Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Sep 18, 2023 - Sep 24, 2023

Welcome to a week full of opportunity and potential, Taurus. Come the 19th, the Sun in Virgo and your passionate 5th House makes its annual opposition to dreamy Neptune, currently on an extended tour of your 11th House of Social Networks. Neptune is slowly yet surely redefining your relationships with people on a grand scale, making sure you actually identify with the people you connect with as opposed to just being there because it’s the easiest thing to do. Neptune can make you give people the benefit of the doubt, but it can also dissolve structures which are no longer serving us, so if it’s time to move on from a specific set, it might become all too apparent at this alignment. That being said, Neptune will never remove anyone from your life who is truly meant to be there, so don’t try to hold on to old ties when the universe attempts to sever them; these relationships are meant to go their intended way.

On the 21st the skies will witness one of the most powerful angles in all of astrology as the Sun in your 5th House will form a potent trine with alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your 9th House of Expansion. A creative project or budding passion could get brought into the spotlight, as major transformation is highlighted at this time. Don’t be afraid to step out on to center stage, since the audience will be especially supportive. That being said, watch yourself when it comes to possibly going overboard, as Pluto can make you ignore other people’s desires or needs, so try to maintain an air of consideration as you pursue your own personal pleasure program.

There’s a change in the wind a few days later on the 23rd when the primal Sun blasts into Libra and your orderly 6th House of Health and Wellness. For the last four weeks you had the Sun moving through your fun-loving sector, but it’s finally time to buckle down and get serious. Since this sector of your chart rules your workaday routine, among other things, don’t be surprised if you see things begin to pick up at the office–or wherever it is you go to earn your money–because that’s exactly where your attention will be focused for the time being. Don’t worry that things will be so dull all of a sudden, however; you’ve got plenty of social cache to get out there and manifest some major magic. This is also the perfect time to improve your health and wellbeing, so if you’ve fallen off any particular bandwagon this may be the perfect moment to hop back on.

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