Leo & Cancer Compatibility

Leo and Cancer are two signs of the zodiac that many would not likely think to set up on a blind date. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is a good way to characterize this twosome. Leo likes to shine under the Sun, while Cancer tends to hide in the shadows from the moonlight, and this analogy characterizes both the negative and positive traits of both signs on a fundamental level, since Cancer is more of an introvert, with Leo serving as one of the zodiac's resident extroverts. This difference in how they approach the world and connect with the people around it, can work for the Leo and Cancer pair, or it can become a huge impediment to their future together. There is overlap in their values of home and family, and complementary personality traits that will make this relationship work. Leo and Cancer compatibility is tricky, though. There are traits in each sign that are likely to kick off the negative ones of the other, if these two are not mindful of their less appealing characteristics. Leos love attention, which is generally great in this union because Cancer is often quietly nurturing and wants to give it to them. If Cancer feels threatened or is upset with Leo though, it is likely to be a different story. When observing a Leo and Cancer together, it is common to ask, "Are Leo and Cancer compatible?" It turns out the answer is that it takes effort from both signs to make it work. The Leo and Cancer love compatibility is there on some levels, but it is more complicated than an easy and resounding "yes," when it comes to compatibility. There is a yin and yang balance to Leo and Cancer sexually that makes this side of their relationship work. At the same time, Leo and Cancer can have some awkward moments in bed together, leaving the Leo unsatisfied or the Cancer uncomfortable. Cancer tends to be more reserved in sex than Leo and will begrudgingly try new things. And when the Cancer has already set its mind on something, even before trying it, it's not likely a Leo can change it. Instead, the Cancer will likely hold it against the Leo for encouraging them to try it. If there is Leo and Cancer love, the couple is sure to make these moments work. Communication often helps in these instances when Cancer is overly sensitive and laughing it off like a Leo isn't an option for the Water sign.

The Pros

The Leo and Cancer relationship has positive aspects where Leo and Cancer compatibility is there. Leo and Cancer interact with the world by exuding two different types of energy - the Moon and Water for Cancer, and then Sun and Fire for Leo. On some level, this dichotomy works for these signs, as together they represent night and day. When Leo and Cancer are showcasing the best of one another, they get on better than one might expect. Leo is courageous, generous, loyal and protective, and Cancer appreciates all of these attributes in a partner. Cancer wants to feel protected and to have someone who is loyal to them. Cancer is nurturing, patient, creative and compassionate, which are all characteristics that are important to a Leo. Leo's loyal nature and appreciation for family loves the nurturing and compassionate side of Cancer. Leo wants adoration and attention and needs someone in their life who will be patient and lead with compassion when the lion is having one of its emotional outbursts. These outbursts are a lot with which to deal for everyone but the Leo. Luckily for the lion, Cancer is at home with intense emotions as a Water sign and is willing to nurture the lion in its weak moments. Some of the best moments shared between Leo and Cancer are when they perform music in front of friends and family. So long, of course, the Cancer is OK with Leo in the lead. Leo and Cancer love compatibility is one with potential when both signs are willing to make it work. It takes a lot of effort, though, since a Leo and Cancer love is the product of two different types of energy coming together in partnership. Leo and Cancer sexually are not the driving factor for this love. While their sex life isn't the hottest in the zodiac, these signs will make it work when committed to one another. When ignoring the shortcomings of both Leo and Cancer, and we ask the question: "Are Leo and Cancer compatible?" We might just say, "Does the day turn to night?" And that is how this relationship will work. That is, by the Leo giving a little bit more than the Cancer, and it wouldn't be too far off for the crab to domesticate its lion to the ways of moon. It's just its nature.

The Cons

There is much to be discussed when it comes to the less compatible side of a Leo and Cancer relationship. Leo and Cancer compatibility is not straightforward and will depend a lot on who the individual Leo and Cancer. That is, each person under the same Star or Sun sign is unique depending on the time born. It is this unique map of the stars at birth that will often dictate whether or not two night and day signs will conjoin. Focusing on the attributes of the Sun sign only, and in this case it is Leo and Cancer, it is clear that most problems arise due to the individual not dealing with the personal issues that make them express themselves by the less positive characteristics of their sign. Both the Leo and Cancer want to be winners when it comes to games and to life. The Leo is open and honest about needing to win, while the Cancer is quietly competing with the Leo over everything. This competition will even exist for the Cancer when the Leo doesn't even realize there is an opportunity to win. The Cancer is often a sore loser and will hold the wins against the Leo. And even in situations when, if the generous Leo would have known the Cancer was competing, they might have let the Cancer have the win. It is not a straightforward situation, but Leo and Cancer love compatibility is there. In spite of the challenges, if these two signs work on the personal astrological baggage, a Leo and Cancer love will last for more than one journey around the sun.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The more personally evolved the Leo and Cancer, the better chances for making a relationship together work. For each sign of the zodiac, there are lessons to be learned to help each of us continue our spiritual journey to all twelve signs. With two signs representing the Sun and Moon, there is an opportunity for growth. Cancer is given the chance to find comfort in the Sun's domain, shedding light on its vulnerabilities to become less sensitive, while Leo can learn more about the nuances of its feelings to be less aggressive and "all or nothing." It's not an easy relationship with which to become involved, due to the nature of Leo and Cancer compatibility. Often times, when these two signs come together, it is not ease they are after - it's growth. And, it will likely be clearer as to this connection and its purpose in a personalized birth chart. Looking at the astrological story at the time of birth will definitely give the most insight into the question, "Are Leo and Cancer compatible?" There is Leo and Cancer love compatibility, but it isn't as straightforward as the love between other signs, and this is exhibited by how Leo and Cancer sexually interact with one another. Leo and Cancer love is the guiding force for this connectivity, along with both the lion and crab's spirits seeking growth. These signs are quite determined at times, albeit showcasing this determination in their own fiery or watery way, so it is not surprising to hear about Leo and Cancer lovers who remain together for a lifetime. One might argue it is the desire to win coming from both signs that gives them the extra oomph to make it work. But the reason it works in this example, is that the Leo and Cancer have joined forces on a shared goal to win.

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