Aries & Gemini Compatibility

We have Cardinal Fire paired with Mutable Air with an Aries and Gemini match. When Air and Fire combine, sparks, action, and passion are sure to follow. This is a beautiful love match. Both of these signs love to be active and optimistic, and this union will be reflected with good communication and a deep appreciation of the other. Gemini doesn't like controlling unless they are holding the sword, which could get dicey with Aries. Both sides need to pull back on control issues, and Aries' flexibility bone will need to stretch more. If they can swing it, though, this Air and Fire combo has the potential to create sparks for decades.

The Pros

Both of these signs have a vast body of energy at their disposal when it comes to getting through life. And so this relationship is going to be a very active one, and a passionate one as well. Both sides in this union also have goals, which is especially important to Aries. Gemini, as an Air sign, thinks (and thinks a lot) and is very good on the communication front for Aries. Aries likes the intellectual side of Gemini, and this match makes for many long nights of conversation by the fire. Gemini also likes that Aries is the decision maker, though Gemini will need some control in this area for this to work.

The Cons

Aries is ruled by Mars and thus uses fire or passion first in everything they do. Being ruled by Air, Gemini thinks first before they act. This will frustrate both, but in Aries first, who wonders why Gemini is taking so long to think about something. Aries will also not like Gemini's need for constant bickering or arguing and will need to understand this is just Gemini talking or thinking out loud. The less of this bickering that Aries takes personally, the more luck and chances this union has of making it work. As a general rule, though, Aries has a tough time with that, so when sparks are flying between these two, it could get ugly very fast.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

If there is anything that squashes this pair quickly, it will be one heated argument resulting from several small ones. And it will be Aries first that will have had enough. If Gemini wants to cling to Aries, they need to give Aries the freedom and individuality they also want most. Balance and working in unison with each other will prevail over ego-driven arguments. Both parties need to give in a little bit more and exercise flexibility if they want this match to last for a long haul. And if they make that commitment not just to each other but to the relationship, this wind and fire combination can blow sparks on each other until their 50th anniversary and beyond.

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