Your Weekly Astrology Overview: September 16-22, 2019

Happy last week of Summer, Earthlings!

We are in for an exciting week of productivity. We are just coming out of a Full Moon week, and are working on tying up some loose ends and finishing some business. At the same time, we are gearing up for a brand new season. The energy of change is upon us. Cycles are ending and coming to a close, a more serious close than they have for a little while.

The lighter and breezier energy of the Summer is passing, and we are getting down to harvest and to a new season of business, agendas, details, and work. This week we are in the last official week of Summer, and the last day of Summer will be this Sunday.

Next week will open up with the beautiful Cardinal sign of the Air signs, Libra, helping us to welcome Fall. But this week, we are going to tend to some things before that happens.

To help us we have the major transit this week of Saturn turning direct in Capricorn, and that is going to get our productivity engines running. Very often we feel like we want to stretch out Summer as long as we can, and we should. It’s that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.

We feel this as Fall opens up because we don’t want to say goodbye to our fun days of Summer. Saturn direct gives us that push we need to get up a little bit earlier on Saturday, and get a few things done around the house, or go on errands, or do something with the kids.

Here’s how to do it for your sign: Saturn Direct in Capricorn Self-Discipline Tips by the Zodiac Sign

We no longer have to work so hard to force ourselves to get things done. Saturn will help this week and that arrives on September 17. This will give you just the push you need to tend to those responsibilities and harvest some success before 2019 says farewell.

Follow those productive urges!

Planetary Locations During September 16–22, 2019:

Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

Mercury: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 3, 2019)

Venus: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 8, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 16–22, 2019:

Monday, September 16

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Aries – That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.

Tuesday, September 17

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Taurus – The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.


  • Saturn direct in Capricorn – When Saturn turns direct, we see a change in the pace of our productivity and how we manage our responsibilities. Saturn has been retrograde since April 2019, and when planets are retrograde, the events that planet impacts in our lives take on a reflective process. The events are more internal. Retrograde periods are important for us to understand what we need to do and when we need to do it. They give us a time out of sorts, to really embrace the mindset we need to move forward in an area of our lives. Saturn direct can help us with our love lives or our work lives. Sometimes in love we are afraid of a commitment, but we can also be afraid of pursuing big goals in our work and financial affairs as well. So the retrograde periods allow us to undergo the necessary reflections we need to either make it or break it. You may see love or work matters move forward with Saturn direct, but it really will be up to you. Saturn is the task master and also the ruler of time and karma. So it’s time to pay the piper one way or another. When you follow your own karmic intention, and stay true to that of others, you will see success as a result of this productivity. You will like the results either way.

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Wednesday, September 18

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Taurus

Thursday, September 19

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini – Follow your intuition, and your good angel, when making decisions.


  • Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – A Mars and Pluto trine brings a lot of favorable energy to the table of the day. You have warrior Mars working with change-maker Pluto in a favorable angle. You are impassioned and motivated to achieve results today, but you do have to be careful about how you go about them. This angle could bring a major power play to the table. And this could work in your favor. But it could also go the wrong way, like it does when you continue to be upset about something without doing something about it. Then something triggers all of those emotions and an outburst occurs courtesy of Mars leading to an ending or a change, courtesy of Pluto. Channel this energy in a positive manner, and the results will be a success as opposed to a big mess that you have to clean up. Trines usually yield favorable results, when you use them productively, with clean intent. It’s a game-changing time! What ending or change do you want to create today? Think of that question when leading with this energy, and use it positively.

Friday, September 20

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini

Saturday, September 21

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.


  • Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces – It feels like a lucky day today, but you could also see a pinch or a squeeze on that optimism at various points of the day. This is because Jupiter is the optimistic and generous god of all gods, and Neptune is the dreamy and creative planet that always has you on cloud 9. In this square, we have optimism combining with creativity, and for those signs that don’t enjoy the creative flow so much, you may have trouble with this. But Water signs, in particular, are going to be floating with a happy little glow. We all will be, and won’t really be sure why. It’s the kind of day where we are feeling lucky, and maybe spend a little bit more, dream a little bit more, and productivity is on the low side. Follow the flows of creativity today, but don’t make too many major decisions today. Neptune has a tendency to fuzz up the details and logic of your life, and while this can be a fun creative cloud to be on, it is not the best cloud for decision making. Hold off on major decisions until tomorrow if you can, or, follow your intuitive guidance today, these little clues are around more than you think.

Sunday, September 22

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer

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