Leo & Capricorn Compatibility

A Leo and Capricorn match in terms of love compatibility will look like the case of opposites attracting to many. But what many do not see at first is the many common interests and goals that this pair has. We have the Fixed Fire of Leo pairing with the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn here. This is a successful match that will bode well for the long term when both embrace their differences, and use them to edify and lift each other up over the long term. Underneath all of the differences is a deep devotion that both Leo and Capricorn are only too happy to cherish for years to come.

The Pros

In this match we have the Fixed Fire energy of Leo and the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn in play. This seems like the case of opposites attracting, but these opposites are actually going to work in favor for this couple, as are their differences. Both Leo and Capricorn want the same thing, and are able to give the same thing as a result. Leo wants to be fixed on their partner for life, and Capricorn wants someone that is just as down to earth and committed as they are. They both love financial success as well, and neither party is afraid to do the work to get it. As a result, these shared goals will certainly help both Leo and Capricorn to work together in a romance that has all of the makings of a long term love.

The Cons

As much as these zodiac signs love the same things, there are also some fundamental differences in play in the Leo and Capricorn match. Leo is a quick thinker and a quick mover, and Capricorn is anything but. So if Leo is hoping this match will take off quickly, they are going to be disappointed. Likewise for Capricorn who will want to take their time getting to know Leo before diving into anything serious. Leo may have a problem with this because Leo loves flirting, sex, and passion. Capricorn is not short of passion, but just goes about it a different way than Leo. Both of these zodiac signs also love to be the boss. And if one or the other tries to squash that in this union, heads will butt and it could lead to some explosive tempers.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for this match to make it at the long term level, both Leo and Capricorn will need constant reminding of their shared vision and goals. They are both very goal oriented and committed to success. They both also have a shared vision of long term love. Leo will need to curb back on the flirting with all that cross their path. Capricorn will also need to pick up the pace when it comes to entertaining Leo's drive and ego. Both of these signs are born leaders and strong personalities in their own unique ways. They will both need to embrace these traits, and flatter these traits in each other. When they are able to continue a journey of deep appreciation to each other, this match will experience many shared goals of completion over a long and happy life together.

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