Sagittarius & Cancer Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Cancer match is an interesting one indeed from a love compatibility perspective. Here we have the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius pairing with the Cardinal Water energy of Cancer. When water and fire join forces it can be a steamy connection indeed. Both Sagittarius and Cancer however will need to find a way to make sure their paces in this relationship match, before water or fire puts the other out for good.

The Pros

A Sagittarius and Cancer match is one that certainly has its share of differences, but this match if flexible enough to embrace them and turn them into blessings. Both Sagittarius and Cancer bring gifts to the table that the other is grateful for. Cancer loves the Sagittarius sense of adventure, and how passionate they are in everything they do. Sagittarius loves the stability and security Cancer provides in the home life, and the open emotional connection that Sagittarius craves. Sagittarius is also very sexy and charming, and Cancer is wooed by that completely. Cancer also really likes someone that is flexible, because Cancer likes to be the boss. Sagittarius doesn't have a problem with this and is even turned on by the way Cancer takes control. That's not easy for Cancer to find, but to Sagittarius, this suits them just fine.

The Cons

Where this match will find some heated sparks will occur in their Mutable and Cardinal qualities. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign and this means they can be on the controlling side. Cancer is more responsible than Sagittarius as well, and will become frustrated by the Sagittarius lazy work ethic. Cancer prefers long nights in with the people they love and work so hard for. Sagittarius on the other hand is always thinking of the next place to go and this will irritate Cancer on occasion. At the same time, when challenges do rise up, Sagittarius has a temper that Cancer isn't too fond of. Cancer is easily wounded and Sagittarius will need to watch their fiery tongue. Sagittarius on the other hand runs from drama whenever possible. So if Cancer needs to have an important conversation, they may find themselves talking to a wall if Sagittarius isn't ready to embrace that page. This could make someone very crabby, repeatedly.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

One thing that this couple in Sagittarius and Cancer have going for them is that they are both very flexible when it comes to emotional upset. Neither Sagittarius nor Cancer likes drama and would prefer it be over before it starts. If Cancer needs to start a conversation, they should keep them succinct and to the point. Sagittarius on the other hand needs to keep away from the blame laying. This is a relationship that will be slow to start as both are on completely different planes. Sagittarius will take more time to commit, but if Cancer is patient will win their heart forever. And when problems do arise, Sagittarius doesn't hold a grudge so Cancer will get some leniency this way as well. When all else fails, the sparks of sexual chemistry will keep things steamy between this pair, whether that's for a good time, or a long time!

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