Number 6

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6 is a very caring and compassionate number, so much so that it often overlooks its own needs while caring for others.

Because of this, 6 often gets abused and taken advantage of. It will do more than necessary and then wonder why it gets used or abused. When the penny drops, 6 becomes inconsolable. No one likes to be exploited. 

You’ve got to appreciate 6’s idealism. It doesn’t understand injustice or why the world is filled with such unreasonable and cruel people. It’s easy for 6 to feel threatened. It’s a high ideal in the world. Any unfairness, any meanness will send 6 spiraling into a series of negative qualities such as jealousy, moodiness, panic attacks, manipulation, and passive-aggressiveness. 

6 is a volatile blend of the sensitivity of 2, and the turbulence of 3 all rolled together in one bundle. When 6 has its act together, it’s one of the kindest and most serene energies you’ll come across, caring, compassionate, and nurturing. When it’s upset or imbalanced, you need to pay close attention. It has the potential to be pure horridness. 

Pay very close attention to where 6 appears in your numerology reading. It shows you the areas where you really care and where you’re going to be open to hurt, imposition, and exploitation. It highlights where your emotions are raw and where you have the potential to turn mothering into smothering. 6 cautions you that it’s a fragile line between helping and meddling. Make sure you don’t cross it and that you don’t get used by others in your effort to lend a hand.

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