Scorpio & Leo Compatibility

Playing matchmaker with Scorpio and Leo is tricky, as these two are interesting signs in the zodiac. Scorpio is one of the more intense signs and as a Water sign, it is not surprising how powerful it is. Similarly, Leo is a Fire sign and ruled by the Sun. Leo is often the light of the party and has a magnetism that draws people in. Scorpio has a similar magnetic power, but it is happening under the table or on what can feel like a psychic level. However, Scorpio is not extroverted in the way that Leo is, which makes these two more compatible than one would expect from two signs focused on power and control. It turns out their desire for power is complementary when one takes the time to really look at what motivates each sign and how they exert their will. Scorpio and Leo compatibility is fiery in both the areas of connection and challenges. That is, Scorpio and Leo love compatibility is incredibly powerful and magnetic. The twosome combines their powers of water and fire, making the Scorpio and Leo relationship more intense than most relationships. This power makes Scorpio and Leo couples a tricky one, as either one can immediately stop the other one in its tracks if power imbalances occur. Thankfully, Scorpio is fine with working a room while Leo leads everyone out to the dance floor. Both of them know at the end of the night their Scorpio and Leo sex will be the hottest. In many cases, Scorpio and Leo will ride out the physical intimacy when the love in the relationship is missing or it simply gets challenging. Scorpio and Leo are usually up for a challenge and will not avoid giving the effort needed to make love work. That is, unless the work requires focusing on oneself. Scorpio is more attuned with their inner workings, as they regularly spend time in their mind and their darker sides. Leo, on the other hand, will do the self-work in how it relates to their honesty; however, the lion needs to feel like they are in control of when and how it happens. When Leo flashes its aggressiveness, jealousy, arrogance and cold side, it is because of what's going on inside of the Leo and has little to do with the Scorpio. The same goes for the Scorpio when manipulation, possessiveness, secretiveness and jealousy come out. In both instances, it usually relates to each sign's desire to have control and power over how they feel. Scorpio and Leo often find compatibility with other signs as their relationship can become difficult. With that said, when Scorpio and Leo are ready for love from the inside and out, they can make the Scorpio and Leo relationship work. And when they do, it is one of the strongest bonds between two signs.

The Pros

Scorpio and Leo compatibility meets the intensity level that both Scorpio and Leo crave in their life. Even as a Water sign, Scorpio likes it hot and fiery and that is certainly the result of Scorpio's and Leo's love compatibility. The signs are quite similar in their desire for power, but their approach is much different. And it is there where the two are able to make it work, but playing to their individual strengths and giving space to each other to be who they are. It takes a lot of self-reflection for both signs to recognize who they are and how they play a role in making or breaking the Scorpio and Leo relationship. Scorpio and Leo couples have the capacity to be one of the most powerful in the zodiac, but it takes both signs being their best selves regularly and focusing on the strengths each one has and recognizing the weakness of each other and themselves and finding the strength to work through the challenges. In most cases, it is a matter of the Scorpio and Leo stepping over their own issues to make this relationship work. Scorpio and Leo sex is exactly what the two seek. It is intense and passionate. In many cases, the sex leads the relationship when the two are unable to work out their control issues to make the day-to-day relationship work.

The Cons

Scorpio and Leo are both intense signs that are eager to take control in their own way. Leo is more obvious in its approach and Scorpio keeps it more undercover. Scorpio and Leo couples are often the ones that everyone wants to work on the surface, but deep down everyone thinks that they argue too much to make it work. Scorpio and Leo compatibility is matched by the passion of each sign. Making Scorpios and Leos love compatibility one that turns on a room one minute, but then the Scorpio and Leo relationship is not without challenges due to the push and pull of each sign. There is a tension between these two power signs which can produce great results regarding the Scorpio and Leo sex life but makes the everyday couple life more work. At their worst, Scorpio and Leo are fighting all the time. From smashing plates in the kitchen to secretly "DM'ing" others on Instagram, Scorpio and Leo will do whatever it takes to exert their power to hurt the other. The dark and vengeful side of Scorpio will come out when provoked by the Leo. The Scorpio tends to think out exactly how to get revenge on its lion when the Water sign is at its worst, while Leo has a tendency of just reacting in an aggressive way. It is unfortunate since there is so much potential for a strong love between these signs to see them tearing one another down by leading with their weaknesses instead of their strengths. When this connection happens, the zodiac world watches to see if Scorpio and Leo will crash and burn or if they will preside over the heavens, as a reminder of what love can be when two strong people come together in love to form a powerful and unbreakable bond.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo coming together make a power match. On a good day, Scorpio and Leo are a good match. Leo is as magnetic as Scorpio and provides the loyalty and protection that Scorpio seeks. And, Scorpio does the same. Even though Scorpio is secretive, this Fixed sign is trustworthy, which is exactly what the honest lion needs. Leos are honest with who they are and their feelings and what they need to feel protected. One of the ways of feeling protected is through trust, and the Scorpio is trustworthy and will even keep the conversations with its Leo love a secret even when it isn't asked of the scorpion. Scorpio and Leo compatibility is strong as these two signs are powerful and when Scorpio and Leo have done the internal work to be the best version of themselves. Scorpio and Leo love compatibility will make the other signs jealous of their power couple status. However, while Scorpio and Leo relationships are full of love and passion, they won't likely last for life in most cases. The compatibility is there because of their similarities and complementary differences. But these complementary aspects are also nuanced and require a lot of work from each individual sign, and many signs will find it easier to avoid the self-help work needed to form a super powerful match like Scorpio and Leo couples are capable of.

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