Aquarius & Cancer Compatibility

Two very different perspectives come into play with an Aquarius and Cancer love compatibility match. But both Aquarius and Cancer are committed to long-term love and have this shared vision working for them towards a common goal.

Cancer is emotionally open and has a psychic side that Aquarius finds very intriguing. On the other hand, Aquarius offers an offbeat and intellectual approach that Cancer is equally intrigued by. Aquarius is the social butterfly here, but Cancer is the domestic center. They will work together to ensure they achieve a blissful partnership.

The Pros

In this match, we have two very different styles coming into play, but these styles can balance each other well when the effort is applied. Here we have the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius pairing with the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, which is indeed a case of "opposites attract."

Cancer's approach is slow and steady and has an old-fashioned style that Aquarius is charmed by. Cancer is also very good on the domestic front, and this is something that Aquarius has always wanted. On the other hand, Aquarius is a little offbeat and a big thinker, which attracts Cancer.

Cancer also likes how Aquarius is always up for a new adventure and may even join them on a few. Here we have an emotional sign in Cancer pairing with a thinking sign in Aquarius. When both allow their signs equal play in this union, their shared goals and visions for long-term love will actually transpire.

The Cons

There are two very different personalities, and this may cause some problems. Both are intense energies in their own right and a little stubborn. Aquarius often sees one thing and one thing only as a Fixed sign, especially when it comes to an argument. Cancer, as a Cardinal sign, will have a problem with this if Aquarius doesn't always agree with everything Cancer says or does.

As a result, stubborn energies will play off each other, making it uncomfortable. Aquarius tends to think first without caring about feelings, which will undoubtedly wound Cancer or rub them the wrong way. On the other hand, Cancer's knack for emotional manipulation will certainly not bode well for Aquarius, either.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

For this odd couple to make it work in love, both will need to meet somewhere in the middle. It won't be fair for one sign to win all arguments, and if anyone is guilty of this the most, it will be Cancer. Cancer must pull back on the emotional strings and give Aquarius room to breathe and share their beautiful gifts.

On the other hand, Cancer does need some emotional nurturing to feel alive in a relationship. So Aquarius will need to bend somewhat in this regard if they want to keep Cancer happy, which they do! Aquarius and Cancer want long-term love, so if they can overcome these differences, they will flourish.

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