Your sixth sense is psychometry!

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You are PSYCHOMETRIC! This is a tremendous ability and one that takes practice and nurture to utilize to its full potential. You can make associations and understand the history of something through touching an object. You are like Theo in The Haunting of Hill House! This ability can be challenging and even a little frightening; sometimes, the objects you touch may bring flashes of things you would rather not see.

But when harnessed to its greatest ability, psychometry can discover secrets that no amount of technology can penetrate, and it can help people in unparalleled ways. Remember, this gift was given to you for a reason, and it is because you can handle it. You may need to wear gloves sometimes like Theo so that the flashes don’t become too overwhelming, but once you’ve nurtured and embraced this gift, you will see just how magnificent it truly is.

Have you ever picked up an object and just known where it was placed before? Have you ever slept on a bed and received visions or flashes of others who slept on the bed too? You may have dismissed these visions as your imagination, but they are not!

To harness your gift, meditate and ground yourself. Lepidolite and merlinite are two crystals that are especially helpful for you as they strengthen your crown chakra and help you maintain peace deep within, which helps you deal with any emotions that arise from psychometry.

Embrace your sixth sense – it is a wonder to behold!

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