Cancer & Gemini Compatibility

A Cardinal and Mutable sign pairing is often a very good one, as these two will balance each other out more days than they will not. When Cancer and Gemini come together though, their differences will be very apparent, and almost seem a little insurmountable. When both of these parties are willing to put the work in, this will become an energetic union that is characterized by change, enthusiasm, and skilled communication. Cancer will need to open up to Gemini early on, and Gemini will need understanding that their Cancer is very different than them. When both Cancer and Gemini align their emotions and their intellect, it is a match that could stand the test of time and any challenges that come their way.

The Pros

The Cancer and Gemini match is one that offers more differences than commonalities when they first pair up. For some this means it won't work, but some Cancer and Gemini matches make the commitment to stick it out, and it works for them! With Gemini we have a mutable but enthusiastic thinker, who is always willing to be the knight in shining armor for Cancer. Or the princess if so desired! Cancer on the other hand is skilled in all of the things that Gemini wants, nurturing, open-ness, and gifted on the home front in the domestic center. Gemini loves to chat, and Cancer loves to listen and feel their way through conversations. So a lot of long chatty nights will be the marker of this relationship. Gemini is also a thinker and Cancer will really like that. Cancer is very intuitive and this is very attractive to Gemini. These are the traits this couple must focus on in order for their love to grow.

The Cons

There are some insecurities breeding on both of the parts of the Cancer and Gemini match, and they manifest in different ways. As such, this could lend to some problems. Gemini is a thinker, and not so much a feeler. Cancer on the other hand feels first and thinks later. So Cancer's feelings get hurt quite frequently, even when most of us wouldn't feel a thing. Gemini's quick wit could be biting to Cancer, even when the intentions are innocuous. Cancer as well is a little slower in the social circles, and prefers nights in over heading out to be with the gang every night. Both signs also have their own ways of being manipulative. Cancer tends to rule people with the emotions, and this will make for a very frustrated Gemini. On the other hand, Gemini has a tendency to talk out of both sides of the mouth on occasion, and this will make Cancer very upset.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for this match to work, both signs need to learn to lay off one another when it comes to the snappy comebacks and criticism. Both are skilled at doing this, and so the Cancer and Gemini match has a tendency to be a hurtful one. Where these zodiac signs can do well however is in their shared goals and interests. They both really do want the same things, even though it seems like they can never agree on that. This is where the mutable and flexible nature of Gemini will be helpful. As well, Cancer's nurturing side will smooth over any wrinkles when the need arises, if Gemini is willing to open up to that. If they can, it will be easy to see this match is a strong alliance, and one destined to stand the test of time.

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