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May 18, 2024 - This could be a really fun day for you, and from the look of things the planets are encouraging you to enjoy yourself and live out loud, so to speak, and they don’t expect you to do so all by yourself. The Moon is moving through your social 11th House of Social Groups and Global Communications, so you’d much rather be out in the great big yonder doing some exploring rather than spend the day chained to a desk to dealing with any heavy matters.

This urge to connect with people will be amplified when the Moon trines alchemical Pluto in your 3rd House of Local Community and Friendships, so don’t hide yourself away because that is the easiest way to miss out on what’s on offer. Circulate a bit and you could uncover some exciting opportunities in the process.

May 18, 2024 - The Moon is in Libra and in your 11th house today. Do you have a sense of friendship in your intimate relationships? Do you feel that you and your partner aspire towards the same goals and ideals in your personal and joint lives? These…

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May 18, 2024 - Community is such a determining factor of whether you experience joy or fulfillment at your job. The Moon is in Libra today and in your 11th house. This is highlighting the nature of your relationship to your coworkers. Do you have an easy time…

May 18, 2024 - Sagittarius, reflect on your financial adventures and aspirations. Reassess your goals and make adjustments to align them with your evolving vision. Embrace change and explore new avenues for financial growth during this phase.

May 18, 2024 - You have a powerful sense of what you do and don't want and it is highly possible that you will feel drawn to a new health regime, Sag. In what ways can you incorporating a new regime into your daily routine? Sometimes to get…

May 18, 2024 - All sorts of connections are highlighted under today’s stars, but it seems that they will be platonic connections, rather than passionate ones, at least for the most part. The Moon is in your outgoing 11th House of Global Networks, turning your attention to all…

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