Cancer & Aries Compatibility

A Cancer and Aries match is a "opposites attract" situation. But where these two zodiac signs have many differences, they also have many common traits that bode well for a long-term match. We have the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer paired with the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

This means there is a lot of emotion and action in this union. They are both born leaders and both very creative and intuitive. Where they may butt heads rests in their leadership traits, they both like to be the boss! This match needs turn-taking to create a spark and love for many years.

The Pros

In addition to being Cardinal signs, Cancer and Aries are also very emotional in their unique ways. Where Cancer is sensitive and uses emotionally-charged words with almost every sentence, Aries is creative, passionate, and excited about... everything. This will make for an exciting match, and both signs are incredibly protective of each other.

Aries will appreciate how open and emotional Cancer is and never have to guess what page Cancer is on. Aries will also love the home and family life that Cancer can provide and nurture through the years. Cancer will adore the energy level of Aries, and how driven and motivated, they are in the world. Cancer will always be proud of Aries, and won't mind when Aries needs the spotlight, most of the time.

The Cons

Although Cancer and Aries are emotional zodiac signs, they express their emotions very differently. When it comes to love, Aries tends to bottle things up, which could frustrate Cancer. On the other hand, Cancer's emotional side may appear a little too sensitive for Aries, which could lead to temper flare-ups.

Cancer also tends to use their emotions to manipulate, which is not something that will make Aries happy. Both are also born leaders, and they need to be the boss of their domains. This will lead to some butting of the heads, and Cancer and Aries will need to learn the art of compromise. If anyone needs to bend more than the other, it will be Cancer, or there could be fireworks from Aries. Cancer doesn't like to do that, so this could pose a problem if the match isn't committed to making it work.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

There is a lot of leadership and strong personalities when Cancer and Aries match up. This is an excellent thing for both parties as the energy and desire to make things work is there on both counts. Both parties, however, will need to remember that one person can't be the boss all the time.

The way to get past this is through compromise and cooperation. When the pair works together, they will get things done by embracing their differences and their commonalities!

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