find it exasperating when Cancer bursts into tears about something that seems innocuous. Cancers love very deeply and anything they feel is a slight against them, or makes them worry that you don’t love them back will leave them anxious and even passive-aggressive.

If Cancer could see that Aries is really a child at heart and means no harm, they will have a champion in their corner who could help them come out of their shell. Aries would find themselves so well taken care of by nurturing Cancer, they’d never have to cook again! In the bedroom though, Cancer might be too shy for passionate and experimental Aries.

Structured Capricorn is about as opposite in energy to spontaneous Aries as you can get. Action-loving Aries wants to make things happen and finds thrill in the chase, the challenge of figuring out a way to get what they want in a hurry, and have no problem taking risks and losing. There’s always another opportunity, after all.

Capricorn needs security, to plan and to carefully consider each move they make, especially in love. They protect their hearts so as to ensure they never give anything away too quickly or end up looking foolish. Capricorn moves much too slowly for impulsive Aries and rams will likely get bored before they can put in the required time to properly woo them.

Emotional, sensitive Pisces is likely to drive Aries nuts with their constant need to talk about feelings and their inability to make decisions. These gentle creatures don’t have a killer instinct and can be very self-conscious and co-dependent in relationships, which is not going to work for confident Aries. Pisces will be very devoted in love, but to Aries, it may seem suffocating, not romantic.


Just because you don′t seem to align with someone on paper doesn′t mean it won′t work out. There are many other factors to consider, including the rest of their primal triad – their moon and rising sign. Having a birth chart done for both of you could definitely provide more insight into your compatibility!

For example, the 7th house rules partnerships and will tell you how you communicate and feel about being in one. For example, if you have Virgo in your 7th house, you′ll need a partner who understands you′re not cool with over-the-top or cheesy displays of affection. You just won′t be able to handle it!

You can try out Astrology Answers′ free love compatibility test to get an initial idea of where you sit.

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